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The news of Intelligence Prime Capital exit scams is coming out at such a rapid pace that it’s challenging to keep up.

In mid-February, Prime Capital began restricting and emptying investor accounts. This was followed by continued withdrawal delays for the remainder of the month.

A few weeks ago, a switch to cryptocurrency fraud was carried out. This was quickly followed by a statement of an escape fraud involving the exit-scam announcement just a few days later.

Intelligence Prime Capital administrators stated that they had resigned.

According to the newest “we were hacked!” exit fraud by Intelligence Prime Capital, 80% of funds have been looted and its bots have been “compromised.”

However, do not despair; a new IPCloud Ponzi scheme is on the horizon!

I’d like to begin by stating that Intelligence Prime Capital’s “we were hacked!” exit-scam statement is plainly a hoax. This is only a smokescreen to conceal the ultimate collapse of a Ponzi scheme.

It is critical to track these breakdowns since they reveal how absurd an MLM Ponzi scam can become over time.

And boy, has the collapse of Intelligence Prime Capital been ridiculous!

According to IPCapital’s most recent exit-fraud statement:

“The system suffered a significant security compromise.

Globally, users were badly impacted, with overall losses totaling 80 % of the platform’s entire money.

Due to the security incident, the majority of our AIA BOTs have been hacked, resulting in the loss of critical data and statistical parameters, impairing their capacity to conduct reliable market research”.

What is truly occurring?

Intelligence Capital is utilizing the above-mentioned deception to justify mandatory migration to their previously stated crypto exit fraud.

Intelligence Prime Capital began its cryptocurrency departure fraud ten days ago as a voluntary shift. They reasoned that offering bigger rewards would persuade affiliates to abandon their old accounts and migrate to their new ones.

That did not occur, and therefore we find ourselves here.

Intelligence Prime Capital deactivated the affiliate back office around 24 hours ago.

This was done to purge the back office money system and enable the required crypto account migration.

This began with the denial of withdrawals and the reinvestment of back office cash into affiliate trading accounts.

Until the following weekend, funds cannot be withdrawn from the trading account.

Not that it really matters…

They said: “Each user’s capital has been moved to the MasterC BOT, and you will continue to receive daily incentives.”

The forced shift of Intelligence Prime Capital to cryptocurrency fraud seizes investor assets for 100 days.

Oh, and commissions are being reduced as well:

“There will be some revisions to the management bonus; more specifics will be published at a later period.”

Finally, the objectives of IPCapital’s newest exit fraud are as follows:

For 100 days, seize all investor cash;
Decrease commissions paid;
Hope that monopolistic money returns in the back office and drives the recruitment of new investor idiots to keep the Ponzi alive.

Even if it succeeds, mathematics is mathematics, and Intelligence Prime Capital will eventually become unable to pay withdrawals.

Probably sooner, since everyone with half a head will attempt to remove as much as possible.

That is when IPCloud enters the picture:

“We want to announce the launch of IPCloud, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that will enable users to access their digital assets easily and seamlessly.

Further details and a complete product release timetable will be published in late April”.

“New goods” equates to new cryptocurrency investment scams in which you might lose money.

In short, the withdrawals from Intelligence Prime Capital have surpassed new investments. They most likely have been doing so for some time (early to mid-February), precipitating the ultimate collapse.

We are now at the last phase of the Ponzi scheme. Scammers will go to great lengths to pay out just enough to keep recruiting going while refusing most withdrawals.

Money is non-existent. It never happened, which is why IPCapital is unable to payout.

Keep an eye out for updates as we continue to chronicle Intelligence Prime Capital’s increasingly chaotic downfall.

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