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GS Chain is a component of GSPartners’ new Meta Certificates Ponzi puzzle.

GSPartners has been giving LSC shares based on how much affiliates invested for some time now. They’re currently being given out as a recruiting bonus.

GS Chain is a UK company, which isn’t very noteworthy in and of itself. Fraud is routinely approved by Companies House.

However, GS Chain is also traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Even if it isn’t an indication of validity, Josip Heit’s deception of the LSE into listing his shell business is worth reporting.

GSPartners affiliates were previously allocated LSC shares according to how much they invested, according to Canadian GSPartners promoter Nitsa Nakos.

Affiliates are now allocated GSC shares depending on investor recruiting, which is a recent move.

GS Chain was founded as International Tech & Fintech PLC to avoid regulatory scrutiny. To get things started, Josip Heit put out £1,049,900. On paper, though, his recruited stockholders were responsible for this.

International Tech & Fintech PLC was formed using a virtual office address in the United Kingdom.

Leon Filipovic (right) was identified as the company’s only Director using the same virtual address.

Filipovic isn’t some haphazard Heit who sprang out of nowhere.

Mr. Filipovic was the head of compliance and CFO for IFLS Corporate Services Ltd from 2016 to 2018, and from 2018 to 2019, he was in charge of blockchain technology education and the development of trading software for the Pameroy Group. He was most recently the chief of software development for BL Enceladus Ltd from 2019 to 2021.

IFLS Corporate Services and Pameroy Group specialize in aiding with the acquisition of financial licenses in areas with little or no regulation.

IFLS Corporate Services Ltd is the world’s leading provider of financial license acquisition services. Asset management, forex, brokerage, payment services, crypto ICO launches, and hedge funds are some of the services provided by IFLS’ clients.

More than 700 successfully formed financial organizations in the Seychelles, Vanuatu, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Belize, Panama, and New Zealand over the last 15 years should attest to our professionalism, which no other vendor on the market can match.

POMEROY MANAGEMENT LTD is the world’s biggest financial license acquirer, with operations in Comoros, Vanuatu, the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Georgia, the Cook Islands, Seychelles, Belize, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Gibraltar.

On Pameroy Group’s website, the word “IFLS Corporate Services Ltd: Register 99123” appears to be a link between the two firms.

“Our concentration is on the European Market, particularly the German-speaking countries,” Pameroy asserts. Josip Heit is a Croatian who spent decades in Germany before coming to Dubai last year.

Pameroy’s use of shell businesses in Comoros piques my attention. The fraudulent Mwali banking license of GSB Gold Standard Bank was exposed by BehindMLM in mid-2021.

Mwali is a Comorian island that is part of the Union of Comoros. Within the GSPartners Ponzi scam, GSB Gold Standard Bank is a German shell corporation.

Pameroy also creates shell corporations “for businesses that want to offer Forex, Crypto, and Payment Processing in Kazakhstan.”

An October 2020 news release titled “G999: Josip Heit and the GSB Gold Standard in the Cosmos of the Blockchain Financial Industry” ties everything together.

GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB), one of Germany’s premier software, IT, and blockchain companies, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution that makes cryptocurrency transactions considerably easy and, more importantly, significantly faster.

GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG is a separate entity from GSB Gold Standard Pay KB (Sweden), GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd. (Comoros Union), and GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd. (South Africa) (Kazakhstan).

Filipovic’s most recent employer was BL Enceladus Ltd. In mid-2021, they appear to have changed their names to “BL Group” and “BL Corporate Services.”

“” is a website maintained by BL Group and BL Corporate Services that provides “offshore financial licenses of any sort.”

Kazakhstan appears on the Financial Licenses website of the BL Group once more:

Maybe you’re noticing a pattern in Filipovic’s work history. It should be evident why Heit chose Filipovic to lead the International Tech & Fintech PLC shell company.

Filipovic claims to be from Croatia. Heit is from Croatia, so there might be a personal link there as well.

On April 3rd, 2021, International Tech & Fintech PLC was formed. International Tech & Fintech PLC received a company registration number and a Legal Entity Identifier quite fast.

Heit (presumably indirectly) enlisted the help of the UK business First Sentinel to keep his name off the records.

First Sentinel, according to their website,

For SMEs, pre-IPO, and listed firms, he specializes in corporate and commercial law, as well as corporate finance law.

Josip Heit’s proposals for International Tech & Fintech PLC included that last portion.

The first item on the agenda was to rename International Tech & Fintech PLC to GS Chain PLC. This was accomplished by a resolution passed on July 9th.

On July 14th, First Sentinel Advisory Limited was appointed as a Secretary of PLC.

On July 28th, a GS Chain PLC trade certificate was received.

Leon Filipovic and his UK shell business GS&IB Fintech LTD were dismissed as Director and Secretary on September 30th and 29th, respectively, for their work in setting up Heit’s shell company.

That’s not to suggest Filipovic walked away empty-handed. He remained Chairman of GS Chain PLC and, at least on paper, owned 28.3 percent of the company’s shares.

Dominique Sébastien Another 28.3 percent is owned by GS Chain’s COO, André Guerin. Guerin is a Director/Partner of Josip Heit’s German shell business, GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG.

