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Batman’s website contains no information regarding the company’s ownership or management.

The.LI registrar conceals the information of Batman’s website domain registration.

Batman’s website is in Russian by default. The only native languages offered are Russian and English.

According to Alexa, Russia is now the primary source of the traffic to Batman’s website (24%), followed by Ukraine (6%) and Algeria (6%). (5 percent ).

The Bank of Russia issued a pyramid scheme notice to Batman on February 4th.

Batman also has a VKontakte official profile, the largest social network in Russia.

All of this leads to the Russians running Batman. Ukraine is also an option.

As usual, if an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, think twice before joining and handing over any money.

Batman’s Products

Batman does not sell any goods or services.

Affiliates are only permitted to promote the Batman affiliate membership.

The Compensation Plan for Batman

Affiliates of Batman invest money with the hope of advertised profits.

  • Classic – spend between $1 and $499 and earn 122.4 percent after six hours;
  • Advanced – pay between $500 and $4999 and obtain a return of 136.8 percent after six hours;
  • Authentic – spend $5000 to $50,000 and get 201.6 percent after six hours

Batman’s MLM division offers commissions on affiliate investor recruiting.

Batman’s Affiliate Ranks

Batman’s remuneration structure is divided into four tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

  • Student – register as a Batman affiliate and earn less than $100;
  • Clerk – earn between $100 and $1000;
  • Businessman – earn between $1001 and $5000.

Batman defines earnings as a mix of returns paid out and commissions.

Referral Commissions 

Batman compensates referrals at three distinct levels of recruiting (uni-level):

Batman establishes referral commission amounts by rank:

Students earn 5% on the first level (personally recruited affiliates), 2% on the second level, and 1% on the third level;

  • Clerks earn 6% on level 1, 3% on level 2, and 2% on level 3;
  • Businessmen earn 7% on level 1, 4% on level 2, and 3% on level 3;
  • Bosses gain 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, and 4% on level 3;

Bonus Rates of Return on Investment

Batman offers affiliates an extra ROI percentage dependent on their rank:

  • Clerks get a 1% return on investment incentive;
  • Entrepreneurs gain a 3% return on investment bonus;
  • Bosses get a 5% ROI bonus;

Joining Batman 

Joining the Batman affiliate program is entirely free.

A minimum investment of $1 is required to participate fully in the associated income opportunity.

Batman accepts investments in the following currencies: USD, bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and tether.


Batman is marketed as a “one-of-a-kind dollar business game” with a “great return on investment!”

In actuality, it’s a very standard multilevel marketing Ponzi scheme.

What makes Batman unique is its overt exploitation of Batman’s intellectual property to advance its scam:

Thankfully, Batman’s designers have refrained from creating some fake nonsense history. The Batman Ponzi scam is provided in its entirety, since… well, you know.

Needless to say, if the fraudsters behind Batman are in Russia, they are unconcerned about being pursued by DC Comics.

With Batman providing 201.6 percent every six hours, it’s unlikely they’d take any action in the first place.

Batman’s daily ROI obligation is more than 800 % and even more when compounded. That will not last long.

As with every MLM Ponzi scam, as affiliate recruitment dwindles, new investment dwindles as well.

This will deprive Batman of ROI revenue, resulting in his eventual demise.

The mathematics of Ponzi schemes ensures that most participants lose money when they fail.

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