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Scentsy is an MLM company that sells candles, essential oils, home care products, and personal care products.

Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell launched the firm in Utah in 2003.

Current owners Orville and Heidi Thompson bought Scentsy in 2004 after discovering it at a trade event in Utah.

Scentsy was relocated to Idaho by the Thompsons.

Before acquiring Scentsy, the Thompsons claim they were “swimming in debt following a spate of failed business operations” before acquiring Scentsy.

According to an interview with Idaho News 6 in 2018, Orville Thompson was “selling vehicle waxes and shammies” at the time.

Orville describes the situation as “so bad” that “we’re now throwing the change from our huge water bottle in the Coinstar machine to purchase food.”

Since then, Scentsy has grown to produce hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly sales.

According to the DSN, Scentsy’s 2020 annual sales are expected to be $893 million, up from $472 million the previous year.

Under normal conditions, Orville and Heidi Thompson serve as co-CEOs of Scentsy.

The Thompsons revealed earlier this year that they would be ‘taking a sabbatical to serve a three-year mission with their church beginning in June.

“The Thompsons will live in London for three years with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Dan Orchard (right), Scenty President, will serve as temporary CEO while they are away.

Scentsy has had no regulatory issues in its seventeen years of operation.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive analysis of Scentsy’s MLM potential.

Products by Scentsy

Scentsy began as a wickless candle company but now provides a broader range of items.

Warmers + wax – wax bars, warmers, bulbs, and accessories diffusers;

  • Oils fans, air purifiers, and wall fan diffusers;
  • Dryer disks, laundry liquid, fabric softener, fabric spray, washer whiffs (clothing scent), cleaner concentration, bathroom cleaner, counter clean, dish soap;
  • Body lotion, body wash, fragrance mist, hand cream, hand soap;
  • Pet shampoo, detangling spray, and deodorizing spray.

That list is quite big in and of itself; thus, it stands to reason that Scentsy has far too many things to include here separately.

Scentsy’s current product is available in a comprehensive catalog with retail pricing on its website.

Scentsy’s catalog is updated twice a year, in March and September.

Compensation Plan for Scentsy

Scentsy’s pay plan is based on monthly sales volume output.

Through downline rank qualifying and uni-level team formation, commissions are given out both directly and indirectly.

Affiliate Ranks for Scentsy

Scentsy’s compensation model includes nine affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

  • Escential Consultant – become a Scentsy affiliate and become an Active Escential Consultant;
  • Active Escential Consultant – produce 200 PRV every month and become a Certified Consultant;
  • Lead Consultant – generate and maintain 500 PRV and 1000 GV per month, and recruit and maintain one Active Escential Consultant or higher;
  • Star Consultant – generate and maintain 2500 GV per month, and recruit and maintain two Active Escential Consultants or higher;
  • SuperStar Consultant – generate and maintain 6000 GV per month, and recruit and maintain three Active Escential Consultants or higher.

In order to qualify for a rank, hired Escential Consultants must have acquired a minimum of 200 PRV.

PRV is an abbreviation for “Personal Retail Volume.” PRV is determined at a rate of one PRV for every dollar spent.

Scentsy’s PRV only considers retail sales volume.

Given that Scentsy affiliates may buy stuff for resale, I assume affiliate purchases are also classified as PRV.

This is a typical Personal Volume (PV) MLM compensation plan setup.

GV refers to “Group Volume,” an affiliate’s and their downline’s PRV.

Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV, which is used to determine TWV) is 75% of an affiliate’s PRV.

TWV is an acronym that refers to “Team Wholesale Volume,” It represents an affiliate’s PWV and the PWV of their downline (equivalent of 75 percent of generated GV).

Commissions on retail sales

Affiliates of Scentsy receive a retail commission on sales to retail consumers.

Escential Consultants are paid a 20% retail commission.

Certified Consultants and above receive a 25% retail commission.

Joining Scentsy

To become Scentsy’s affiliate, you should purchase a $99 Start Kit.

To become a Scentsy Consultant, put your earned product credit toward a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit.

There is also a monthly cost of $15 to maintain a duplicated Scentsy sales website.

The monthly price for the website is $15.


Scentsy checks off a lot of the criteria I look for when evaluating an MLM firm.

They’ve been operating for a long without regulatory chaos, utter jerks don’t head the firm, and they have a comprehensive product portfolio with an “on the surface” emphasis on retail sales.

Scentsy produces its scent products in Meridian, Idaho.

According to the corporation, it “manufactures(s) 230,916 goods each day.” Scentsy has a global product distribution network, including in Texas, Kentucky, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Australia.

Scentsy should definitely do better in terms of giving extensive compensation documents on their website.

There is now a one-page overview. It was a wonderful place to start, but I had to search elsewhere for terminology definitions.

During my study, I also came across the following from Scentsy co-founder Orville Thompson:

“When a person is promoted to Director, they are paid a different bonus on the directors than on the consultants in their downlines.

We feel that a personal retailing incentive is ideal for stimulating high product sales to clients, which is any company’s strength.

A differential bonus encourages recruiting, business building, and leadership qualities, whereas a generation bonus rewards business builders and dream builders.

Scentsy applies various sorts of benefits sequentially to a Consultant and her recruits and in concert to a Consultant and her downline as a whole.

This enables consultants to shift easily from self-employed salesman to team-building businessperson to accomplished dream builder who has guided others through the process and has the legacy and residual income of an empire builder (one who earns from previous effort).”

This would imply that people who discontinue retailing must purchase 500 PRV of merchandise each month in order to qualify.

That second statement, in particular, makes me wonder how important retail is to Scenty’s higher-ranked affiliates.

The good news is that determining whether retail is a priority in your potential upline’s business is straightforward:

If they’re pursuing Certified Consultant status, inquire about how much they’ve spent on a product so far against how much they’ve sold to retail consumers.

Because $1 spent/purchased equals 1 PRV, this computation is simple.

Remember that because Scentsy is a “party plan” firm, the present climate may make traditional selling problematic. 

If perfumes are your thing, and your potential upline checks out, Scentsy is undoubtedly the least contentious fragrance MLM firm I’ve studied yet.

Best wishes!

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