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Spellbound, often known as The Spellbound Co, is a personal care MLM company.

Spellbound’s website indicates that the firm is situated in the United Kingdom…

This website and its communications have been designed for use in the United Kingdom.

However, there is no mention of a corporate address.

Spellbound was first released in late 2020. The firm had a “relaunch” in mid-2021:

Then, in March 2022, Spellbound relaunched; as of March 25, 2022, at 8 p.m., we are incredibly pleased to announce that Spellbound has become the UK and Northern Ireland’s newest Direct Sales firm!

We encourage you to join as a Spellbound Ambassador, share these premium items, and participate in our great career plan, based on years of expertise and passion behind our incredible products, as well as a successful affiliate pilot program.

The MLM firm we’re looking at today is Spellbound’s third edition.

Caroline Ray and Chanelle Fry, a mother-daughter combination, lead Spellbound.

Caroline Ray does not appear to have had any recent MLM experience. Ray’s Spellbound corporate bio mentions a lengthy and successful career in education, as well as previous experience in media.

Chanelle Fry created a reputation for herself in the travel MLM industry through PlanNet Marketing, which she promoted as “The Travel Tribe.”

Fry also used coaching to sell herself as part of her MLM company.

COVID-19 decimated the tourism business globally in 2020, it’s no secret.

Fry sought to resurrect her tourism firm with an “Ignite 2020” marketing campaign in late 2020, while the COVID-19 epidemic continued to wreak devastation throughout the planet.

That would prove to be premature, requiring a Spellbound route shift around November 2020.

Continue reading to learn more about Spellbound’s MLM opportunity.

Products from Spellbound

Spellbound sells a variety of personal care items. Because creators Caroline Ray and Chanelle Fry are “candle fanatics,” the company’s main focus is fragrant candles.

We are both total candle enthusiasts, as anybody who knows us will attest! Isn’t it addicting to light a lovely candle and enjoy the aroma and atmosphere?

A great, lasting aroma will undoubtedly improve your mood, energize, relax, and soothe you – and, let’s face it, who doesn’t need that right now?

With that in mind, we decided to take it a step further and use the healing and manifesting power of intention, mentality, botanicals, crystals, and more to complement that vibe holistically.

Expect something more than candles…

Spellbound sells candle collections such as crystal intention, crystal empowerment, and luxury mixology.

Spellbound doesn’t say where its candles are created, but they do say they’re made entirely of rapeseed and coconut wax, with no paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax, or synthetic ingredients.

Accessories, bath & body, clothes, diffusers, wax melt bars, and wax warmers are some of the complementary product categories on Spellbound’s website.

Spellbound’s website has a complete catalog with retail pricing.

A £19.95 monthly membership package is also available.

With our beautiful new monthly subscription box, you’ll never run out of luxury wax!

Each month, you’ll get a box of premium wax bars, some from our existing line but many new and unique scents available only through subscription!

Spellbound’s monthly subscription box was sold out at the time of publishing.

Compensation Plan for Spellbound

The compensation structure of Spellbound is based on retail sales. A uni-level compensation system is used to pay residual commissions.

A Fast Start Bonus and a Director Bonus depending on rank are also available.

Affiliate Ranks for Spellbound

Within Spellbound’s compensation model, there are nine affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

1. Sign up as a Spellbound affiliate (retail commissions need GBP 100 in sales volume over a rolling three-month period).

2. Quartz Ambassador – each month, create and maintain 80 PV

3. Amethyst Ambassador – create and maintain 300 GV every month, as well as recruit and keep two Quartz Ambassadors or above.

4. Citrine Ambassador – create and maintain 1000 GV every month, and recruit and keep five Quartz Ambassadors or above.

5. Jade Ambassador – create 120 PV and 2000 GV every month, as well as attract and retain three Amethyst Ambassadors or higher.

6. Ruby Ambassador – maintain 120 PV per month, create and maintain 5000 GV per month, individually recruit and maintain three Amethyst Ambassadors or higher, and personally recruit and maintain one Citrine Ambassador or above.

