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David T Rosen is listed as CoopCrowd’s CEO:

“For the past two decades, we have been supplying high-quality crowdfunding systems throughout the world without interruption thanks to our founder David T Rosen’s creation of 5 Star Exchange in March 2001”.

Rosen, a Canadian citizen, uses the term “crowdsourcing” to describe monetary donations.

As the PIE 24/7 pyramid scam creator, Rosen first came to our attention in 2015.

Rosen established CoopCrowd in early 2018. 

A year after the initial CoopCrowd experiment failed, Rosen established Coop5050.

Rosen announced a CoopCrowd revival when Coop5050 began to fail in late 2021.

We’ll call the CoopCrowd relaunch “CoopCrowd 2022” to keep things simple.

Read on to learn more about CoopCrowd 2022’s multi-level marketing (MLM) program.

Products by CoopCrowd 2020

None of CoopCrowd 2022’s offerings are for sale.

Affiliates can promote only the CoopCrowd 2022 affiliate membership.

Incentives offered by CoopCrowd

For $84, members of CoopCrowd 2022 can join a two-tier matrix-based pyramid scam.

Pyramid recruitment commissions are paid via a 3×10 matrix.

As an affiliate in a 310 matrix, you’ll have three roles directly underneath you:

The matrix’s initial level is comprised of these three locations. These initial three locations are divided into another three slots each to produce the second matrix level.

Three times as many spots are available on each level from level three to level ten of the matrix, which is constructed in the followings manner.

Direct and indirect recruiting of new affiliates is used to fill matrix positions.

As an affiliate, you must make buy-in payments every 28 days (ranging in price from $25 up to $275).

If an affiliate doesn’t keep up with fees, they’ll lose their commissions.

Recruitment commissions that are paid out every 28 days are what this means financially.

Joining CoopCrowd 2022

To become a coopCrowd 2022 affiliate, you must pay fees every 28 days for one whole year.


CoopCrowd 2022 is a break from David Rosen’s regular gifting schemes.

CoopCrowd 2022 operates as a pyramid scam disguised as cryptocurrency bro marketing gibberish:

“By merging the newest Web3 technology and crowdfunding 2.0, CoopCrowd has created the world’s first peer-to-peer Decentralized Crowdfunding System”.

You may disregard these words. CoopCrowd is nothing more than a matrices-based pyramid scam. It may work just as well with a standard non-blockchain script.

The onboarding procedure for CoopCrowd 2022 differs from Rosen’s standard schemes.

Affiliates pay $89 to participate. Three $25 spots are included in the $75. Rosen keeps the remaining $14.

CoopCrowd 2022 affiliates are expected to use the three slots they have recently purchased to attract new affiliates.

They were recruited in this fashion, with their own position covered by their upline.

This is how CoopCrowd 2022 is marketed. It’s unclear whether someone can get recruited and then maintain their own $75 three spots for himself.

From then, it’s all recruitment. Your three recruits are meant to utilize their three buy-ins to recruit three, they recruit three, and a few levels later, we’ve covered the whole population of Earth.

Instead of matrices inevitably stagnating and Rosen initiating a new swindle every 12 months or so, the transfer to cryptocurrency presents the option for “coop token.”

The CoopCrowd 2022 campaign does not mention which cryptocurrency Rosen wants to utilize.

When recruiting dries up, whichever coin it is, there will be a changeover to coop token, enabling Rosen to “pay” commissions out of thin air.

That works until affiliates learn they can’t cash coop tokens out, at which time the financial harm is done and Rosen goes on the next bandwagon.

The third option is that CoopCrowd 2022 debuts with the coop token right away.

Whatever path Rosen chooses, math is math. The vast majority of people who participate in pyramid schemes are doomed to lose money.

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