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Spain has issued a securities fraud notice to Zoe Broker.

The fraud notice is unique because the Spanish authority refers to the firm as Generation Zoe.

Universidad del Trading S.A., Generacion Zoe S.A., and Kurzena Limited are other corporate companies affiliated with Zoe Broker.

None of these businesses are “authorized to provide investment services” in Spain, according to the CNMV’s March 21 notice.

In other countries, this is analogous to a securities fraud warning.

Zoe Broker is a brokerage firm that operates under the domain name “” Kurzena Limited registered the domain on March 3, 2021.

Kurzena Limited is a shell corporation registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Apart from the name including the word “Zoe,” there appears to be a purposeful attempt to disassociate Zoe Broker from Generation Zoe. On Zoe Broker’s website, there is no mention of Generation Zoe.

However, a closer examination of Zoe Broker’s social media pages sheds light on the connection.

Generation Zoe’s smart-contract Ponzi scheme is based on the cryptocurrency Zoe Cash.

Zoe Broker looks to be a component of a larger scheme to launder bitcoin stolen via Generation Zoe.

Leonardo Cositorto and “Max” Batista, his companion, established an evangelical church in Haedo and a trust and a chain of seven businesses and enterprises, including Zoe Burger.

Their objective is to get cash and cryptocurrency in exchange for the promise of miraculous income!

Numerous such businesses were shells. Zoe Burger, who operates a restaurant in Olivos, “lacked even a bank account.”

Argentina’s federal authorities are investigating Generation Zoe’s money laundering to charge founder Leonardo Cositorto with additional offenses.

Even though Cositorto also is the subject of an international arrest order issued by Interpol, he remains in Colombia.

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