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The Central Bank of Russia has issued a pyramid fraud to Metafi Yielders.

Metafi Yielders displays “evidence of a financial pyramid,” according to the CBR’s June 2nd warning.

Metafi Yielders became live in April of 2022. When the older $2500 and higher investment plans reached their maturity dates, new $10,000 plans were developed to keep money in the system.

Metafi Yielders imposed withdrawal limitations less than a week afterward. The Ponzi scam crashed altogether a week later.

The CBR’s warning is especially important because Metafi Yielders is thought to be operated by Russians.

The accomplice acting CEO recruited to front Metafi Yielders is Michel Daher, an Australian citizen allegedly residing in Perth.

As “Michael Daher,” Daher operates Metafi Yielders. Boris CEO Ponzi schemes are usually perpetrated by Russian or Ukrainian con artists.

Daher was going to host an excuses webinar for investors on Wednesday, according to my understanding.

Daher failed to show up for the scheduled webinar for no apparent reason. There hasn’t been any additional contact.

The official Telegram account of Metafi Yielders was deactivated earlier this week. The company’s official Facebook page is no longer searchable by the general public.

Daher has gone into hiding, according to all indications.

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