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RockRaise does not disclose any verifiable ownership information on its website. The company presents a random “company registration number” for “RockRaise SIA” on the site in an attempt to appear legitimate. Axel Steen is identified as RockRaise’s “General Manager.”

Although Steen appears in RockRaise’s marketing materials, he does not appear to exist outside of the firm.

I can’t confirm it, but RockRaise’s Axel Steen is a strong candidate for Boris CEO.

Since its inception, RockRaise has changed the actor that represents the brand. Steen is no longer present, and it is now “Alexander”:

Alexander and Steen have similar accents.

RockRaise SIA is a shell corporation based in Latvia. 

However, entering this address via Google Maps indicates that it is some random residential building. RockRaise plainly has no true ties to Latvia.

It should also be emphasized that basic incorporation in any jurisdiction is worthless for the purposes of MLM due diligence because any bogus information can be used for basic incorporation. Consider the following example:

One point worth noting is RockRaise’s focus on India.

Although the ploy is marketing rubbish, the Indian government is mentioned on RockRaise’s website:

On RockRaise’s official Facebook page, the following Indian national holidays are also noted:

These are highly unlikely to be coincidences. RockRaise is run by someone based in or has ties to India or who is specifically targeting Indians.

This is a wild guess, but this person might know who’s behind RockRaise:

If you’re asking, “Well OK, what’s up with the German accents then?” CPI Tech can help.

Before the debut of “cpitech,” the company held a RockRaise logo contest on 99 Designs:

CPI Technologies is a German blockchain bro firm founded by Marvin Steinberg and Maximilian Schmidt.

“Our headquarters are in Mainz, Germany. The CPI team is made up of software developers, Blockchain and smart contract experts, marketing and analytics whizzes, top-tier UX / UI designers, copywriters, data scientists, and mathematicians who collaborate on new projects for customers all over the world”.

I’m not sure if CPI Tech is running RockRaise, but they were certainly engaged in its setup. RockRaise’s Boris CEOs are likely to have German accents as a result of their engagement.

As always, if an MLM firm is not honest about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products by RockRaise

RockRaise does not sell any items or services.

Affiliates can only promote RockRaise affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates of RockRaise invest in an unnamed token with the promise of a 1600% ROI.

This ROI is raised by paying EUR 150 per month for “Premium Membership,” although the particular increase amount is not mentioned.

RockRaise’s MLM program rewards the recruitment of Premium Membership affiliates.

Affiliate Ranks 

RockRaise’s compensation structure includes twelve affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

  • Affiliate – become a RockRaise affiliate;
  • Executive – directly recruit and retain three Premium Members (divided 1/1/1), generating €450 GV every month;
  • Bronze – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, have a total downline of 12 Premium Members (divided 4/4/4), and generate €1800 GV every month;
  • Silver – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, have a total downline of thirty Premium Members, and generate €4500 GV per month;
  • Gold – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, have a total downline of 75 Premium Members, and generate €11,250 GV every month;
  • Sapphire – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 225 Premium Members, and generate €33,750 GV per month;
  • Ruby – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 500 Premium Members, and generate €75,000 GV per month;
  • Emerald – bring three individually recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 1250 Premium Members, and generates €187,500 GV every month;
  • Diamond – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 2500 Premium Members, and generate €375,000 GV per month;
  • Blue Diamond – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 5000 Premium Members, and produce €750,000 GV per month;
  • Red Diamond – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 1500 Premium Members, and produce €2,250,000 GV every month;
  • Black Diamond – bring three personally recruited Premium Members, a total downline of 30,000 Premium Members, and produce €4,500,000 GV per month.

RockRaise uses a permanent 3xx matrix to trace downlines. That is a three-legged matrix that extends indefinitely:

Direct and indirect recruitment is used to fill positions in the matrix.

Required Premium Member ratios are provided for Executive and Bronze level members and higher. No more than 40% of the required monthly GV for Silver and higher can originate from anyone matrix leg.

GV is an abbreviation for “Group Volume,” and it represents the amount of downline monthly Premium Membership costs (EUR 150 per Premium Member).

Monthly Commissions 

RockRaise offers a weekly commission based on your rank:

  • Executives are paid EUR 37.50 each week;
  • Bronzes are paid €135 EUR per week;
  • Silvers make EUR 225 every week;
  • Golds make EUR 450 each week;
  • Sapphires make EUR 1125 each week;
  • Rubys make EUR 2250 per week;
  • Emeralds make EUR 5625 every week;
  • Diamonds are paid EUR 11,250 every week;
  • Blue Diamonds are paid EUR 22,500 every week;
  • Red Diamonds are paid EUR 56,250 every week;
  • Black Diamonds are paid EUR 112,500 each week.

Pension Scheme

The RockRaise Pension Plan is a monthly benefit based on rank:

  • Bronzes will receive EUR 60;
  • Silvers are awarded EUR 100;
  • Golds are awarded EUR 200;
  • Sapphires are awarded EUR 500;
  • Rubys are awarded EUR 1000;
  • Emeralds are awarded EUR 2500;
  • Diamonds are awarded EUR 5000;
  • Blue Diamonds are awarded EUR 10,000;
  • Red Diamonds are awarded EUR 25,000;
  • Black Diamonds are awarded EUR 50,000.

The Millionaires’ Club

RockRaise invests one % of monthly firm income in the Millionaire’s Club.

Black Diamond ranking affiliates receive an equal share of the Millionaire’s Club pool each month.

Joining RockRaise

Affiliate membership in RockRaise is available at two price points:

  • EUR 25 for affiliates;
  • Premium membership costs EUR 150 per month.

The more money a RockRaise affiliate spends on affiliate membership, the more money they can make.


RockRaise is an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme. At least, that’s how it appears.

At some time, the token Ponzi gave way to recruitment, which is the foundation of RockRaise’s pay structure.

When it first launched, RockRaise’s “Pension Plan” was intended to compel affiliates to invest in the token:

That has since been dropped, and the Pension Plan is now paid out in euros (if any restrictions remain, they are not disclosed).

Is RockRaise’s token even real? I have no idea. It’s a little strange reading about future scam “projects” when the original token scam can’t be found.

Nonetheless, the 1600 % token ROI is the marketing hook used by RockRaise to entice investors.

To that purpose, we appear to have a useless free customer membership option. Sign up, invest in tokens, and get a 1600% return. It’s not really clear.

Then there’s the option of paying a one-time affiliate fee of EUR 25. I believe these guys can still receive commissions, but it’s unclear.

Premium Membership costs EUR 150 per month and gives you access to RockRaise’s compensation plan.

So, effectively, you pay EUR 150 every month and are compensated for recruiting others to do the same. And it’s accompanied by a slew of blockchain bro nonsense.

RockRaise’s unlawful bank promises, like its cryptocurrency, have not materialized. It’s all going to happen soon.

Meanwhile, traffic to RockRaise’s website is decreasing (Alexa rank is currently 7.5 million). That’s all there is to it.

Whether it’s a token Ponzi scam or an MLM pyramid scheme, logic guarantees that the majority of RockRaise affiliates will lose money.

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