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Given the present state of the world, some of you may have seen this coming a mile away:

Candace Byrd Davis’s latest Livestream was submitted by a reader. She’s pushing “Fuel Factor X” in it.

Nothing in and of itself is very noteworthy, but a specific proposal from Davis piqued my interest.

Fuel Factor X will not be the same as what you’ll discover in Advanced Auto. It won’t be the same as what you’ll find at AutoZone.

This is why: This particular product’s chemistry is supported by a Nobel Prize that was awarded in 1973.

So this product’s chemistry is unique to our organization… it’s unique to us.

Just a moment… This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this pitch.

Syntek Global showed up when I typed in “fuel-saving Nobel” on Google.

Here’s the same “Nobel Prize” marketing pitch from 1973:

Syntek Global debuted in 2007 with the “Xtreme Fuel Treatment” as its flagship product. Although the logo is different, the bottle is very identical to that of My Daily Choice’s Fuel Factor X.

But wait, if Candace Davis’ claim is correct, Fuel Factor X is only available via My Daily Choice.

Cool. So, what exactly happened to Syntek Global?

Syntek Global’s public and distributor back office websites were taken down around a week ago. They’ve been down for a while and are still down as of this writing.

I looked for a formal company announcement but was unable to locate one. That’s bizarre.

Josh Zwagil was a Syntek Global distributor before founding My Daily Choice, which shifted the odds in my favor.

In our 2015 assessment of My Daily Choice, BehindMLM observed this.

What’s important to remember here is that Syntek Global was a pyramid scam. In the words of the corporation itself:

Sponsoring new distributors and assisting them in doing the same is critical to increase volume in your company.

While they may have just climbed dramatically, gas costs have not decreased since I assessed Syntek Global in 2011.

So, why did Xtreme Fuel Treatment fail to gain traction outside of the recruitment-driven MLM model? How difficult might it be to market gasoline savings?

And therein lays the stumbling block.

In the absence of an official corporate statement, here’s the best I could get to confirm My Daily Choice’s acquisition of Syntek Global:

On March 27th, a FaceBook account called “Xtreme Fuel Treatment USA – Syntek Global” presented Fuel Factor X as “the new XFT.”

You’ll be led to a My Daily Choice “Independent Affiliate” website if you visit the URL in the post:

I’ll stop there, save to remark that the regulatory landscape has changed since Syntek Global’s heyday.

My Daily Choice is based in the United States. Given the present state of the gas market, I’m sure the FTC is expecting shenanigans in this area.

This might be an issue if Fuel Factor X fails to live up to its marketing claims.

MyDailyChoice introduced “MDC 2.0” earlier today:

I’ve scheduled a review update for MyDailyChoice because I haven’t visited the firm since 2015. When the time comes, I’ll post an update on the outcome here.

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