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BehindMLM just released its evaluation of Meta Utopia.

An ordinary “metaverse” MLM crypto Ponzi scam, Meta Utopia is itself.

But as part of our investigation, we linked Nicholas Coppola to the creator of the Ponzi scam.

Or rather, he did it via an Instagram story that has since been deleted:

It turned out that Coppola disliked being associated with Meta Utopia in the public eye. He just intends to operate as a covert crypto bro Ponzi fraudster.

Nicholas Coppola is now a member of BehindMLM’s DMCA Wall of Shame.

BehindMLM has received two emails from “Dincer Odabasi” of “Copyright Support” in the last 24 hours. The emails were sent on Nicholas Coppola’s behalf.

On its shoddy website, Copyright Support makes the following promises:

Negative/reputation-damaging news on the Internet and in Google search results must be removed definitively and permanently.

Odabasi tries to pull the old “right to be forgotten” ruse in his first email.

Hello, Madam

We submit the content and demand that it be banned by the privacy clause in light of the right to be forgotten.

We tried contacting the website that posted the article but got no answer. As a result, we provide the material and ask that you disable it.

They may appeal to the hosting company and ask that the content be removed by warning method, as stated in the first sentence of Article 9 of Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts. If they are unable to access it.

Once again, the second paragraph of the same article states that “the content and/or hosting provider should respond to requests of persons who claim that their rights have been violated owing to the content of the broadcast on the Internet within twenty-four hours at the latest.”

We ask that the case brought on our representative’s behalf be dismissed. On the grounds of the European right to be forgotten and the right to the privacy of private life, we have the authority to impose restrictions on access to content.

Please be aware that we are requesting that you delete the information since the owner has been notified but has not responded. Because of this, we implore and demand that you take it down.

This is a standard notification that these con artists use. I am aware of this since Odabasi copied the body of an unrelated email that Odabasi gave me and pasted the identical alert to Amazon mentioning another website and client (Ruh Roh GDPR fail).

Whatever admirable intentions politicians may have had at first, the reality is that scammers utilize Europe’s Right to be Forgotten Act as a means of concealing their history.

Because BehindMLM doesn’t function under EU legislation, it does not respect the Right to be Forgotten. A takedown notification under the Right to be Forgotten must be received four days after publication in this case.

Odabasi continued to portray Turkish legislation as having any relevance in the US, maybe anticipating backlash.

Due to the Right to be Forgotten and the USA Legal Content Removal Request Under Law No. 5651, we are unable to remove the content about which we have informed you by the Constitution.

The phrase “the Right to be Forgotten and the USA Legal Content Removal Request” doesn’t make sense, so disregard it. It is false.

Turkey approved Law No. 5651 in the year 2020. Once again, it is exclusive to Turkey and has nothing to do with the US.

A few hours later, Odabasi sent a follow-up email to his initial message, this time threatening copyright-related action.

Please take down any content that infringes on our representative’s right to privacy.

Unfortunately for you, we will contact Google, your hosting provider, and lodge a copyright claim if you don’t delete the news information.

Please put the story away; I beg you.



We frequently utilize “third-party logos and pictures, (and) under US copyright law this is acceptable under Fair Use,” as stated in BehindMLM’s DMCA Policy.

In our MLM news reporting and evaluations, BehindMLM uses photos that are protected by copyright without the owners’ consent. Period.

Abusing the DMCA takedown procedure involves failing to take Fair Use into account and submitting a false DMCA. Not only will it not function, but the submitter has committed perjury.

It’s clear that Copyright Support doesn’t care about the law, but the hypocrisy is still worth calling out.

The targeted publisher’s and/or related service providers’ ignorance is a key component of the business strategy of scam organizations like Copyright Support.

Nicholas Coppola publicly linked himself to Meta Utopia and is active in it to the point that he is close to the originator of the Ponzi scam, who has not yet been identified.

No US law is broken by publishing this material with the supporting documentation.

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