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On its website, EasyTask 888 makes no mention of who owns or operates the firm.

On January 27th, 2022, EasyTask 888’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

EasyTask 888’s app may be downloaded directly from the website. EasyTask 888’s software is used to run the MLM opportunity.

The website source code for EasyTask 888 includes Chinese:

This clearly shows that the person in charge of EasyTask 888 is Asian. In Chinese tradition, the number “8” represents good fortune.

In terms of recruiting, according to SimilarWeb, all of EasyTask 888’s website traffic now originates in Colombia.

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products from EasyTask 888

EasyTask 888 does not sell any items or services to the general public.

EasyTask 888 affiliate membership is the sole product that affiliates may promote.

Compensation Plan for EasyTask 888

Note that the payout material I’m working with uses Colombian Pesos because EasyTask888 is largely advertised in Colombia (COP).

Affiliates of EasyTask 888 invest money with the expectation of receiving the following returns:

• Member Experience – pay 1100 COP and get 6300 COP in 3 days • V1 – pay 1500 COP, invest 50,000 COP, and get 51,500 COP in 1 day • V2 – pay 1730 COP, invest 500,000 COP, and get 546,710 COP in 3 days • V2 Plus – pay 1935 COP, invest 1,500,000 COP, and get 1,838,625 COP in 7 days

• V3 – pay a charge of 2340 COP, invest 3,000,000 COP, and get 3,936,000 COP in ten days.

• V3 Plus – pay a charge of 275,000 COP, invest 8,000,000 COP, and get 12,140,000 COP in 15 days. • V4 – pay a fee of 5360 COP, invest 12,000,000 COP, and get 20,576,000 COP in 20 days.

EasyTask 888 demands affiliates to complete defined tasks daily to be eligible for ROI rewards.

Social media manipulation appears to be a “click a button” task (liking random YouTube videos etc.).

EasyTask 888’s MLM division offers commissions on affiliate investor recruiting.

I was able to verify that commissions are paid at various levels. However, neither the number of levels nor the percentages are published.

It is completely free to become an EasyTask 888 affiliate.

A least 1500 COP fee payment and a 50,000 COP investment are required to fully participate in EasyTask 888’s revenue possibility.


Easy task 888 is another app-based task Ponzi scheme run by Chinese con artists.

Users download an app, register, invest, have their money taken, and then attempt to steal money from others.

EasyTask 888’s MLM side is utilized to stimulate recruitment, without which the company would fail.

The “tasks” that EasyTask 888 requires investors to do are useless. In recent months, we’ve seen several iterations of the “click a button” Ponzi scheme:

• COTP — ostensibly produced trading activity by affiliates pressing a button, which crashed in May 2022.

• DF Finance makes it look like pressing the button results in commissionable sales.

• Yu Klik – pretends to click a button to produce trading activity, targeting Indonesia • EthTRX is a similar app-based Ponzi with the daily task component deactivated

• KKBT — ad hoc crypto-mining revenue generated by pretending to press a button, aimed towards South Africa and India. & failed in early June 2022.

The fraudsters behind all of the recent app-based tasks Ponzis appear to be the same.

The fact that EasyTask 888 is specifically targeting Colombia is very concerning.

The easy task 888 app is in Spanish and uses the Colombian peso as its internal money.

Affiliates can invest in either tether or Neque using the EasyTask 888 app.

Neque is a payment app developed in Colombia. EasyTask 888 now has access to credit card payments.

EasyTask’s promotion began in or around February 2022. Colombia was most likely targeted because of a previous Ponzi scheme from which a large number of participants came from Colombia.

It’s all about the easy pickings.

As with many MLM Ponzi scams, once affiliate recruiting stops, fresh investment stops as well.

EasyTask 888 will be deprived of ROI revenue as a result, eventually collapsing.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically certain to lose money for the vast majority of participants when they fail.

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