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Antares Trade Ponzi, founded by Aleksey Zhirovkin, is scheduled to relaunch for the third time.

Zhirovkin, as fictional CEO Alex Richter, introduced “Antares 2.0” in a video posted to Alcor Trade’s official YouTube account on February 10th.

Zhirovkin’s cover story continues Antares Trade’s fictitious regulatory concerns.

To be clear, Antares Trade has regulatory difficulties, but they are unrelated to Zhirovkin’s fabrication.

Zhirovkin shut down Antares Trade in August of last year. Zhirovkin claimed as part of the exit-scam:

“According to officials, the company’s verification will take up to 60 days.”

Six months later, the regulators, only identified as “the regulator,” had allegedly completed their audit.

In his most recent Alcor Trade video, Zhirovkin stated:

“The regulator finished Antares audit just yesterday, on February 9th, 2022.

And, as I thought, the results of this audit were exceedingly positive.

The Antares platform was allowed to continue operating under specific circumstances by the regulator.

First, the regulator discovered several infractions of financial legislation for investment platforms and fined us $7 million, which we must pay before returning to work.”

Is there any proof of any of this? Nope.

“The following requirement for Antares to begin working is a change in work format.

Antares was barred from collaborating with intermediate firms. And now, Antares’ own financial department must oversee the process of earning investment income.

Simply said, we must generate money for our investors on our own…”

This element of the falsehood falls apart when we asked why, if Antares Trade could generate external money, it needed to go via intermediaries in the first place.

Victim losses were wiped off when Richter exit-scammed Antares Trade (he kept the money).

That money is, of course, no longer available. On the other hand, Richter needs to address the issue if he wants to persuade rubes to invest in his relaunched Ponzi.

Because investor funds are held on the accounts of intermediary companies, they will remain frozen for a limited period.

Zhirovkin makes no mention of Alcor Trade investment amounts or outstanding withdrawals.

Zhirovkin intends to release Antares 2.0 on March 4th.

Antares Trade debuted in 2020 as a straightforward AND Ponzi points system. Antares Trade failed in mid-2021, causing the Alcor Trade reboot.

Zhirovkin was seeking investment in Alcor Trade in September 2021, with a 200,000 percent ROI.

Nobody in Alcor Trade made anything close to 200,000 %.

As previously indicated, Zhirovkin, who plays fictional CEO Alex Richter, is a Russian fugitive sheltering in the Dominican Republic.

Russia (Antares and Alcor), Canada (Antares and Alcor), Belgium, Spain, and the United Kingdom have all issued fraud alerts for Antares Trade and Alcor Trade.

The Dominican Republic’s authorities have taken no action to stop Zhirovkin’s Ponzi operation.

Alexa currently ranks Egypt (20%), Madagascar (19%), and Vietnam as the leading sources of traffic to Alcor Trade’s website (5 %).

Authorities in those countries have taken no regulatory action.

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