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Two OneCoin money launderers are preventing their extradition to the US from the UK.

Robert McDonald and Christopher John Hamilton are certain that if there is a case against them, it should be heard in the UK.

Defense attorneys for Hamilton and Roberts argued in court last Friday.

The majority of the alleged misconduct or injury is said to have occurred in Britain, which should bar their extradition.

The majority of the damage caused by OneCoin fraud is difficult to pinpoint. We can declare with certainty that it is not in the United States.

Based on the fact that OneCoin never truly took off in the US, most investor losses occurred overseas.

Hamilton and Roberts are charged with stealing $32 million from Gilbert Armenta, according to Law360 (paywall), in addition to laundering OneCoin investor monies.

Armenta’s citizenship and residence in the US were not considered relevant by the defense attorney in the extradition process.

It would be ridiculous to base Hamilton and McDonald’s prosecution on Armenta being a victim whose interests should matter in any way.

Defense attorneys claimed that Armenta served as a “middleman” and that Ruja Ignatova, absent, was the rightful owner of the disputed monies.

I’m not sure when the UK extradition procedures will be concluded, but Friday marked the conclusion of the relevant session.

Hamilton and McDonald are quite likely to leave the case if Westminister Magistrates’ Court rejects their extradition to the US.

The UK government aggressively attempted to ensure that customers suffered the least amount of harm from OneCoin, second only to Bulgaria in terms of reputation.

The City of London Police determined that it was too difficult to investigate OneCoin in 2019. Who could forget the FCA quivering in terror after being intimidated by OneCoin’s PR staff over a consumer fraud alert?

OneCoin was able to openly represent legitimacy in the UK when the FCA capitulated and withdrew the warning.

Later on, in the same year, OneCoin held what was perhaps its biggest marketing event ever at Wembley Arena.

A major player in OneCoin’s money laundering activities received FCA approval in 2020 for the job of “Money Laundering Compliance Officer” at an unrelated firm.

The sole action the UK government has taken against OneCoin so far was the detention of three persons in 2019, including, I think, Hamilton and McDonald.

The US, along with Germany, appear to be the only nations interested in holding OneCoin’s inner circle accountable, therefore it follows that the arrests were probably made reluctantly at their request.

It remains to be seen if the UK’s courts will be added to the nation’s OneCoin financial fraud enforcement blacklist.

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