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Owner Tim Bentley is promoting Zeus’ Chariots, a hint that recruiting for Zeus’ Bounty has reached a plateau.

A projected NFT racing game called Zeus’ Chariots is based on ZeusCoin.

In Bentley’s apocalyptic vision of Zeus’ Chariots, addicted kids act like “crackheads” while playing for groceries.

Our source today is a webinar for Zeus’ Chariots affiliates that took place on or around February 4th.

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from Tim Bentley (right).

Alongside Zeus’ Bounty, the NFT game Zeus’ Chariots was released.

I assume they belong to the same genre. similar in concept.

They will reinforce one another, but Zeus’ Bounty is a very serious smart contract.

Zeus’ Chariots is enjoyable.

Zeus’ Bounty affiliates are getting into Zeus’ Chariots before everyone else in terms of “feeding off each other.”

The Zeus’ Bounty will receive 5% of the fees that Zeus’ Chariots receive in the other way.

Playability is crucial in a game. Zeus’ Chariots has no gameplay as of the time of release.

What we do know is that Strider Games, a Ukrainian NFT gaming manufacturer, is allegedly creating the game.

Strider Games was established in 2018, however, it doesn’t seem like they’ve ever published an NFT title.

Elemental Crystals, which is set for release in Q4 2022, is the only game listed on the Strider Games website.

Zeus’ Chariots is marketed by Bentley as a virtual reality chariot racing game where players may earn ZeusCoin.

Bentley believes that this has never been done before for whatever reason.

This is what we’re going to do, and it will give us a cult following. mostly because nobody is.

The majority of these individuals are only producing work that has previously been done to get revenue; they have no long-term, egalitarian motivation for the game. And they sort of fade away and disappear.

We created something entirely original. This has never been done before.

There is no anecdotal evidence to suggest that this will work. We cannot approach the previous performer and ask, “Hey dude, how’d you do this? What could we change?

since this has never been done before.

I did a short search and discovered that two chariot race VR games have already been released: “Rome Circus Maximus: Chariot Race VR” in late 2017 and “Historical Games: Chariot Racing” in late 2020.

From a visual and gameplay viewpoint, both games seem awful.

What, then, has changed with Zeus’ Chariots?

Even though the two games mentioned here are unquestionably garbage grades, winning probably still requires some talent.

This is where Zeus’ Chariots’ pretense to be a game crumbles.

It will be a fair race. Controlled RNG technology will be used. K?

People competing in races will have a modest edge.

However, altogether, this technology is decent. Everyone will have a chance to win, and the results are essentially algorithmically predetermined.

Zeus’ Chariots is only an upscale slot game.

This isn’t intended for genuine players.

Gamers are the lone component missing. Any gamers among you guys?

Bentley envisions the following performing as Zeus’ Chariots:

You’re a crackhead and an absolute junkie. Who is unable to remove the goggles from their heads, go to the store, and purchase some food?

You simply race.

You are only a maniac. As you are aware,

You are a child or you have children. Your children are dependent.

We’ll give them food.

Hey, if they’re going to play a game, let them at least make some money.

They can purchase food. They won’t be leaving, so you’ll have to go and remove the money from their possession.

They are dependent.

You must comprehend NFT games to appreciate Bentley’s perspective.

Zeus’ Chariots is compared by Bentley to the 2018-released Vietnamese cryptocurrency game Axie Infinity.

After paying the first fees, players may earn “Smooth Love Potion” (SLP), an in-game cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, by participating in the game. This type of game is known as a “pay-to-earn” model.

The bulk of players was based in the Philippines as of September 2021.

Every fourteen days, users of Axie Infinity can cash out their SLP tokens.

This business model has been compared to gambling and is an unstable industry that depends too much on the influx of new customers.

While earning rates from playing fell below the Philippines minimum wage in September 2021, CNBC claimed that some people in the Philippines were using the game as their primary source of income in June 2021, amid a pandemic lockdown.

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency Ponzi scam disguised as a game that is played by needy individuals in a developing nation for less money than the minimum wage.

The corresponding AXL and SLP tokens are available for research. Both were boosted during the Philippine players’ flurry the previous year. And they both afterward parted ways.

To be clear, I’m not equating Zeus’ Chariots with Axie Infinity. All NFT games have this issue by nature.

Gold farmers emerged from World of Warcraft in the early 2000s. To “farm” the games for riches, con artists employed slave labor in developing nations.

The con artists gave the slave laborers paltry sums of money. These “players” frequently labored in rented offices, putting in shift work to mine gold nonstop.

Scammers generally operated in first-world western nations and offered players farmed gold.

Since this violated TOS, steps were made to stop the practice. I’m not sure whether this is still a thing, but the point is that this crap has existed for a long time (it predates World of Warcraft in other forms).

The same business concept applies to NFT games. The blockchain has only been utilized to replace the database that previously tracked player cash balances.

Gold mining is the game itself, not just an unwanted addition to one.

You noted on the slide earlier that there were 677,000 players in Axie Infinity, K?

Zeus’ Chariots should certainly surpass those statistics since it has the potential to be 10 times more thrilling, addictive, and rewarding.

We ought to be able to significantly outperform such figures. K?

We have some fascinating gaming mechanics that, in the end, will cause dopamine release in players’ brains. within their heads. during their life.

When you’re racing that chariot in that virtual reality realm, dopamine is released. When you win $100, dopamine is released.

Exciting. For that, people return.

Where in all of this is the actual gaming? There is none.

It’s only a money grab.

Once more, I’m not mentioning Zeus’ Chariots specifically. NFT gaming is an old scam that has been repackaged.

ZeusCoin is used in place of “gold” in Zeus’ Chariots.

An NFT, which acts as the access fee, is purchased or rented by players (earlier in the day, you had to pay a subscription to register an account).

According to Bentley, renting a Zeus’ Chariots NFT for a day will cost $100.

Once admitted, you must pay a fee to participate in races. Whether you succeed or fail is decided by an AI machine. That’s the “game,” then.

ZeusCoin, which you may withdraw, is used to pay race winners. Bentley implores people not to do it since it will result in a ZeusCoin dump.

You want the value of your race to increase. Stop selling our coin.

Instead, cross over and stake it to increase your profits.

Staking is the act of investing in a coin with the expectation of passive profits. Therefore, it appears that Zeus’ Chariots have more layers than just securities fraud.

Bentley is presently offering 250 “founders positions” in Zeus’ Chariots as NFTs, which is related to securities fraud.

For 0.4 ETH, these NFTs are being sold. According to Bentley, this costs roughly $1250 when petrol is added.

Founder NFT buyers have the choice of receiving a game NFT for Zeus’ Chariots or 4000 ZeusCoins.

Oh, and 5 percent of the overall revenues go to everyone who pays for a founding NFT.

Zeus’ Chariots foundership, according to Bentley, entails investing $1000 and potentially earning $200,000 each year.

Tim Bentley, a Colorado citizen, and Zeus’ Chariots are not SEC-registered entities.

The vast majority of visitors to Zeus’ Bounty’s website at the time of writing are from the US. Zeus’ Chariots will thus predominantly be advertised to US citizens.

Zeus’ Chariots will be made available by Bentley sometime between May and August.

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