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On its website, FullBNB makes no mention of who owns or operates the firm.

On March 25th, FullBNB’s website domain (“”) was registered. Through a random address in Argentina, “Luis Angel Montes” is identified as the proprietor.

The email address used to sign up for FullBNB was also used to sign up for BNBglend.

BNBglend looks to be a FullBNB clone, as it uses the same website backend software.

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

The Products of FullBNB

There are no retailable items or services offered by FullBNB.

Affiliates can only promote the FullBNB affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan at FullBNB

Affiliates of FullBNB invest in Binance Coin (BNB) with the promise of a 30 percent daily return.

On invested BNB, referral commissions are paid down three tiers of recruiting (unilevel):

level 1 (affiliates directly recruited) – 10%

2%, 1%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%,

Becoming a FullBNB member

Affiliate membership with FullBNB looks to be free.

A minimum investment of 0.1 BNB is required to fully participate in FullBNB.

Conclusion of FullBNB

FullBNB is a basic Ponzi scheme based on smart contracts. You invest and then proceed to steal other people’s money as long as BNB is remaining in the smart contract.

All Ponzi schemes eventually fail. However, at 30% every day, any version of FullBNB will only survive a few weeks at most.

The original version of FullBNB went live in early April and crashed within a week or two.

On April 22nd, “V2” was released as a result of this.

The smart contract of FullBNB V2 looks to have been cleared out in mid to late May.

BNBglend was launched on or around May 11th as a result of this.

BNBglend’s smart contract has likewise been cleared out as of the time of writing.

Recycling the script to start additional crypto scams seems like a waste of time, especially because BNBglend’s smart contract only took in 3.4 BNB ($300).

The creator address 0xbf6cc4822f1bDfba8470E998498165FC1B897021 is the common denominator across FullBNB and BNBglend smart-contracts.

This is more of an obituary than a usual BehindMLM review, but it’s worth mentioning in case “Luis Montes” reappears with another rehashed smart-contract Ponzi scheme.

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