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In the Indian state of Utter Pradesh, an MLM promoter was assassinated.

His assailant claimed that the promoter was calling him “many times a day.”

Vipin, an eighteen-year-old college student, was a Smart Value distributor.

Smart Value looks to be a multilevel marketing (MLM) organization based in India. You sign up, purchase things, and get compensated for recruiting others to do the same.

Retail is doable, but recruitment is where the real money is. As a result, Vipin began recruiting individuals to work with him.

Amit, a twenty-year-old fellow student, was one of his potential recruiters.

When Amit was first approached about joining Smart Value, he rejected it. Despite this, Vipin harassed Amit with several phone calls every day from various numbers.

Amit ultimately organized a gathering at a local tomb as a result of this.

Vipin rode his bike to the meeting with a friend. Amit rode his bike to the conference as well.

When they met, Amit advised Vipin’s friend to go ahead and do it alone. He stated he’d misplaced some paperwork and needed to come home to get them.

Vipin’s companion continued to the tomb. Before coming home, he waited “a long time” there.

It was impossible to get in touch with Vipin. His phone was switched off. At 4 p.m., Vipin’s father filed a kidnapping lawsuit.

After Vipin’s buddy walked forward, the police inquiry found that there was a hearing between (Amit and Vipin) about some topic. As a result, Amit became enraged and strangled Vipin to death.

Amit was detained by the police. He confessed during an interrogation and guided police to Vipin’s body.

Smart Value advertising has now been blamed by police as a significant reason.

Vipin was under so much pressure from the corporate leaders that despite Amit’s refusal, he continued to call him.

As a result, the company’s participation will be investigated, as well as its papers.

I just gave Smart Value’s website a brief look, but I’ve added it to BehindMLM’s review list.

I looked for a Smart Value statement but couldn’t locate one. However, I came discovered a slew of false advertising claims:

Whether or if Smart Value is a pyramid system, assassinating MLM recruiters is certainly wrong.

While it’s easy to make light of MLM telemarketing spam, a young student has tragically lost his life outside of the MLM context.

I have my doubts, but I hope the alleged business “pressure” that Amit was subjected to is examined and those involved are brought to justice.

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