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KKBT is no longer in business.

The Ponzi scheme is the latest in a string of app-based Ponzi’s said to have originated in Asia.

I didn’t get around to studying KKBT, but from what I’ve seen, it appears to be another Ponzi scam based on “click a button” tasks.

KKBT operated under two separate internet names, each aimed at a different country.

The domain “,” which was privately registered on January 12th, 2022, was used to target South Africa.

The domain (“kkbt. in”), which was also privately registered on January 12th, was used to target India.

Both websites have applications that were customized for each country’s currency and language. It’s worth noting that the Indian version of KKBT doesn’t appear to have taken off.

Cryptocurrency mining was the “click a button” gimmick underlying KKBT. Mining money was generated by clicking a button each day per investment.

That was nonsense, as KKBT just collapsed due to a “website offline” exit scam.

We’ve seen a lot of “click a button” task app-based Ponzis crop up in recent months.

The following are tell-tale indications of these clone apps:

• A name is generally made up of random letters linked together, with digits added at the end.

• Initially global, but now appears to be regionalized depending on payment processors and language

• previous incarnations had locales, but currently it’s mostly simply a login form webpage;

• They all have “VIP” investing programs.

• To qualify for rewards, most investors must click a button every day (not always)

• the same back-end application with boxy buttons

• encourages bitcoin investment, perhaps with a regional payment processor option

This list isn’t exhaustive, and it’s subject to change as fraudsters’ victims become more alert.

Here are some examples of “click a button” app-based Ponzis I’ve seen on BehindMLM:

• COTP — ostensibly produced trading activity by affiliates pressing a button, which crashed in May 2022.

• DF Finance makes it look like pressing the button results in commissionable sales.

• EthTRX is a Ponzi based on an app, but without the daily task component.

• Yu Klik – imitates trading activities by pretending to click a button, with an emphasis on Indonesia.

• EasyTask 888 – features people who like YouTube videos and claim to make money, with a focus on Colombia.

All of the “click a button” apps Ponzis originate in Asia. However, I’m not sure how they’re going to find locals to front and run the different regional Ponzi scams.

There are many frauds like this out there. I’m sure I have a couple more to go through on my review list. I’ll keep you updated when more information becomes available.

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