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PlatinWorld is the new name for the PlatinCoin Ponzi scam.

Alex Reinhardt, a former Ponzi marketer turned startup, developed PlatinCoin in 2017.

PlatinCoin was built after the defunct SwissCoin Ponzi, in which Reinhardt was a top net winner.

Reinhardt, on the left, is congratulating himself for stealing EUR 94,000 from SwissCoin investors.

Here’s how PlatinCoin fared once it was dumped on exchanges, starting as your usual Ponzi points and ending as a public exchange exit scam:

PlatinCoin victim recruiting has slowed to the point that Reinhardt planned to restart his fraud in early to mid-2021.

On June 23rd, 2021, PlatinWorld’s website domain “” was registered.

PlatinWorld was publicly unveiled in Dubai in November 2021, after a few months of preparing for PlatinCoin’s revival.

While the PlatinCoin website remains active, the Ponzi scam has been replaced with PlatinWorld.

PlatinWorld saw Reinhardt introduce PLC Ultima, a new Ponzi coin that he intends to use to defraud people.

PLC Ultimate today has a hilarious public trading value of over $60,000. Aware that Ponzi scheme reboot coins do worse than their predecessors, PLC Ultimate currently has a hilarious public trading value of almost $60,000.

The manipulation, which began in November and pegged PLCU to roughly $20,000, can be seen. This has been enhanced and fine-tuned to the present figure of $58,684.

The ensuing dump will be epic if anyone withdraws even a little quantity of holding PLCU, or if the wash trading bot is switched off.

Reinhardt’s marketing pitch behind PlatinWorld is rather lame, other than his desire to revive his Ponzi coin.

A community for people who are interested in revolutionary blockchain technology.

Our technological staff is always studying the cryptocurrency business and developing unique solutions that have helped individuals all over the world alter their life!

PlatinCoin bagholders are found in Germany (24 percent), India (17 percent), and Mongolia (17 percent), according to Alexa website traffic estimations (14 percent ).

PlatinWorld did not begin recruiting until January 2022, even though it was launched in late 2021. PlatinWorld is being promoted in Germany (24 percent), Russia (17 percent), and Mongolia, according to Alexa web traffic estimations (14 percent ). I’m not clear why India was replaced by Russia.

PlatinWorld’s website makes no mention of MLM, yet it appears that PlatinCoin’s MLM opportunity has been carried over:

Elias Pape, a German citizen, is the leading fraudster advertising PlatinWorld.

From Kyani, Pape stepped into Ponzi fraud. He was in SwissCoin with Alex Reinhardt and switched to PlatinCoin at launch.

Pape appears to have escaped Germany with Reinhardt for Dubai.

Dubai is the world’s MLM fraud capital. The emirate provides a haven for fraudsters due to limited extradition agreements and a lack of regulation of MLM-related securities fraud.

Any organization, executive, or promoter operating out of Dubai raises an obvious red flag when it comes to MLM due diligence.

For the time being, naive PlatinWorld investors are most likely being lured in by the falsified public trading value of PLCU. It seems excellent on paper, but it’s not supported by anything.

PlatinWorld’s house of cards is crumbling, and the bulk of investors will lose money, whether it’s due to scammers like Elias Pape cashing out PLCU or PlatinWorld recruiting collapsing (again).

Updated on May 23, 2022 – A reader inquired about “Ultima Farm,” which may be found at “”

Ultima Farm is a Ponzi scam run by Reinhardt called PlatinWorld.

Investors are guaranteed monthly minting over 12 to 36 months via a smart contract. The entire procedure takes place on the PLC Ultima blockchain.

There are no specific investment terms for PLC Ultima.

Platinex LLC, a Georgian shell firm, is in charge of Ultima Farm.

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