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IX Inversor has collapsed, according to Alexander Hernandez, who claims the firm has gone into liquidation.

The statement was made on a company webinar earlier this week, on Monday.

Hernandez’s decision to leave IX Inversors came before Ecuador’s Superintendencia de Bancos confirmed an ongoing regulatory probe.

In January, Ecuador’s top financial regulator issued an IX Inversors securities fraud notice.

The Superintendencia de Bancos said the day before that it had transmitted its conclusions to the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit in an update made on March 30th (UAFE).

Money laundering and financial crimes are investigated by the UAFE, which is a criminal section. The inquiry against IX Inversors and Hernandez has progressed.

Hernandez portrayed IX Inversors’ bankruptcy as a liquidation rather than being honest about Ecuadorian authorities pursuing him for financial offenses. This is also true of DIA, IX Inversor’s short-lived relaunch.

Unfortunately, it was not feasible to obtain the desired results. This project will be liquidated due to a decision that has been taken. It’s in the process of being liquidated.

A balanced analysis will be performed, and those people who have not regained their capital will receive a refund.

Refund promises are a frequent exit-scam method used by defunct Ponzi schemes. Mathematically, it’s impossible.

Hernandez claimed “disloyalty and software difficulties” as specific causes for the liquidation.

Thousands of IX Inversors victims have been reported in Ecuadorian media, with some selling their homes and automobiles to join in the Ponzi scam.

IX Inversors, as we reported last December on BehindMLM, was a basic Ponzi scheme that promised a 300 percent return on investment.

Even though his Ponzi scam was just founded in the middle of 2021, creator and CEO Alexander Hernandez claims it has been operational “for three years” and has “about 450,000” investors.

Total IX Inversor losses are unknown pending the conclusion of Ecuadorian authorities’ investigations.

Hernandez is said to have escaped Ecuador, according to rumors. These assertions have yet to be confirmed.

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