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Two-Generation Zoe executives based in Spain have been apprehended by police.

Daniel Paterna was the European President of Generation Zoe. Camilo, his younger brother, was the General Manager of Generation Zoe’s Spanish branch.

The Ponzi scheme’s treasurer was a third, unidentified Generation Zoe.

After hearing accusations from victims, Spanish authorities launched an investigation into Generation Zoe.

In a raid earlier this week, police “forcefully entered” Generation Zoe’s Spanish headquarters, according to Informacion.

Documents were confiscated from the suspects’ homes and the office.

Twelve Generation Zoe victims in Spain have filed a police case alleging that they are owed 350,000 euros. It’s unclear how much money they’ve lost as a result of their investment.

Generation Zoe was multilevel marketing (MLM) pyramid scam based on the Zoe Cash cryptocurrency.

While the inquiry is ongoing, the Paterna brothers and Generation Zoe’s treasurer are being held at the Elda-Petrer police station.

Leonardo Cositorto, the creator of Generation Zoe, is still on the loose. Argentina has issued an international arrest warrant for him, which was served through Interpol.

Cositorto was thought to be hiding in the Dominican Republic, although he may have moved to Colombia since then.

15th of March, 2022 – In Colombia, Leonardo Cositorto attended a political gathering. He has yet to be apprehended by authorities.

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