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In addition to the well-known OneCoin film and TV series, we are also witnessing a Bulgarian documentary.

“Deception Queen” began production in late 2021 and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

I’ve never heard of Deception Queen before, so this came as a surprise.

According to Cineuropa, the production is directed by Bulgarian screenwriters Luchezar Avramov and Dimitar Stoianovich.

Deception Queen “wants to blow the lid off the OneCoin Ponzi fraud.”

“The team, which also includes investigative journalist Nikolay Stoyanov and business development specialist Martin Kadilov, is funded by producer Nikolay Mutafchiev of PREMIERstudio and the Bulgarian National Film Center with an anticipated budget of €275,500.

The Deception Queen is being developed as the first true documentary on the subject, following the tale from start to finish and diving into the facts from the source, such as the OneCoin company’s headquarters office in Bulgaria.

The Deception Queen will feature previously unseen footage from the rise of Ignatova and OneCoin, as well as interviews with the first CEO of OneCoin, the lead prosecutor in the Bulgarian investigation, the person who currently manages the company’s assets, and victims of the scheme in the United Kingdom and the United States.”

Because this is a Bulgarian production, the elephant in the room is the Bulgarian government’s deception; both in terms of not prosecuting anyone involved and continuing to allow OneCoin to operate outside Sofia.

I’d love to see that addressed in Deception Queen from a Bulgarian perspective, but I’m not holding my breath.

The Bulgarian National Film Center, according to their website, is “an administrative organization under the Minister of Culture.”

What’s more, Deception Queen will feature “the senior prosecutor in the inquiry from the Bulgarian side.”

Despite having authored almost 450 articles about OneCoin since 2014, I have no idea what this lawsuit is about.

Noone in Bulgaria has been charged for anything linked to OneCoin. I’m not even aware of any Bulgarian inquiry of OneCoin at any moment.

In reality, the Bulgarian government has yet to openly confront the 4 billion dollar Ponzi scam on which it failed to act — and continues to turn a blind eye.

Believe it or not, OneCoin continues to operate internationally from Sofia, Bulgaria – the same office Ruja Ignatova purchased all those years ago.

Bulgarian officials escorting German prosecutors to OneCoin’s Sofia offices is the only Bulgarian action I’m aware of.

This resulted in a raid conducted by Germany in 2018. Bulgarian authorities have done nothing else.

OneCoin’s first CEO, Ruja Ignatova, has been missing since 2017, so I doubt they’ve been able to locate her for an interview.

In late 2016, Pablo Munoz took over as CEO instead of Ruja Ignatova.

Munoz vanished in May 2017 after six months of doing nothing except collecting a salary.

Pierre Arens swiftly took over for Munoz at OneCoin. Arens was only at the company for a few months before leaving in October 2017. Both are said to have been paid more than EUR 2 million for their tenure.

If Munoz is the person Deception Queen has recruited for an interview, it will be his first public appearance since leaving OneCoin.

I’m also wondering about “the individual who is now managing the company’s assets.” The fact that this person is not identified says a lot.

While it would be intriguing to watch a local documentary criticize its government. That, I don’t believe, is what we’ll get.

Instead, it appears to be a generic look at OneCoin, with input from some of the scheme’s most responsible perpetrators.

Deception Queen is set to launch in November 2022.

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