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VIP Global Stars is a multilevel marketing company that specializes in nutritional supplements.

LaCore Enterprises owns the corporation, which is situated in Texas.

Terry LaCore does not front VIP Global Stars, as he does with the other LaCore Enterprises companies.

Instead, co-CEOs Eric Caprarese and Larry Lane lead VIP Global Global Stars.

Eric Caprarese (right), the founder and CEO of One World Network, was last seen by BehindMLM in 2019.

One World Network was a spinoff of B-Epic, which Caprarese was President and CEO of at the time.

On his LinkedIn site, Caprarese still lists himself as President and CEO of B-Epic.

One World Network, which effectively functioned as a pyramid scam, looks to have failed on or around March 2022, according to Caprarese’s LinkedIn page.

VIP Global Stars, for example, debuted at the end of April 2022.

B-Master Epic’s Distributor was Larry Lane. Lane attempted to spam our comments with a referral link after BehindMLM published our revised 2018 review.

Lane has previously been linked to Rippln. Circa 2020 Lane was advocating Total Life Changes as part of Caprarese’s One World Network.

Lane has rebuilt himself as a crypto bro by 2021. He was pushing various MLM crypto Ponzi scams around February 2021.

Beurax, Daisy AI, and Solar Oil Project are among the MLM crypto Ponzis mentioned in the above February 2021 video. Lane was most certainly involved in several additional cases.

Lane appears to have ceased pushing crypto Ponzi schemes at some point (at least publicly). He rejoined forces with Caprarese (who, as far as I’m aware, never turned MLM crypto scamlord), and VIP Global Star was born in 2022.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at VIP Global Stars’ multilevel marketing opportunity.

The Products of VIP Global Stars

VGS Trim, a weight-loss nutritional supplement, is VIP Global Stars’ main product.

Feel the difference when you add VGS Trim to your weight-loss routine.

Our exclusive blend of thermogenic substances boosts energy and regulates your metabolism.

The cost of a pack of thirty VGS Trim capsules is $69.95.

Although not stated specifically, it is thought that VGS Trim is produced by LaCore Enterprises.

Compensation Plan for VIP Global Stars

The reward scheme for VIP Global Stars includes binary team residual commissions and a uni-level team matching incentive.

In addition, there are recruitment commissions and a Global MVP Pool available.

Compensation Plan for VIP Global Stars

Within VIP Global Stars’ pay model, there are six affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

Sign up as a VIP Global Stars affiliate and consistently generate 40 PV each week for the previous four weeks.

Keep 40 PV every week over the last four weeks, as well as recruit and maintain two Affiliates.

VIP 1 Star – maintain 40 PV each week for the last four weeks, recommend and keep one retail client, keep two personally recruited Affiliates, and generate and keep 500 GV in weekly weaker side binary volume.

VIP 2 Star – consistently create and maintain 40 PV each week for the previous four weeks, recommend and keep two retail customers, maintain two personally recruited Affiliates, and generate and maintain 1000 GV in weekly weaker side binary team volume.

Maintain 40 PV every week for the previous four weeks, keep two retail customers, keep two personally recruited Affiliates, and develop and maintain 2500 GV in weekly weaker side binary team volume.

MVP – consistently create and sustain 40 PV each week for the previous four weeks, two retail customers, two personally recruited Affiliates, and 5000 GV in weekly weaker side binary team traffic.

“Personal Volume” is the abbreviation for “Personal Volume.” PV refers to the amount of money made through retail sales and affiliate orders.

The abbreviation GV stands for “Group Volume.” The sum of an affiliate’s PV and that of their downline is their GV.

Referred retail customers must purchase at least one box of VGS Trim every month to qualify for rank.

VIP Global Stars pays recruitment commissions in the form of a “Fast Start Bonus.”

The Fast Start Bonus is paid on a personally recruited affiliate’s obligatory initial order.

The Fast Start Bonus payment is not specified by VIP Global Stars.

Residual Commissions are commissions that are paid regularly.

A binary compensation mechanism is used by VIP Global Stars to pay residual commissions.

In a binary compensation system, an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team, which is divided into two sides (left and right):

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two more positions each (4 positions).

The binary team’s subsequent levels are created as needed, with each new level containing twice as many slots as the preceding level.

Affiliates are recruited both directly and indirectly to fill positions on the binary team. It’s worth noting that a binary team can go as deep as it wants.

VIP Global Stars tallies new sales volume on both sides of the binary team after each week.

Residual commissions are calculated as a proportion of the total sales volume earned by the weaker binary team.

