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A $145 million Final Judgment has been filed against Traffic Monsoon.

I’m a little confused about the procedural side of things, given the Final Judgment follows a $2.5 million default judgment order issued in January 2021.

Charles Scoville was named in the default judgment in January 2021, making him jointly responsible for $4.96 million (disgorgement and a civil penalty).

The Final Judgment of February 4th solely pertains to Traffic Monsoon.

According to the verdict, Traffic Monsoon owes $109.7 million in disgorgement and $35.9 million in prejudgment interest.

This sum “must be deemed satisfied by the Court-Appointed Receiver’s current collection operations and future disbursement of monies to permitted claims of investors.”

The court takes note of the verdict against Traffic Monsoon:

“Defendant Charles Scoville’s independent responsibility to disgorge cash under the Final Judgment obtained against him is not affected or altered in any manner.”

The SEC’s lawsuit ends with Traffic Monsoon’s Final Judgment. The Receivership shall continue to disperse seized monies to victims with genuine claims.

I don’t expect any significant developments, but I will continue to chronicle the Receiver’s clawback attempts and periodic reports (when there is something noteworthy to report on).

Victim claims of $36.3 million had been approved as of May 2021.

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