7. Emerald Ambassador – create 160 PV and 9000 GV every month, as well as recruit and retain three Citrine Ambassadors and one Jade Ambassador.

8. Onyx Director – each month, create and maintain 200 PV and 20,000 GV, as well as recruit and maintain three Jade Ambassadors, one Ruby Ambassador, and one Emerald Ambassador.

9. Diamond Director – 200 PV each month, 50,000 GV per month, three Ruby Ambassadors or higher, and one Onyx Director or higher PV stands for “Personal Volume.” PV refers to the total sales volume generated by retail customers and affiliate orders.

PV is computed at “approximately 80%” of retail cost, according to Spellbound’s compensation documents.

The letter GV stands for “Group Volume.” PV is created by an affiliate and their downline is referred to as GV.

It’s worth noting that no single recruitment leg may provide more than half of the needed GV.

Commissions for retailers

Retail client orders are paid a 15% to 25% commission by Spellbound.

• All Spellbound affiliates are eligible for a 15% base retail commission rate.

• create £250 to GBP 750 in monthly personal retail sales and earn a 20% retail commission rate • generate £751 or more GBP in monthly personal retail sales and receive a 25% retail commission rate

It’s worth noting that this also works as a discount on an affiliate’s orders.

A Spellbound affiliate must also be “active” to qualify for retail commissions.

A Spellbound affiliate must produce GBP 100 in product sale volume over a rolling three-month period to be considered active.

This, I assume, covers affiliate product orders.

Recurring Commissions

A uni-level compensation system is used by Spellbound to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right behind them (level 1):

Level 1 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team’s level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates acquire new affiliates, they will be assigned to level 3, and so on, down a theoretically limitless number of levels.

At level seven, spellbound caps are available for Unilever team levels.

Residual commissions are calculated as a proportion of sales volume generated at each of these seven levels, with the highest level paying the most:

• Affiliates with a Quartz ranking are not eligible for residual commissions.

• Amethyst rated affiliates earn 4% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates); Citrine ranked affiliates earn 5% on level 1 and 4% on level 2; Jade ranked affiliates earn 6% on level 1, 4% on level 2, and 3% on levels 3 and 4.

• Affiliates who are ranked Ruby earn 6% on level 1, 4% on level 2, 3% on levels 3 and 4, and 2% on levels 5 and 6. • Affiliates who are ranked Emerald earn 6% on level 1, 4% on level 2, 3% on levels 3 and 4, and 2% on levels 5 and 6.

• Onyx rated affiliates earn 7% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, 3% on level 4, 2% on levels 5 and 6, and 1% on level 7.

• Affiliates with a diamond ranking earn 7% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, 3% on level 4, and 2% on levels 5 through 7.

Bonus for Quick Start

Spellbound’s Fast Start Bonus provides product credit to new affiliates.

The Fast Start Bonus is divided into two parts: retail and recruitment.

The first three months of a new Spellbound affiliate’s life are required to qualify for both Fast Start Bonus components.

Fast Start Bonus for Retail

The retail Fast Start Bonus provides product credit to affiliates who generate retail sales:

• produce retail sales of £1000 to GBP 1500 and earn a GBP 50 product credit

• produce retail sales of £1501 to GBP 2500 and earn a GBP 100 product credit

• create retail sales of £2501 to GBP 5000 and earn GBP 150 in product credit

• create retail sales of GBP 5001+ and earn £250 in product credit

Bonus for QuickStart Recruitment

Affiliates who meet the following recruiting and rank milestones are eligible for the recruitment Fast Start Bonus:

• Earn GBP 25 in product credit by recruiting three retail commission qualified affiliates • Earn GBP 50 in product credit by recruiting six retail commission eligible affiliates

• become a Jade Ambassador and get a GBP 100 product credit

• become a Ruby Ambassador and earn £200 worth of product credit

Bonus for Directors

The Director Bonus is a monthly bonus for Onyx and Diamond Directors:

• Onyx Directors are paid £200 per month, whereas Diamond Directors are paid £500 per month.

