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Tradeknology is a trading MLM company. The business debuted in 2020.

Texas is the home state of Tradeknology. Co-founders Manoah McClendon, Jorge Raziel, and Domingo Silvas are in charge of the business.

In 2020, McClendon would have “been a successful trader for the previous 11 years,” according to his Tradeknology business bio.

I couldn’t confirm that. I was unable to confirm McClendon’s corporate experience, whether it is MLM-related or not.

Manoah McClendon Ministries, in which McClendon was actively involved until about 2016, was what I did discover. McClendon then rebranded himself as a trading bro.

The “Houston Currency Traders,” as McClendon referred to his Wealth Generators’ subordinates, were where it all started.

If you look closely enough, you can still find some bits even though McClendon destroyed everything linking him to Wealth Generators.

Jones claims to have first met McClendon “around nine years ago” in this May 2016 video titled “Why Wealth Generators Demetrius Jones Answers.”

Jones claims that McClendon and he were both “flipping properties” when they first met. This probably happened before McClendon served as a preacher.

Jones continues by describing how McClendon ultimately added him to his Wealth Generators downline.

Jones would later assist McClendon in expanding his “Houston Currency Traders” Wealth Generators downline to Memphis, Chicago, Nashville, and Atlanta.

For fraud connected to Wealth Generators in 2018, Investview, the parent business of Wealth Generators, was penalized with a $150,000 punishment.

It turns out that Wealth Generators was more about investing money in a passive investment opportunity and collecting pyramid scheme commissions than it was about FX.

Returning to McClendon, he had established SmartTrade Academy by the end of 2016.

This is the first step in McClendon’s transition from merely developing an MLM downline to managing his heist.

That grift was heavily influenced by religion:

Through Coins of Change, McClendon became a cryptocurrency bro in 2017.

Coins of Change was a gifting program based on bitcoin, as examined here on BehindMLM.

McClendon first met his Tradeknology co-founders Jorge Raziel and Domingo Silvas at Coins of Change.

Raziel and Silvas managed the official Coins of Change Facebook group together with Edmond Lee. Silvas was identified as the con artist by a BehindMLM reader.

McClendon implemented cryptocurrency into SmartTrade Academy with “SmartCoins” towards the end of 2017, smack in the heart of the late-year crypto frenzy.

Coins of Change would eventually fail in 2018, as was inevitable.

McClendon used that as motivation to start “Cryptoknology.” He also started calling himself a “Master Trader.”

By this point, religion had mostly vanished from McClendon’s social history.

On Manoah McClendon Ministries’ Facebook page, the most recent update occurred in October 2019.

Midway through 2020, McClendon unveiled Tradeknology, which is simply a rebranded version of Cryptoknology.

Additionally, McClendon began to refer to himself as a “Grand Master Trader.”

According to SimilarWeb traffic statistics, Tradeknology is now marketed in the US (51%), the UAE (51%), and other countries (49 percent ).

Continue reading for a thorough analysis of Tradeknology’s MLM prospect.

Products from Tradeknology

Tradeknology offers monthly subscription memberships with a trading focus.

Regional Vice President Gregory Hayden equates the subscriptions to an Ivy League education in trading in official Tradeknology marketing presentations.

The trading education program we offer is among the best on the market.

To take these types of courses, you would need to attend an Ivy League institution.

And that will set you back far more than $71,000. Those are actual figures.

The four categories of monthly memberships offered by Tradeknology range from Associate Pack to Meta Membership.

Associate Pack The Associate Pack from Tradeknology costs $74 upfront and then $59 each month.

Access is granted through an Associate Pack membership subscription to:

the Tradeknology app features recordings of fundamental trading tactics and an overview of the company’s Forex University Primary Package.

The Primary Package from Tradeknology is $159 upfront and then $129 each month.

A membership subscription for the Primary Package grants usage of

live zoom lessons in the Associate Pack tier

One-hour workdays for “trading ideas” and “scalping EA”

Package VIP

The VIP Package at Tradeknology costs $299 upfront and $249 every month after that.

Access is provided by a VIP Package membership subscription to

the Primary Package tier

“Crypto EA” 1 Hour Workday

“Indices EA,” “VIP trade ideas,” and VIP Live Trading for a one-hour workday

Membership in the Meta Package from Tradeknology costs $599 upfront and $499 per month after that.

A subscription to the Meta Package grants access to

tier of the VIP Package

“London/NY EA” 1 Hour Work Day

Twice a year, the 1 Hour Work Day “Gold EA” Crypto Mastermind conducted “exclusive NFT/Metaverse apps” and “so much more.”

The Associate Pack and Meta Package memberships will be available on July 1st as of the time of publishing.

I’m counting them in this assessment as already launched because this review is close to that date and includes the membership in the current Tradeknology promotion.

Compensation Plan for Tradeknology

Consumers cannot find information about compensation on Tradeknology’s website.

The following analysis is based on an “opportunity presentation” that was posted on June 9th, 2022, on Tradeknology’s official YouTube channel.