I’ll address GS Chain’s new CEO, US citizen, and resident Alan Austin, briefly here.

Austin is a GSPartners investor, which is unsurprising:

Austin is a Ponzi promoter from the Harald Seiz period, dating back to Karatbars:

Josip Heit’s MLM crypto Ponzi swindle began at Karatbars International, of course.

Sanjay Nath, a Director/Partner in yet another of Josip Heit’s shell businesses, GSB Gold Standard PLC: Austin is joined on the executive board of GS Chain by Sanjay Nath, a Director/Partner in yet another of Josip Heit’s shell firms, GSB Gold Standard PLC:

Nath (right) owns 2.25 percent of the stock of GS Chain. Nath’s son and daughter both own 0.25 percent of the company.

Even though GSPartners affiliates allegedly issued GS Chain shares in connection with their investments, none of them appear in GS Chain’s financial reports.

Haysmacintyre LLP, a UK accounting company, signed off on all of this garbage.

Shell business filings for GS Chain PLC ceased on December 19th, 2021. We turn to the prospectus of GS Chain for further details.

The cover of GS Chain’s shell firm may be found here.

The Company plans to find opportunities in the technology industry, undertake due diligence, and then consummate an acquisition.

While the Board of Directors will consider a wide range of technology sectors, those that the Board of Directors believes will provide the greatest opportunity and on which the Board of Directors will initially focus are the use of technology in real estate, banking, finance, fintech, and other related fields.

Industries such as telecommunications, automobiles, and blockchain

However, as a shell corporation founded only for the aim of advancing GSParner’s Ponzi scheme through securities fraud;

Except for its proposed listing, the Company has not yet begun operations.

The company has no running business and has yet to identify a possible acquisition target company or business.

There is no functioning business for the Firm, and there are presently no plans, agreements, or understandings in place with any potential target company or business for acquisition.

Unless it completes an Acquisition, the Company will not generate any money from operations.

That’s unlikely to change until Heit has GS Chain “acquire” one of his other shell firms, or vice versa. GSPartners and Lydian World are the centers of all the investment scam activity.

GS Chain applied for a public listing with the hoax in place and the London Stock Exchange was completely unaware.

Admission is projected to become effective on May 13, 2022, at 8 a.m., and trading in Ordinary Shares will begin.

The GS Chain shares were issued on May 13th, according to the London Stock Exchange website.

Surprisingly, the shares have risen from 3.63 GBP to 5.45 GBP as of May 30th, despite the lack of any company activity or revenue.

Surprisingly, all of the stated GS Chain shares were exchanged “off-book” as well.

Given that the bulk of GSPartners investors are US citizens, and the corporation has been doling out GS Chain shares to top investors and now top recruiters, the following disclosures in GS Chain’s future are critical.

The Ordinary Shares have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), the securities laws of any state or other jurisdiction in the United States, or the securities laws of Australia, Canada, Japan, or the Republic of South Africa.

The Ordinary Shares may not be offered, sold, resold, transferred, or distributed, directly or indirectly, within, into, or into the United States, or to or for the account or benefit of persons in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, the Republic of South Africa, or any other jurisdiction where such offer or sale would violate such jurisdiction’s relevant securities laws.

What good is it to say that if you’re planning to do the exact opposite, whether through virtual shares or otherwise?

The following are the current website statistics for GSPartners and Lydian World, as provided by SimilarWeb:

It’s impossible that no one from the United States or South Africa has GS Chain stock. The LSE won’t be able to discover any direct written evidence of this, so we’ll have to depend on assertions made by GS Partners promoter Nitsa Nakos a few weeks ago.

Because of the specific ties that the Gold Standard Chain firm has with GS Partners (Editor: they’re both owned by Josip Heit), GSPartners members have the option to earn given shares.

Now, we were awarded shares in the first wave for product acquisition (Editor: investment) and sales efforts (Editor: recruiting investors).

Now that we’re in the second wave, and we’ve already been listed, we’ll be getting shares for our sales efforts (Editor: recruiting investors).

There will no longer be any shares available for the purchase of products.

And if you’re wondering why Heit is going to such lengths to conceal the fact that GS Chain shares are being distributed to US citizens, who make up the vast majority of GSPartners affiliate investors, go no further than GS Chain’s prospectus;

The US Securities Exchange Commission, any state securities commission in the United States, or any other US regulatory body have not authorized or disapproved the Ordinary Shares, nor have any of the above agencies commented on or endorsed the contents of this Document.

In the United States, any representation to the contrary is illegal.

The UK regulator in charge of assessing GS Chain’s listing application absolves itself of any liability, as is customary in securities fraud cases.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has authority…


However, they are, for the most part, hopeless. Heit picked the United Kingdom to issue bogus shares for a reason.

As things stand, every single individual and entity on this list is implicated in some manner in the fraud perpetrated by GSPartners, Lydian World, and GS Chain:

It is up to an investigative body, whether in the UK or the US, to assess how complicit someone is. Heit manages GSPartners out of Dubai and spends most of his time there.

Dubai is the world’s MLM crime capital. Authorities in the area have zero chance of doing anything.

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