Participating in Spellbound

The charges of Spellbound affiliate membership are not revealed on the website. This is a warning sign.

Orders will be sent by Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, with no international shipping available at this time.

Because items are only transported within the United Kingdom (and Northern Ireland), it is assumed that Spellbound only accepts affiliates who are UK residents.


Spellbound was conceived as a COVID-19 lockdown project.

As you can expect, our endeavor has not been easy under lockdown, but it has provided us with something to focus our talents and energies on during the previous few months.

That is perfectly OK. People had to move on because travel was dead at the time.

The lack of transparency surrounding Spellbound’s products is something that concerns me. Specifically, where they’re made (Spellbound does provide basic ingredient details).

The whole apparel selection looks to be stock photographs with logos Photoshopped on, which I couldn’t help but notice.

Spellbound’s merchandise theme is a little unusual.

Crystal-infused intention candles for manifesting and self-improvement.

I had to Google up “intention candles” because I was unfamiliar with the concept.

Intention candles are used to actualize wants and desires, according to Necessity, who sells their line of them. They are a means of making your ideal life a reality.

It’s all straightforward. It lights your intentions when you light it, and when you concentrate on it, it sends a message and your energy out into the cosmos.

Crystals are put in several of Spellbound’s candles.

With our luxurious LIMITED EDITION candle MANIFEST, manifest your desires and objectives for 2022.

An magnificent 0.5 liter candle infused with Blue Apatite, Clear Quartz, and Citrine stones.

The gems are believed to help you achieve your goals. During the initial burn, you should remove the crystal stone and recharge with natural moonlight or sunshine.

This appears to be a continuation of Chanelle Fry’s work as a “Manifestation Mentor” coach.

To be honest, I think these intention candles are pure nonsense. However, I recognize that I am not Spellbound’s intended audience.

For a giggle, there’s nothing wrong with crystal candle woo. However, when paired with MLM, there is an inherent risk.

MLMs attract those who desire to improve their financial situation. Combining your products with self-empowerment might be a risky mix.

This isn’t working out for me, guys.

Have you tried lighting more candles with money intentions?

This can trap someone in a monthly buying cycle, hoping that their business will take off and that lighting candles and manifesting will be a replacement for labor.

That’s the type of person Spellbound appears to be attempting to lure to their MLM opportunity, pardon the pun.

Spellbound, on the other hand, has no retail sales restrictions. It’s only a simple minimum of GBP 100 over three months. At Spellbound’s first rank, this increases to 80 PV.

If the PV is self-funded, and the affiliate is expecting success, you can see where the financial trap lies.

negative energy is blocked, psychic awareness is increased, and a connection to great cosmic forces is established.

Thankfully, it’s only the candles from Spellbound that have gone crazy. The rest of the collection has a more grounded vibe:

With this strong SUCCESS scent collection, you may manifest the success you seek.

Our wish for you is that you realize all of your ambitions. With our Sparkling Pink Champagne and Pomelo with a touch of juicy citrus, enjoy the delightful scent of Success.

That much Spellbound has going for it is that scents do stir the senses.

The areas of disclosure should be improved. We’ve discussed product production expenses, but there are also affiliate membership fees to consider. An MLM firm should not leave this information off its website.

While the standard due diligence of “ask how your upline generates their monthly PV need” still applies to Spellbound, it’s also important asking about the manifestation phenomenon.

Especially if you were drawn in by the marketing hook.

Inquire about the manifestation objectives of your potential Spellbound upline and how Spellbound’s goods fit into that. Pay close attention to which, if any, of the specified objectives have been met.

While I still don’t see candles and personal care items having a large role in operating a successful MLM business (or any business for that matter) if that’s your goal, demand proof.

Just don’t get too far down the woo rabbit hole. You may always move on from a monthly financial obligation by doing something different.

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