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The Norwegian Lottery Board has issued Lyoness yet another cease and desist letter.

The Lottery Board states in a news statement dated March 15th:

“We’ve heard several reports that they (Lyoness) have reopened their operations in Norway.

They are not permitted to do so. Do not rely on the information provided by the corporation and its Norwegian agents.

Lyoness, myWorld, Lyconet, and Cashback are grouped together as an illegal pyramid-like trading scheme, with the primary source of income derived from recruiting participants.

To stop Lyoness from operating unlawfully in Norway again, the Lottery Board sent a cease and desist letter to Lyoness and identified “important Norwegian agents.

According to information acquired by the Norwegian Lotteries Authority, Lyconet and its Norwegian representatives are still engaging in unlawful marketing operations for Lyoness, myWorld, Lyconet, and Cashback in Norway.

Furthermore, we have received reports that erroneous information concerning the firm’s legitimacy is being disseminated.

The Norwegian Lotteries Authority takes the information we have received very seriously and believes there is sufficient reason to remind the company and the central Norwegian representatives who market Lyoness, myWorld, Lyconet, and Cashback that the business is to be regarded as an illegal pyramid-like trading system and ordered to be stopped in Norway.

The letter is submitted to Lyconet Global AG, which is also asked to forward it to the identified individuals and any other significant firm representatives working for Lyconet in Norway”.

The Lottery Board has recognized key Norwegian Lyoness representatives as Jimmy Larsen, Terje Duesund, Thor Hermansen, Frode Horvik, and Arnt Obsidian Grnbech.

Lyoness was labeled a pyramid scam by the Norwegian authorities in 2018. Lyoness exhausted all of its appeal options in 2019.

According to the Lottery Board, “almost 15,000” Lyoness victims have been identified in Norway:

“Several thousand Norwegians have been duped. Some people have borrowed money and spent their savings.

The money has gone to the company and important actors at the top of the pyramid”.

However, the Lottery Board says that it is unable to aid victims:

“People who have lost money on Lyoness frequently contact us with queries.

We lack the power to require the corporation to refund the funds. Those who desire refunds must file a claim against the firm”.

Norwegian police inquiry was halted in 2020 owing to a lack of resources.

Thirty Norwegian Lyoness victims tried to start a class-action lawsuit in 2021. In June, the Oslo District Court stopped its course.

Since then, there have been no updates.

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