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On the eve of a pretrial meeting, OneCoin co-founder Sebastian Greenwood sacked his counsel.

Greenwood’s former attorney claims he is “facing exceptional exposure” in a declaration demanding permission to withdraw from the lawsuit.

On February 20th, Greenwood’s new counsel filed an appearance. On February 22nd, his previous counsel filed a withdrawal request.

We are writing to request leave to withdraw as counsel in compliance with New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct since our client has ended his connection with our firm and engaged new counsel.

We understand that this request is complicated by the history of attorneys hired and fired throughout these proceedings.

The matter had been ongoing for years before we were recruited as counsel, and we were granted special permission by the Court after we were hired to allow us to receive and examine information.

Mr. Greenwood, on the other hand, is in for a lot of trouble in this case.

Greenwood’s pre-trial meeting was moved from February 24th to April 28th due to a counsel shuffle.

In light of the defense counsel’s trial timetable, the parties respectfully request that the pretrial conference be postponed for roughly two months to allow the defense counsel to examine discovery and speak with the defendant.

We’ll be back to square one when Greenwood’s new council evaluates the case and find he’s screwed.

Greenwood (right) was charged with a crime in 2018.

He was secretly extradited to the United States after his subsequent detention in Thailand.

Greenwood has been held at MCC New York since then.

Greenwood continued to conduct financial crimes using an illegally obtained smartphone while incarcerated there.

I’m not sure how many lawyers Greenwood (right) has recruited and fired so far, but the court’s tolerance is wearing out.

Greenwood has so far turned out plea bargains and plans to go to trial. But not without the help of a miraculous lawyer, it appears.

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