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The homes of Bitcoin Gain fraudsters Ajay Bhardwaj and his accomplice have been searched by Delhi police.

According to reports, the long-running inquiry has now moved to other police agencies across India.

According to Business Today, the Enforcement Directorate of India (EDI) searched six sites, including Delhi, as part of a massive probe into the suspected defrauding of over 80,000 investors.

During the operation, the investigators recovered several electronic devices as well as important documents.

The raid went on into the late hours of Wednesday evening.

Amit Bhardwaj has a younger brother named Ajay Bhardwaj (right).

Gain Bitcoin was launched in 2017 by Amit Bhardwaj. He died of heart arrest in January, according to reports.

The ED is now widening its probe into other suspected people in the case, according to Inc24. The scope of the GainBitcoin investigation has also widened, according to Inc24. It’s also investigating Amit Bhardwaj’s surviving family members, including his wife, for their involvement in the scheme.

Several members of Bhardwaj’s family have been named as suspects in the case.

Gain Bitcoin was a basic MLM crypto Ponzi that paid out 10% every month. In late 2017, it came to an end.

I’m dubious that much of the value would have been retrieved five years later through raids.

Gain Bitcoin was the subject of an ED investigation that began in 2018.

Nobody has been charged four years later. The seized assets have not been restored to the fraud victims.

Earlier this year, two specialists aiding police attempted to steal $2.6 million but were apprehended.

It remains to be seen how the fresh raids and inquiries will affect the case.

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