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Dragon Global Finance’s website contains no information regarding who owns or operates the firm.

On January 28th, 2020, the company’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

Further investigation finds that Anthony Norman is the corporate presenter for Dragon Global Finance.

Norman, also known as Anthony John Norman, is a director of the UK shell company Dragon Global Finance LTD.

Norman, also known as “Antony Norman,” was last seen by BehindMLM in 2019.

Norman was the CEO of Wellmont Capital at the time. Norman bought IQ Legacy through Welmont Capital.

The Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme’s third relaunch, IQ Legacy, failed.

What remained of IQ Legacy was being funneled into The Sprinkle Group to launch a Liber8 token Ponzi scheme.

I’m not sure what occurred after that.

We know that Norman devoured what was left of Wazzub and its YEM token holders in early 2021.

Dragon Global Finance’s latest incarnation looks to have debuted in early 2021.

Dragon Global Finance is often referred to as Dragon Global Solutions. It is the current incarnation of Norman’s MLM business activities under any name.

According to Dragon Global Finance Seminars, Norman, who is originally from Europe, appears to be hiding out in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to Alexa, the sole noteworthy source of the traffic to Dragon Global Finance’s website in Saudi Arabia (96 percent ).

Stay tuned for a comprehensive assessment of Dragon Global Finance’s MLM offer.

Products by Dragon Global Finance

You might be forgiven for assuming Dragon Global Finance isn’t a multi-level marketing opportunity.

The firm bills itself as a “global payment management solution.” There is no indication of a business opportunity on Dragon Global Finance’s website.

Payment processing services are provided. However, they have nothing to do with Dragon Global Finance’s MLM opportunity.

The Compensation Plan of Dragon Global Finance

Affiliates of Dragon Global Finance invest money with the promise of a weekly passive return.

Dragon Global Finance has four investment tiers.

Anthony Norman owns the Liquid exchange, where funds are invested.

Returns are made in the form of liquid tokens (LIQ) and US dollars.

The internal LIQ value is not revealed on the websites of Liquid or Dragon Finance Global.

Commissions for Referrals

Dragon Global Finance gives referral rewards on invested assets at two levels (uni-level) of recruitment.

Affiliates invest YEM (formerly Wazzub tokens) for five years in exchange for a quarterly passive return.

The Staking Bonus is handed out every quarter at two stages of recruitment:

  • The affiliate that recruited the long-staking affiliate earns a 0.5 percent quarterly Staking Bonus;
  • Their upline earns a 0.2 percent quarterly Staking Bonus.

Joining Dragon Global Finance

There is no information on Dragon Global Finance’s affiliate membership or fees.

To fully participate in the associated income potential, undisclosed investments in YEM coins and/or a $1000 to $25,000 investment are required.


According to Dragon Global Finance, Anthony Norman is kicking the Ponzi can down the road.

Dragon Global Finance has a plethora of investors looking to cash out due to several acquisitions and his botched launches.

This is something Norman admits to on Dragon Global Finance webinars.

You’ve come here because you want to make money, liquidate your assets, or cash out.

On the backend, you’ll find your standard AI trading bot spiel.

Given how long Norman has been conducting his many frauds, it feels a little foolish to affirm that there is no proof of trading earnings.

There has never been.

Furthermore, neither Norman, Dragon Global Finance, nor any other shell firms associated with the scheme are registered to market securities in any country.

This suggests Norman is, at the very least, committing securities fraud.

As with other MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will dry up once recruiting is exhausted.

This will deprive Dragon Global Finance of revenue, preventing them from paying withdrawal requests.

As far as I can tell, Norman will discontinue hosting live Dragon Global Finance webinars in November 2021.

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