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Russia has issued a pyramid fraud notice to BitPlam.

This is unusual, given that BitPlam was reported to have crashed in November.

BitPlam shows “evidence of a financial pyramid” scheme, according to the Central Bank of Russia’s April 1st warning.

BitPlam debuted in late 2021 and promised a daily return of 4% to 5%.

BitPlam’s investing side was a Ponzi scam. BitPlam’s MLM side was a pyramid scheme.

BehindMLM readers began reporting BitPlam non-payment as early as November 21st.

From early January 2022, Alexa’s website research reveals a continuous fall in traffic to BitPlam’s website:

Russia (11%) is now the top source of visitors to BitPlam’s website, followed by Indonesia (8%), and Iran (7%). (6 percent ).

In November 2021, BitPlam’s social media pages were deactivated, which coincided with the company’s demise.

However, BitPlam’s website is still accessible. So it appears that either the CBR probe has been postponed or that foolish investors are still being recruited in Russia.

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