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Leonardo Cositorto, a member of Generation Zoe, is being detained at Bouwer Prison pending the conclusion of a criminal inquiry.

Cositortia isn’t having a good time because of the food and insects.

Cositorto, who formerly resided in opulent hotels and resorts, finds that Bouwer Prison is a big change in the environment.

Cositorto (right) complained to CNN Radio that he had to exterminate 10 cockroaches each day in his cell.

From the meals to the cockroach pesticides, nothing about this place is acceptable.

There are no restrooms here, and people sleep in pairs on mattresses underneath the beds.

They don’t even offer you toilet paper for five days, we pee in drums, I’ve pooped on top of the cardboard, and if you complain, they punish you.

Despite operating a very clear-cut Ponzi scam, Cositorto continues to defend the crooked, extortionate, and manipulative legal system that ultimately caught up with him.

Cositorto maintains his innocence and refuses to admit that Generation Zoe was a Ponzi scam.

professionally released transcripts of talks amongst Generation Zoe insiders a day after Cositorto’s radio interview.

The topics of discussion tend to center on withdrawal issues and investments in Generation Zoe.

Cositorto may have been making selective payments after Generation Zoe failed, according to one especially intriguing chat between Norman Prospero and a business associate;

Cositorto cut off everyone’s groceries, so they call the experts to check if there is a specialist who can advise them that “see guys, this is over, it burst, it’s no longer helpful, such a thing, such another”

How did you sever his access to his groceries, couple?

The only solution available to them is money placed in escrow to settle the interest issue, according to Norman.

And how much did they charge?

NORMAN: They came and said, “Leo, I need to spend 50,000 pesos on this, one million on this, three million on this,” and Leo gave them.

COUPLE: In regards to the business?

NORMAN: Reportedly involved in company-related matters. There is another one that had a 308 previously but now has a Mercedes 300.

Investors in Generation Zoe who left when the Ponzi scheme failed were referred to as “rats.”

Here’s one of Prospero’s most amusing exchanges when he talks about Cositorto restarting the Ponzi scheme with money he didn’t have.

NORMAN: In the administrative group, Leo can be heard saying: “Guys, we have to delay the stop until the weekend… I complete the sale of the metaverses.

(Laughs) This person has been telling me to quit banking this week, the next week, and the next.

The 40 sticks will be dug out of the ground by the son of a bitch, according to NORMAN. And I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m planning to have him over for a meal. I’m going to say to him, “Look, you didn’t pay a cent for this and starting now, you’re going to sit down and negotiate with each of these fucking individuals that invested, one by one.

And you’re going to say, “I’ll give you the twine like this, like this, and like that; and I’m going to give you this and this, and the new terms will be this, and I can’t pay you more than 7.5 a month; and you stuff it up to your ass… “

That’s all there is to the new negotiating an assembly format. Additionally, if you enjoy it, let me know; if not, let me know.

AND ZOE CASH, too? Zoe Cash is no longer mentioned.

NORMAN: 0.8%.

Well, if you have it, update it right away since…

NORMAN: I never had Zoe Cash, as you well know. I don’t have Zoe Cash since I never learned how to purchase one.

Why do you want to purchase that cock, GUSTAVO?

It’s telling that Prospero had no interest in Zoe Cash and only wanted to take real money.

These recordings most likely now form a part of the current Generation Zoe inquiry.

Generation Zoe will be restarted, according to Cositorto’s ex-wife, who was ostensibly the main benefactor of the Ponzi scam.

Earlier this month, Laura Schwindt (right) conducted several Zoom webinars.

Schwindt announced her plans to provide Generation Zoe 2.0 to Generation Zoe victims in Peru.

I got up when all of these things happened to help out and carry the weight if you will. to advance the business.

Later, Schwindt misrepresented the dismissal of Cositorto’s criminal accusations. Then, she “ranted” on Twitter, in the press, and front of public prosecutors about whistleblowers.

Schwindt wants to free Cositorto so he can “manage the business again,” and he’s working with his legal team to make it happen.

Over sixty consumer fraud accusations are included in Cositorto’s Generation Zoe criminal case.

26th June 2022 update Cositorto allegedly spent time in a “punishment dungeon” after speaking with CNN Radio.

Cositorto’s defense representative is Miguel Angel Pierri.

Officials from the Córdoba Penitentiary Service, which is in charge of Bouwer Prison, responded to Pierri’s assertion by telling the magazine, Clarin;

Any correctional institution lacks facilities for punishment or incarceration.

Prison officials responded to Cositorto’s whining by clarifying;

Following an initial check of the various areas of the module, the Córdoba Penitentiary Service found no anomalies of any kind while confirming the smooth operation of all the facilities.

The inmates’ living quarters include a sanitary unit (toilet and sink with running water), a vandal-proof stainless steel sanitary system, heating in each room, a bunk bed, desks, and shelves integrated into the wall, as well as ample natural light and ventilation.

The last time pest control was performed was on June 6.

This intriguing excerpt from Cositorto’s interview was also given by Clarin;

Many ex-Zoe members, according to (Cositorto), “have gone to a foreign firm that is doing the same thing and paying greater interest.”

He refers to several other, supposedly pyramidal companies that appeared following the demise of Zoe, where a number of the former executives of the business holding company are now employed, and which provide returns in dollars compared to those provided by their own business.

There are now 30 miniature Zoes.

Isn’t it an admission from the top that Generation Zoe was a Ponzi scheme if that is what the frauds Generation Zoe promoters have flocked to are, and Cositorto claims they are “supposedly pyramidal”?

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