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OneCoin announced last week that they will start taking tether through CoinPayments.

The payment processor declared it had abandoned the Ponzi scam two days later.

WhistleBlowerFin, a BehindMLM reader, reported this on June 22;

OneCoin has updated its OneEcosystem Portal with a new feature that enables users to “fill up” their OneLife Euro Cash wallets with actual cryptocurrency utilizing a CoinPayments payment gateway (registered to the Cayman Islands).

This is required since Dealshaker now charges a 1.25 percent Euro fee on all transactions in addition to paying for their new MLM package and their new CashSafe interest feature.

OneCoin has unveiled a brand-new business called CashSafe that offers “guaranteed” Euro income on savings of up to 2% monthly. Naturally, all without any permits.

OneCoin marketer “Sa” explains how investing in the Ponzi scam through CoinPayments in a video posted to YouTube on June 24 (click to enlarge):

CoinPayments said on Twitter two days later that they were “no longer working with OneCoin.”

I’d guess OneCoin registered as a merchant through one or more shell businesses, assuming CoinPayments is to be believed.

Fair enough if that is the case. CoinPayments is not the only one that is unaware until it is brought to their attention (or they get suspicious of fraud taking place).

Even though it only happened for two days, CoinPayments could wish to improve their internal screening procedures if they took on OneCoin as a merchant on purpose.

The unknown is what will happen to any tether OneCoin investors that invested through CoinPayments between June 24 and June 26.

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