By rank, VIP Global Stars calculates residual commission rates:

A residual commission rate of 12% is paid to VIPs.

VIP 1 Stars get a residual commission rate of 14%.

The residual commission rate for VIP 2 Stars is 16 percent.

The residual commission rate for VIP 3 Stars is 18%.

MVPs receive a 20% residual commission rate.

Volume is matched against the stronger binary team side and flushed after it has been paid out.

The stronger binary team’s leftover volume continues over into the following week.

Bonus that is matched

A uniuni-levelmpensation system is used to distribute the Matching Bonus.

An affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right behind them (level 1):

Level 1 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team’s level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on, up to a theoretical limit of an unlimited number of levels.

The Matching Bonus at VIP Global Stars is limited to four uni-level team levels.

The Matching Bonus is calculated as a percentage of residual commissions paid throughout these four tiers, and is calculated as follows:

On level 1, VIPs receive a 20% bonus (personally recruited affiliates)

VIP 1 Stars get a 20% match on level 1 and a 10% match on level 2.

VIP 2 Stars receive a 20% match on level 1 and a 10% match on levels 2 and 3.

VIP 3 and 4 Stars receive a 20% match on level 1, a 10% match on levels 2 and 3, and a 5% match on level 4.

A VIP Global Stars affiliate must acquire and maintain two VIPs to be eligible for the Matching Bonus. VIPs must be assigned to one side of the binary team on both sides.

VIP Global Stars contribute 2% of company-wide sales volume to the Global MVP Pool.

MVP-ranked affiliates get paid out of the Global MVP Pool every month.

Becoming a member of the VIP Global Stars

The VIP Global Stars affiliate membership costs $19.95 and comes in three flavors:

Option 1: $59.95 for 1 package of VGS Trim

Option 2 – $99.95 for 2 boxes of VGS Trim

Option 3 – $139.95 for 3 boxes of VGS Trim

Global VIP Stars Conclusion

“Dedicated to making VIP more accessible,” says VIP Global Stars. As far as I can tell, this is a marketing ploy.

A backdoor approach to promote riches that might otherwise catch the FTC’s notice.

This isn’t ideal.

VIP Global Stars doesn’t have the faceless corporate feeling that some LaCore Enterprises MLM firms have, but it still feels like an excuse to start an MLM company based on a product.

VGS Trim isn’t featured on the VIP Global Stars website to the degree that there’s anything noteworthy about it.

There are a variety of thermogenic fat-burning pills on the market. They’re not new, so I’m not sure why a full MLM firm should be built on them. Perhaps the marketing angle of “VIP” is an attempt to divert attention away from this.

While we’ve seen a lot of retail-focused MLM prospects from LaCore Enterprises recently (e.g. Life Activated Brands), VIP Global Stars is a step back.

For starters, retail commissions aren’t included in the remuneration papers given by VIP Global Stars.

Then, while VIP 1 Star and above grades need retail customer enrollment and upkeep, this does not appear to be in line with the weekly PV requirement.

VGS Trim comes in a package with 40 PV in it. VGS Trim comes in a package of thirty pills, which equals thirty servings.

At the very least, VIP Global Stars affiliates must create 40 PV every week.

Assume you only did the bare minimum by referring one retail customer. They’d only get through 21 pills in a week if they took VGS Trim for breakfast, lunch, and supper (please don’t do this).

The issue is that VGS Trim is offered as a monthly supply, but VIP Global Stars makes it a weekly qualification.

What will most likely happen is that an affiliate will make up the difference, most likely by purchasing more VGS Trim than they can need.

Keep in mind that VGS Trim is a weight-loss product and should not be taken on an as-needed basis.

By aligning rank criteria with VGS Trim’s monthly supply per box, VIP Global Stars might solve this problem.

There are two options for accomplishing this:

Make the 40 PV need a monthly requirement, or increase the number of required retail customers to cover four monthly box sales.

If that fails, VIP Global Stars arranges for affiliates to have one retail client but purchase three extra VGS Trim boxes to qualify for commissions.

At VIP 2 Star, this drops to 50:50, although it’s still an even split. The affiliate continues to purchase more merchandise than they can utilize (commonly referred to as inventory loading).

Given Eric Caprerese’s track record with MLM auto-ship scams (Larry Lane’s Ponzi scheme is irrelevant here), I don’t think it’s wise to give VIP Global Stars any leeway.

The good news is that because VIP Global Stars is a young firm, such modifications are quite simple to make.

The bad news is that Terry LaCore is just as likely to get rid of VIP Global Stars as he is to change it. LaCore Enterprises provides a plethora of MLM options to choose from.

Take care when approaching.

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