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RoboFi is the usual bitcoin trading bot Ponzi scam.

The perpetrators of the Torq Trading and Snapbots Ponzi scams have returned with a new con.

Instead of utilizing their legal name, RoboFi’s website indicates that they are “powered by Snapbots Limited.”

SnapBots, launched in 2018, was Snap Innovations’ predecessor Ponzi scheme before Torq Trading.

Apart from that, RoboFi’s website has no information regarding the company’s ownership or management.

To do so, you must locate the company’s original “light paper.”

RoboFi reduced the length of its light paper from thirty-four to fifteen pages.

The new light paper does not include Ting Shang Ping and his gang.

Ting Shang Ping owns snap Innovations. He and Bernard Ong were the Torq Trading Ponzi scheme’s masterminds.

Torque Trading began operations in late 2019. It was a straightforward cryptocurrency trading bot Ponzi scam powered by TORQ Ponzi points.

Although Snap Innovations founded torque Trading, both Snap Innovations and Ping attempted to dissociate themselves from the hoax following its failure.

Ting Shang Ping even filed a sham DMCA to obstruct BehindMLM from covering his scam.

Snap Innovations and Ping return to the crypto investment fraud game with RoboFi.

RoboFi allows investors to invest in cryptocurrency trading bots. RoboFi uses marketing events to introduce its bots, coining IBO (“initial bot offering”).

RoboFi is based on VICS, a BEP-20 token that Snap Innovations could have set up in five minutes.

VICS began operations in late 2021. Rather than increasing, it remained flat until the RoboFi campaign began in November. This resulted in early investors liquidating their holdings.

Suckers that invest in and engage in RoboFi will have their tokens frozen for one year.

Surprisingly, zooming deeper on VICS trade data reveals telltale indicators of bot manipulation.

Wash trading VICS is very certainly the sole type of trade in which Snap Innovations and RoboFi engage.

Apart from that, RoboFi is the typical “passive income” Ponzi scheme perpetrated by serial con artists.

RoboFi is not a multi-level marketing company. Therefore, except for documenting Snap Innovations and Ping starting a new scam, I am unlikely to follow it.

I’ll conclude by stating that neither Snap Innovations, RoboFi, nor Ting Shang Ping is registered in any country to offer securities.

Passive crypto investment schemes that do not have an MLM component usually are securities scams.

Ping is defrauding investors by providing passive profits via RoboFi.

Anyone considering investing in RoboFi would be well to educate themselves on Snap Innovations’ Torque Trading debacle.

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