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The recently discovered Meta Bounty Hunters NFT Ponzi scheme might be an iBuumerang offshoot.

After receiving tips from readers last week, here’s what I’ve discovered.

If you search Meta Bounty Hunters and iBuumerang, you’ll come up with a slew of iBuumerang affiliates promoting the imminent launch.

The most visible of these shills are Avinash Nagamah and David J. Hunt, who live in the United Kingdom.

Nagamah is iBuumerang’s European Travel Savings Ambassador.

Hunt is a Diamond Ambassador at iBuumerang.

According to iBuumerang’s Policies & Procedures:

“Ambassadors may not exhibit iBuumerang items alongside any other products or services in such a way that a potential customer or Ambassador is confused or misled into believing there is a link between the iBuumerang and non–iBuumerang products or services.”

It’s ridiculous to think iBuumerang executives aren’t aware they’re promoting an external MLM firm.

IBuumerang distributors are promoting Meta Bounty Hunters under Ellev8 branding.

Ellev8 is iBuumerang’s forex product.

“What exactly is Ellev8?

It is a Legacy Management Educational Platform that focuses on financial literacy and FX trading strategies.”

Avinash Nagamah appears to compare Ellev8’s “trading outcomes” to the CashFX Group Ponzi scam.

But, I digress…

Holton Buggs, an MLM veteran, owns iBuumerang.

He’s not in Meta Bounty Hunters’ marketing materials or video presentations. Buggs appears to have assigned such responsibilities to Nagamah and Hunt.

If we accept Meta Bounty Hunters as a component of iBuumerang, then Buggs owns it.

A few hours earlier, Meta Bounty Hunters advertised 20,000 potential investors in their Discord chat group.

Twenty thousand members, and no one is discussing firm ownership?


Someone has gone to tremendous lengths to keep Meta Bounty Hunters’ ownership data private.

It’s a shame they don’t speak Russian.

Holton Buggs is listed as the proprietor of Meta Bounty Hunters on the Do Nothing blog.

“Typically, such programs do not expose their administrators since blockchain, decentralization, and anonymity are commonplace.

However, the true admin of (Meta Bounty Hunters) is Holton Buggs, who we know from the pretty significant network firm iBuumerang. And this is fantastic news.

Avinash Nagamah, the public figure behind the development and zooms, is also the main leader of Ibumerang and other initiatives.

He is a well-known figure and a speaker at the main multi-level marketing web Business For Home.”

These bits are clearly dubious on their own. They create a strong case that is difficult to reject when considered together.

If Buggs owns or has a stake in Meta Bounty Hunters, it’s worth noting that this isn’t his first foray into cryptocurrency fraud.

Buggs was central to an attempt in 2018 to steer Organo Gold distributors into the Ormeus Global Ponzi scam.

Buggs went on to launch iBuumerang in 2019 after that project fell through.

Buggs looks to seek another bite at the crypto fraud apple via NFTs.

But why the veil of secrecy? Why not simply launch Meta Bounty Hunters via iBuumerang and be completely transparent?

Meta Bounty Hunters’ idea is a cringe narrative about a gRoUp oF iNtErGaLaCtIc HuNtErs, symbolized by 8888 NFTs.

Avinash Nagamah, Holton Buggs, David Hunt… These are middle-aged males who are uninterested in cartoon space invaders.

Meta Bounty Hunters’ Star Wars imitation paint conceals a $2000-per-piece fraudulent investment plan.

The total value of 8888 NFTs dumped on unsuspecting investors for $2000 apiece is $17.7 million.

The proprietors of Meta Bounty Hunters keep 15% of the monies invested. Whatever happens next, this culminates in a $2.66 million paycheck.

Meta Bounty Hunter NFT investment opportunities will be available for $2000 each beginning February 10th.

Purchasing a Meta Bounty Hunters NFT produced pyramid commissions as well as a weekly return.

The sole provable source of revenue in Meta Bounty Hunters is new investment, making it a pyramid/Ponzi hybrid.

As a result, Meta Bounty Hunters’ website has no information about the company’s ownership.

Mike S. Miller and Travis Bott are two additional notable names.

Mike Miller is acknowledged as the artist who created the Meta Bounty Hunters cartoon depicting financial positions.

Last year, Miller released his own “Funky Money Frathouse” NFT compilation. He looks to be a full-fledged crypto bro.

The potential responsibility of artists commissioned by fraudsters as part of their schemes has yet to be challenged in court.

On the other hand, Miller would be able to supply investigators with information on who paid him and when.

It is uncertain whether Miller has preloaded Meta Bounty Hunters NFT investment holdings.

Travis Bott’s name keeps coming up concerning Meta Bounty Hunters.

The most convincing evidence I’ve found that he’s participating in the project is a secret Twitter account with his name that follows Meta Bounty Hunters.

That is, of course, not conclusive, so I haven’t concentrated on Bott’s possible participation.

It won’t surprise me if Bott is engaged with Meta Bounty Hunters. Bott has a lengthy history of investment fraud, which has been revealed on BehindMLM.

At the time of writing, Alexa ranked the United States as the only significant traffic source to Meta Bounty Hunters’ website (73 percent ).

The SEC has not registered Meta Bounty Hunters, Holton Buggs (a US citizen and resident), David J. Hunt, or Avinash Nagamah.

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