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OmegaPro received “The Best Financial Services Platform” and “The Best Fintech Start-Up 2021” awards in September 2021.

Omegapro received prizes in Dubai. No further information is available.

A BehindMLM reader has pointed out that things begin to disintegrate if you investigate the background.

Logo for the Mid-Day International Showbiz Icons 2021 event appears in the background.

What is the connection between OmegaPro, a Ponzi scheme with a 200 percent ROI, and the entertainment industry?

There is no obvious answer.

As a result, how does co-owner Andreas Szakacs of OmegaPro end up on stage, accepting a Fintech award at a Bollywood entertainment event?

Mid-Day is a Mumbai-based “indigenous” newspaper.

Mid-Day has a section called “BrandMedia,” allowing firms to post advertisements (think Ruja Ignatova’s iconic Forbes magazine cover).

BrandMedia was the venue for Mid-Showbiz Day’s Icons 2021 event.

BrandMedia, as described on the company’s website:

“Jagran Group’s English publication Mid-Day presented a two-day awards gala honoring cinema legends at the Mid-Day International Icon Awards in Dubai.”

Among many people with apparent ties to Bollywood, “film business veterans” Dilawar Singh and Andreas Szakacs have been identified.

How did that happen?

Money, of course, is the obvious answer.

This is another example of OmegaPro’s Ponzi scheme being promoted utilizing bogus credibility through affiliation.

Another recent example mentioned on BehindMLM was OmegaPro’s use of Steven Seagal at their own Jan 2022 Dubai event.

Eric Worre, who represented Network Marketing Pro, also spoke.

If your business model is fundamentally flawed, bribing companies to present you with sham accolades will not improve that.

OmegaPro has received regulatory fraud alerts in Colombia, Spain, France, Peru, Belgium, and Chile.

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