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Ryan Conley’s most recent con is a shitcoin project linked to the TAG Protocol.

TAG Protocol is then linked to TAGCoin. Users pay the Tag Protocol’s proprietors money in exchange for hashtag rights.

NFTs are used to track these rights.

When users use the hashtags on social media, the person who owns the Tag Protocol hashtag NFT receives TAGCoin.

Tag Protocol creates TAGCoin out of thin air on demand.

If all of it sounds ridiculous and senseless, that’s because it is.

Anyway, here’s how NFT hashtags are performing for TAGCoin holder

TAG Protocol went live in late November:

After promptly pumping and dumping, Tag Protocol began pumping about mid-December for, checks notes, reasons.

TAG Protocol has yet to dump again, but it will plonk back down once the current manipulation is exhausted.

TagCoin is a standard shitcoin pump and dump strategy.

Ryan Conley is a TAG Protocol/TAGCoin bagholder. And he’s formed TAGArmy to slam his bags on unwary investors.

Conley introduces himself as “Ryze” and identifies himself and his girlfriend, Nayana Oliveira, as co-founders of TAGArmy:

“TAGARMYcoin will be launched shortly after the new year, and I am pleased to be the project’s co-founder with my love Nayana!”

TAGArmy is marketed as a pool of TAGArmyCoins.

Why is any of this necessary?

“This will be a #gamified experience. You will be awarded for #socialmedia interactions as we want to attract the most influential members of #crypto, #celebrities, and government officials as a team.

Tremendous access [sic] bounties of $10,000 will be awarded regularly to those who acquire the targeted members.

TAGArmy will be the messenger to bring out #TAGsocial with the #UnitedNations in the following months, heading into the #TAGmetaverse!

Members of TAGarmy who advance through the ranks will be able to participate at the highest levels as we move into the metaverse.

Through the United Nations, 1% of all revenues will be contributed to the #YMCA.”

To put money in the pockets of Ryan Conley.

Conley has spent years advocating and conducting Ponzi scams.

BitClub Network was a cryptocurrency fraud that first appeared in 2014.

In 2019, the DOJ arrested the proprietors of BitClub Network, admitting it was a 722 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

TronCase was the last Ponzi scheme in which BehindMLM tracked Conley.

Conley is pushing the different Tag* methods alongside Hyperverse (and who knows what else).

Conley will pay 10% of monies invested by personally recruited affiliates in the MLM part of TAGArmy (level 1).

Level 2 affiliates are additionally paid 10% if personally recruited affiliates recruit them.

Apart from that, that’s pretty much it.

You put in $3 or more, Conley takes your money, and you’re left with another useless Tag* shitcoin in your bag.

TAG Protocol and TAGCoin have plainly outlived their usefulness, and TAG Protocol will too soon.

TAGArmy and TAGArmyCoin are simply attempting to attract new bagholders.

We’ve dumped TAGCoin, TAG Protocol, and TAGArmyCoin on them, and we’re once again sorry for your loss.

Since Conley’s announcement on December 24th, there have been no changes to TAGArmy or TAGArmyCoin.

There’s a website called “tagarmy.nft” that’s supposed to be up and running. I had to look up why that wasn’t functioning, and it turned out to be an nFt DoMaIn.

According to the firm selling them, they are compatible with modern browsers. However, nothing happens when I type “tagarmy.nft” into the address box.

That’s all I’m going to say about crypto bro crap today. I’ll leave it there rather than lose any more brain cells.

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