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On its website, YDYS Trading gives no information regarding who owns or operates the firm.

In truth, at the time of writing, YDYS Trading’s website is nothing more than an affiliate sign-up form:

On February 19th, 2022, YDYS Trading’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a YDYS Trading securities fraud notice on April 21st.

According to the Commission’s records, YDYS TRADING OPC was registered as a Person Corporation on March 1, 2022.

The company is, however, explicitly stated in its Certificate of Incorporation that it is NOT AUTHORIZED to solicit investments from the general public.

Mar Albert Pondang Hidalgo was named “head” of YDYS Trading by the regulator.

Hidalgo uses the handle “Mar Albert Hidalgo” on social media. He is currently based in the Philippines.

According to Hidalgo’s Facebook page, YDYS is his first MLM company as an executive.

Hidalgo was peddling bizarre COVID-19 “treatment devices” about 2020:

Hidalgo was advertising PMS Prime 98 Select in 2021.

PMS Prime 98 Select is a multilevel marketing firm that makes a variety of false health claims concerning its products, including:

Hidalgo’s promotional shot was released to his Facebook page in late December 2021.

Hidalgo rebuilt himself as a crypto bro and established YDYS Trading in February 2021.

Continue reading to learn more about YDYS Trading’s MLM opportunity.

Products from YDYS Trading

YDYS Trading does not sell any items or services to the general public.

Affiliates are only allowed to promote YDYS Trading.

The Compensation Plan of YDYS Trading

YDYS Trading’s website is nothing more than an affiliate sign-up form, as previously stated. The public is not given access to company information, including remuneration.

Nonetheless, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has detailed YDYS Trading’s compensation structure in its securities fraud warning.

YDYS Trading is looking for investors who want to invest in Philippine Pesos (PHP) with the promise of a return of up to 250 percent in 45 days.

Invest 300 PHP and receive 750 PHP in 45 days with Red Staking.

Invest 1000 PHP and receive 2500 PHP in 45 days with Blue Staking.

Invest 5000 PHP and receive 12,500 PHP in 45 days with Orange Staking.

Invest 50,000 PHP and receive 125,000 PHP in 45 days with gold staking.

The MLM part of YDYS Trading compensates for affiliate investor recruiting.

Commissions for Referrals

Affiliates of YDYS Trading receive a 50% fee on monies invested by directly recruited affiliates.

Residual Commissions are commissions that are paid regularly.

Affiliates of YDYS Trading receive a “1% commission from the earnings of the downline.”

This is based on the amount of money invested, not the amount of money earned. It’s unclear how many tiers YDYS pays residual commissions on.


“Product points” are generated by YDYS Trading’s investment. Specifics aren’t given, but we can see from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission that earning product points qualifies affiliates for a variety of incentives:

Becoming a member of YDYS Trading

A 300 to 50,000 PHP investment is required to become a YDYS Trading affiliate.

The more a YDYS Trading affiliate invests, the more money it may make.

Reinvestment is necessary after 45 days to continue earning.

Conclusion of YDYS Trading

YDYS is a straightforward cryptocurrency Ponzi scam. Affiliates invest, and after 45 days, if fresh investment continues, they will have received 250 percent of their initial investment.

Unfortunately, YDYS Trading’s investors haven’t been able to keep up with fresh investments.

Despite the SEC’s warning that Hidalgo and YDYS promoters face a twenty-one-year jail term or a PHP 5 million file (USD 94,369) if they continue to defraud, Hidalgo has stepped up his scam.

Hidalgo issued an “extra staking package” on April 22nd, the day after the SEC’s warning:

Hidalgo stated on April 23rd that “several persons went to” YDYS Trading’s headquarters in the Philippines:

It’s unclear whether this was in reaction to the SEC’s fraud notice.

Hidalgo published a YDYS Trading “certificate of incorporation” on April 25th, in an attempt to address the fact that the company was conducting securities fraud and operating unlawfully.

This is not a replacement for SEC registration. Basic incorporation in any jurisdiction is worthless when it comes to MLM due diligence.

Throughout April, we promoted investment “flash sales” strongly…

…Hidalgo announced on May 1st that YDYS Trading was encountering payment issues:

YDYS Trading commenced selected payouts on May 30th:

YDYS Trading is still facing withdrawal pressure as of June 5th.

Hidalgo maintains that his YDYS Trading Ponzi operation is “legally sound.” I believe this is due to YDYS Trading’s investment in bundling products:

Attaching products to a Ponzi scheme does not make securities fraud legitimate, as the SEC warns.

The bundled items given by YDYS Trading appear to be quite comparable to those offered by Prime 98 Select.

Prime 98 Select looks to be an offline MLM opportunity that is mostly pushed through social media in the Philippines.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Prime 98 Select’s goods and YDYS Trading’s investment product bundles have some overlap.

In any case, YDYS Trading’s withdrawal problems are indicative of a Ponzi scheme.

The small amount of money that came in during May appears to be used to fund selected withdrawals. Hidalgo is likely hoping to resurrect fresh investment by making these withdrawals public.

That’s unlikely to happen with YDYS Trading’s 250 percent+ ROI obligations every 45 days.

Currently awaiting confirmation YDYS Trading has entirely collapsed, and logic assures that the vast majority of Ponzi scheme participants will lose money.

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