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According to a marketing film released by top earner Wayne Nash, the Paraiba Ponzi scam closes in on half a billion dollars.

A sizable portion of that appears to have originated with US investors.

Paraiba is a relatively straightforward Ponzi scam.

You invest up to $50,000 in bitcoin and receive a daily return of 0.3 percent. If you invest $50,000, you will earn 0.5% every day.

Paraiba accepts bitcoin investments and gives out returns in the cryptocurrency. This is accomplished through Unique Exchange (“”), the company’s internal exchange.

Paraiba asserts that it earns a return on investment through bitcoin trading. Paraiba World has never submitted audited financial reports to authorities or investors in breach of securities laws in any nation it solicits investment.

As a result, Paraiba lacks a proven external revenue stream. This is intentional, as Paraiba’s sole purpose is to recycle invested monies to pay returns.

A recruitment-driven compensation plan is attached to Paraiba’s fraudulent investment. Paraiba will collapse if fresh recruits are not constantly recruited.

Wayne Nash held a Paraiba marketing webinar on January 19th.

Nash utilized his Paraiba back-office profits during the webinar to market the Ponzi scheme to potential recruits.

Paraiba had 432,248 investor accounts as of January 19th. Nash is personally responsible for 219 accounts.

Paraiba offers new recruits the ability to invest across multiple accounts.

Nash joined Paraiba and invested in April 2020.

As a result, Nash was one of the company’s initial investors.

Nash has personally recruited 87 investors since joining Paraiba. They have collectively deposited $458,744.

“I had one gentleman who desired to invest a million dollars.

We simply advised him to invest $500,000, to begin with, and test the waters. (laughter)”

Along with his recruits, Nash oversees a downline of 7402 investors.

Nash’s given data indicates that he invested $4550 of his own money and made total withdrawals of $525,978.

Nash claims:

“I’ve earned $698,000, but I’ve rolled back (reinvested) exactly $50,000 of that.

I’d estimate that I’ve withdrawn approximately $600,000 into my own wallet, which I manage—and compounded in about $50,000.”

Nash is currently withdrawing over $6500 per day from Paraiba as of January 2022.

Nash asserts that his uplines are withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in bitcoin.

Since Nash joined Paraiba, the Ponzi scam has amassed $407,239,660.

Nash asserts that he has seen the company’s overall investment, which is around ten million more than his back office’s worth. This would come to about $417 million.

According to Nash, Paraiba is currently generating approximately $30 million in bitcoin per month.

Paraiba will devolve into a half-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme by the end of April at this rate.

Paraiba is run by Erich Ely, a former OneCoin scammer, and German national.

While Paraiba hosts promotional events in Dubai, the world’s MLM fraud capital, I think Ely has not yet relocated there.

He has no reason to.

German authorities were quick to discover Paraiba. In June 2020, BaFin, Germany’s top financial regulator, issued a securities fraud warning regarding the scam.

Austria issued a Paraiba securities fraud warning in February 2020.

While Paraiba recruitment plummeted in Germany and Austria, neither country has taken action against Erich Ely.

Germany’s inaction has resulted in Paraiba developing into a nearly half-billion-dollar Ponzi scam.

Alexa ranks top sources of traffic to the company as Switzerland (48 % ), the US (46 % ), and Vietnam (6 % ).

Now that the exchange is in Europe, you can wire funds to it – after all, it is an exchange.

However, Paraiba owns the exchange. Thus, Paraiba has worked; they have integrated themselves into the exchange, owing to their ownership…

Nash’s webinar on Paraiba was primarily targeted at US investors.

Yet despite this, and proof above indicating the Ponzi is being actively advertised across the US.

The US is not a market they’re even focusing on. They are not attempting to liberalize the market.

They are essentially saying, “Yes, you may join.” It is not primarily a US-based company.

Indeed, very few people, I believe in percentage terms… like that Dubai thing? A hundred and eighty people in Dubai?

Most of them were German speakers. I guess there was just; I counted maybe twenty or forty Americans or something there?

Nonetheless, it is believed that most potential recruits who viewed Nash’s webinar were US residents.

Berdj Ghazarian, who invested in Paraiba “shortly after” Nash joined, responded with a pointed question.

Nash interrupts him, but it’s pretty apparent what Ghazarian was asking.

To be sure, the US government has certain powers.

“For instance, if individuals are… If you’re in the US and are… um, advertising this, which is against the law, Paraiba will kick you out. (laughter)

You are not permitted to use social media. This is not allowed to be advertised in the United States or any other country.

It’s word of mouth, personal referral only.”

This firm is owned by several international corporations located in various nations.

The management is based in Germany…

To be clear, neither Paraiba, Erich Ely, nor Wayne Nash are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Paraiba operates and solicits investment illegally by failing to register with financial regulators and providing audited financial reports.

Nash’s assurances of regulatory compliance are, of course, lip service.

“We’ve had people come in for (at least) $550,000. They’ve got all their money back and are making $100,000 or more after five months.

I’m referring to about a year ago. That is old information from about a year ago. These people are still making over $100,000 a month.

Therefore, if anyone believes… if anyone knows of any Ponzi schemes that do that, where you invest $4000 and receive, y’know, $130,000 a month, please contact me because I will become involved.”

That does sound like an excellent Ponzi scheme.

MyAdvertisingPays had just announced it was abandoning the US. This was viewed as the start of the Ponzi scheme’s demise.

Nash, an investor in MyAdvertisingPays, appeared in the comments section of to threaten everyone with legal action.

Expect lawsuits to decimate a large number of people on this one quickly. MAP is not going to take unfounded slander sitting down.

Within 24 hours of Nash’s comment, MyAdvertisingPays slashed its ROI rates across the board.

Nash is believed to be a Canadian citizen.

The earliest MLM I could trace Nash’s involvement in was Dubli in 2008.

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