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Paymoney’s website does not include any information on its ownership or company structure.

Paymoney presents Paymoney Digital LTD’s UK incorporation details in an attempt to appear legitimate.

A multilevel marketing organization operating in the United Kingdom immediately raises a red flag as the FCA, UK’s leading financial regulator, does not actively oversee securities fraud in the country.

This is why UK is such a popular destination for scammers seeking to incorporate, operate, and market bogus businesses!

At the time of publication, Alexa identifies Thailand as the site’s sole significant source of traffic (57 %).

The firm started out with the domain name “,” reportedly obtained in November 2021. It is unclear why Paymoney’s.IO domain was abandoned.

If a firm is not fully transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and handing over any money!

Paymoney’s Products

Paymoney does not sell products or services to the general public.

Affiliates are only permitted to promote their affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan 

Paymoney affiliates invest in bitcoin or litecoin hoping to receive high returns on their investments:

  • Invest $150 and earn $37 per month; 
  • Invest $300 and earn $75 per month; 
  • Invest $500 and earn $125 per month; 
  • Invest $1000 and earn $250 per month; 
  • Invest $2500 and earn $625 per month;
  • Invest $5000 and earn $1250 per month;
  • Invest $10,000 and earn $2500 per month;
  • Invest $20,000 and receive $5000 per month; 
  • Invest $50,000 and receive $10,000 per month;
  • Invest $100,000 and receive $20,000 per month;
  • Invest $200,000 and receive $40,000 per month.

Monday through Saturday, Paymoney issues refunds. All investment categories have a maximum return of 200 %.

After earning 200 %, you must reinvest at the same or a higher tier to continue receiving money.

Paymoney levies a 10% withdrawal fee and only accepts withdrawal requests on Fridays.

Paymoney’s MLM division compensates affiliate investors for their recruitment.

Paymoney caps daily earnable commissions at the investment tier an affiliate has invested in.

Paymoney affiliates investing at the $2500 tier, for example, can receive MLM commissions of up to $2500 every day.

Referral Commissions 

Paymoney affiliates get 15% of bitcoin investments made by affiliates they individually recruit.

Residual Commissions 

Paymoney compensates residual commissions via a binary compensation system.

A binary compensation system positions an affiliate at the top of a binary team that is divided into two halves:

Following levels of the team are generated as needed, with each following level containing double the number of slots as the preceding one.

Binary team positions are filled through both direct and indirect affiliate recruitment. 

Paymoney keeps track of fresh investment volume on both sides of the binary team at the end of each day.

Affiliates earn 10% of cryptocurrency invested on their less-experienced binary team’s side.

Recruitment Bonus 

Paymoney employs the following bonus structure for recruitment of affiliates:

  • Bonus 1: If an affiliate recruits six $5000 investment tier affiliates, they will receive a “deluxe bag” or $3500.
  • Bonus 2: An associate who recruits ten $10,000 investment tier affiliates earns a Rolex watch or $8000.
  • Bonus 3: If an affiliate has four personal recruits who meet the Bonus 2 requirements, the affiliate receives a BMW or $30,000.
  • Bonus 4: If an affiliate has two personal recruits who meet the Bonus 3 requirements, the affiliate receives a Mercedes Benz or $55,000.

Paymoney affiliate membership is free of charge, yet at least $150 investment in bitcoin or litecoin is required to participate in the income opportunity fully.

Summing Up

Paymoney asserts that it gets cash from outside sources using a plethora of deceptions:

Paymoney has not generated external revenue, either through the advertised means or in any other way.

Additionally, despite Paymoney providing a passive investment option, the company is not registered with any financial regulation in any state.

This indicates that Paymoney is committed securities fraud, at the very least.

Currently, Paymoney’s only verified source of revenue is new investment.

Paymoney is a Ponzi scam since it uses new investments to pay returns.

As with other MLM Ponzi scams, new investment will decline as quickly as recruiting.

This will deplete Paymoney’s revenue from ROI, resulting in its eventual demise.

Finally, keep an eye out for Paymoney’s final cash grab using worthless NFTs:

Ponzi schemes’ mathematical design ensures that the majority of participants lose money in the end. Be careful!

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