Ranks for Tradeknology Affiliates

Within Tradeknology’s compensation structure, there are nine affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Achiever: register as, personally refer, and continue to be a member of 3 subscribers.

Maintain three personally suggested member subscriptions as an influencer and produce $500 in gross revenue per month.

Maintaining 3 personally suggested member subscribers and generating $1500 GV per month with Mentor 1000

Master Builder 2000: individually recommend, uphold, and create 3500 GV per month from 4 member subscribers.

Elite Builder 5000: directly recommend and keep 5 member subscriptions, and produce 9975 GV every month.

Lifestyle Ambassador: 20,000 GV per month through personal referrals and maintenance of 6 member subscribers.

Freedom Ambassador: directly recommend, uphold, and generate 39,975 GV every month from 7 member subscribers.

Elite Ambassador – directly recommend, uphold, and create 99,975 GV each month from 8 member subscribers.

200,000 GV a month can be earned as a Global Ambassador by directly referring and keeping 9 member subscribers.

Retail customers or affiliates who have been recruited and have a current Tradeknology membership subscription are members.

Group Volume is referred to as GV. Sales of member subscriptions provide Group Volume.

The monthly payment for Primary Membership is 75 GV.

125 GV per month for a VIP Membership subscription

250 GV per month for a meta membership subscription

Tradeknology uses a binary compensation system to track GV.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. By dividing these initial two spots into another two positions apiece, the binary team’s second level is created (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. Keep in mind that a binary team can expand indefinitely deep.

Rank eligibility An affiliate’s binary team’s GV must be distributed equally across the two sides.

For instance, Freedom Ambassadors need 39,975 GV per month. A minimum of 19,988 GV is needed from both sides of the binary team, according to this breakdown.

Commissions from Member Subscriptions

For each member subscription sale, Tradeknology pays a commission of $15 to $120 each month.

This takes into account affiliate recruitment and retail customer referrals for member subscriptions.

Amounts for each member’s subscription commission tier are not specified.

Recurring Commissions

The residual commissions paid by Tradeknology are based on rank:

No residual commissions are given to achievers.

Influencers are paid $125 weekly.

Earn $250 each week as a Mentor 1000.

2000 Master Builders make $500 every week.

earning $1250 per week for Elite Builder 5000s

Ambassadors of lifestyle make $2500 per week.

Pay for Freedom Ambassadors is $6250 per week.

A week’s salary for elite ambassadors is $12,000.

Global Ambassadors receive $25,000 weekly.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

Tradeknology offers affiliates a $10,000 to $1,500,000 Rank Achievement Bonus for reaching certain qualifying rankings.

No specifics are given.

Auto Bonus

Through the Car Bonus, Tradeknology affiliates may make up to $25,000 every month.

There are no parameters given, except for the fact that the Car Bonus is ranked.

A $30 monthly affiliate subscription is required to join Tradeknology.

I assume affiliates must additionally maintain a monthly membership subscription because Tradeknology’s affiliate membership is advertised as an “additional” fee:

Associate Pack for $59 per month

$100 per month Basic Membership

VIP Membership is $199 per month.

$509 per month Membership in Meta

Tradeknology Conclusion

Manoah McClendon’s Facebook feed contains just enough trading advice to imply some familiarity with forex and cryptocurrency trading.

How does that affect creating an MLM opportunity centered around trading? No clue.

Tradeknology has a significant disclosure issue about the FTC Act.

The first issue is that “Tradeknology University” was not adequately disclosed. A “master trading team,” “world-class leaders,” and “experienced educators” are all mentioned, but no one is given their names.

Because of this, buyers are unable to make an educated decision on the academic component of Tradeknology.

Consumers are not given access to compensation information either, which makes it much more challenging to assess Tradeknology as an MLM prospect.

There is no way to give Tradeknology’s founders the benefit of the doubt given their backgrounds.

As a potential affiliate or customer of Tradeknology, your best course of action is to request trading evidence from your possible upline. The money made through trading that equals or surpasses their monthly dues is what you’re aiming for.

I seriously doubt that even a small portion of Tradeknology member subscribers will reach this mark.

As the gold standard for determining if the education Tradeknology represents is university-level, this is crucial to establish in terms of due diligence.

Why would you register as a retail customer if the trading revenue isn’t there? Additionally, if you are being sold an earning opportunity, it would be an MLM pyramid scam.

Tradeknology will join the NFT “metaverse” swindle on July 1st. Tradeknology has nothing to do with NFTs or The MeTaVeRsE.

The “exclusive NFT/Metaverse opp” raises the most questions since it seems like a passive investment opportunity that might lead to securities fraud.

At least there, Tradeknology seemed compliant because nothing I observed in the company’s current offering suggested automated trading of any type was feasible.

Overall, Tradenology portrays itself as a multi-level marketing opportunity that has undergone several name changes and reboots over the years and is managed by individuals with dubious histories.

Due diligence is made challenging, top-tier membership prices are being doubled using crypto terminology, and no one has shown me verified proof that trading activity has surpassed membership fees.

Take care when approaching.

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