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MCAM is an acronym that stands for “Moneda Crypto Asset Management.” Get MCAM is a multi-level marketing firm that promotes Moneda tokens.

Get MCAM’s website has no information regarding who stands behind getting MCAM or Moneda.

On November 20th, 2021, Get MCAM’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

This individual has been engaged to shoot various 30-second promo videos in an attempt to conceal who is running Get MCAM:

Get MCAM makes a great deal out of the actor’s American accent.

Other Fivver-style actors have been employed as well. A particularly humorous example is “Din (Dean?) from California.”

The script’s syntax implies that whoever paid for these videos isn’t a native English speaker.

The first indication as to who is behind Get MCAM came in the form of this Indian Independence Day video, which was posted on January 26th:

Get MCAM posted a “blockchain summit” video on February 11th.

The company’s Indian administrators are featured in the video. It’s unclear whether these are also the company’s owner(s).

We can deduce from this that Get MCAM is controlled by Indians and predominantly targets an Indian audience.

If an MLM firm is not honest about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

MCAM’s Products

Get MCAM does not provide any retailable items or services.

Affiliates can only promote the Get MCAM affiliate membership.

Learn about MCAM’s Compensation Plan

Get MCAM affiliates invest in Moneda tokens with an expectation of a 300 % return.

  • Invest $50 and earn 1% every day up to a maximum of 200 percent;
  • Invest $100 and earn 1% every day up to a maximum of 200 percent;
  • Invest $250 and get 1% every day up to a maximum of 250 percent;
  • Invest $500 and earn 1% every day up to a maximum of 250 percent;
  • Invest $1,000 and earn 1% every day up to a maximum of 300 percent.

Reinvestment is essential to continue earning if 400 % is achieved through a mix of returns and MLM commissions (see below).

Get MCAM reveals on their Club Moneda website that they presently sell MCAM coins to investors for 80 cents apiece.

Get MCAM’s MLM program is based on the recruiting of affiliate investors.

Commissions for Referrals

Affiliates that promote MCAM receive a 5% reward on monies invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Bonus for Matching

Get MCAM offers an 8% matching bonus on the amount invested by an affiliate.

What they don’t say is how the Matching Bonus is calculated.

Things become even more perplexing when Get MCAM offers a “51 % Matching Level Bonus”:

A uni-level compensation system is used to pay out the Matching Level component of the Matching Bonus.

The Matching Level of the Matching Bonus is capped at fifty uni-level team levels by Get MCAP:

  • 1st level (must recruit two affiliates to qualify) – 10%;
  • level 2 (you must recruit four affiliates to qualify) – 5%;
  • levels 3 to 10 (must recruit six affiliates to qualify) – 2%;
  • levels 11 to 20 (must recruit eight affiliates to qualify) – 1%;
  • levels 21 to 30 (must recruit ten affiliates to qualify) – 0.5 %;
  • levels 31 to 50 match (must recruit twelve affiliates to qualify) – 0.25%.

If I had to guess, the Matching Bonus is most likely calculated as a proportion of the daily returns handed out.

This means that the Matching Level bonus is a proportion of the Matching Bonus achieved by the uni-level team as a whole.

Bonus for Faucet Level

Get MCAM puts aside 2% of its earnings to sponsor a “crypto faucet” pool.

The crypto faucet pool is dispersed every 15 days as follows:

  • Get MCAM affiliates who have invested 1000 MCAM each receive 20%;
  • Aaffiliates that have invested 5000 MCAM each receive 25%;
  • Affiliates that have invested 10,000 MCAM each receive 30%;
  • Get MCAM’s administrators keep 25%.

The Faucet Level Bonus compensates uni-level team affiliates with a share of the bitcoin faucet payout.


MCAM compensates affiliates for meeting Matching Bonus milestones.

  • Earn $1000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $50 as a beginner;
  • Earn $3000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $150 as a star;
  • Earn $10,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $500 as a Rising Star;
  • Earn $30,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $2000 as a Shining Star;
  • Earn $100,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $7000 as a Silver Star;
  • Earn $20,000 if you earn $300,000 as a Gold Star;
  • Earn $1,000,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $70,000 as a Platinum Star;
  • Earn $3,000,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $200,000 as a Ruby Star;
  • Earn $10,000,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $700,000 as an Emerald Star;
  • Earn $30,000,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $2,000,000 as a Diamond;
  • Earn $100,000,000 in Matching Bonuses and receive $7,000,000 as a Crown Diamond.

Restrictions on Withdrawal

Get MCAM only allows affiliates to submit withdrawal requests once each week. All withdrawals are subject to a 5% charge.

Furthermore, Get MCAM affiliates can only withdraw up to 500 MCAM tokens every day.

Join Get MCAM

A $50 to $1000 initial investment in MCAM tokens is required to get MCAM affiliate membership.

MCAM is looking for investment in TRON equivalents of indicated USD quantities.


Get MCAM is your run-of-the-mill MLM shitcoin Ponzi scam.

What makes MCAM unique?

MCAM offers its holders, investors, and believers a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that will optimize your crypto assets through its unique crypto faucet function.

You can accumulate and optimize crypto assets in the ecosystem.

Moneda (MCAM) is, in fact, a TRC20 token. These take around 5 minutes to put up and are very inexpensive.

Get MCAM is a Ponzi scam since there is no external source of money. Any withdrawals are made from the invested monies.

Commissions paid on new investor recruiting create an extra pyramid tier to Get MCAM.

MCAM advertises MCAM with the typical crypto bro rubbish.

MONEDA will make history by reaching a $1 billion market valuation and over 50,000 holders during its introduction’s first quarter [sic].

Get MCAM’s self-imposed first quarter target lapsed last month, after a December 2021 debut.

Crypto market capitalizations are inflated. This is especially true for MCAM because Get MCAM can produce MCAM on demand.

What we can affirm is that Get MCAM does not have 50,000 investors. This is based on estimations of website traffic and Get MCAM’s overall web presence.

MLM garbage token Ponzi scams benefit only those who operate them and top recruiters.

Everyone else will inevitably lose and be left carrying the bag.

Affiliates will be left with useless MCAM tokens if Get MCAM fails, which is unavoidable.

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