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Corporate has released another film in response to Chuck Norris’ Cameo appearance supporting the Hyperverse Ponzi scam.

This time, it’s Steve Wozniak, the 71-year-old co-founder of Apple.

Wozniak’s Cameo advertising video for Hyperverse debuted 24 hours ago on Steven Reece Lewis’ Twitter page.

Here is the screenplay that Hyperverse compensated Wozniak to read:

“Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, is here.

And I’m here to offer my assistance to Steven and Hyperverse. Hmm, two Steves once more?

Reimagine a virtual environment that is freely explorable in whatever direction you like.

Become a galactic pioneer. Investigate the interplanetary realms. Collect NFTs that are only available in-world.

I’m really excited about the Hyperverse!”

Parent firm HyperTech recently appointed Boris CEO Steven Reece Lewis.

Wozniak writes on his Cameo profile page that he is creating videos “for charity.”

A $5000 Cameo business promotional film featuring Wozniak is available.

Given that this is becoming a trend, Hyperverse looks to be creating Cameo videos to divert attention away from persistent withdrawal issues.

According to evidence submitted by our reader, withdrawal failures began in late November and continued to occur on January 3rd.

Hyperverse has made no public statement on the inability of affiliates to withdraw.

Rather than that, HyperTech’s puppet CEO Steven Lewis is tweeting Cameo videos. Ryan Xu and Sam Lee, the proprietors of HyperTech, remain large.

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