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Gold Standard Bank and Dafri Bank have received a multi-scam fraud alert from the Central Bank of Comoros.

As per the BCC’s warning on the 15th of June;

The Central Bank of Comoros issues a warning to the general public about several institutions that assert to have received authorization from the appropriate Comorian authorities to engage in offshore banking operations.

Among them are, among others:

Exim Credit Bank, Dafri Bank, and DTS Circle Bank are financial institutions that have received approval from the Comoros Central Bank, specifically the last two through a body known as the “Comoros International Banking Authority” (CIBA).

The “Mwali International Services Authority” would authorize Wealth Bank LTD, GSB Gold Standard Bank LTD, Bliss Bank, Coriolis Bank Corporation, Revollet International Limited, Ray Next Bank Limited, Tri Bank, and Forbes Private Bank.

The CBI Global Ponzi scam run by Coenie Botha is the subject of the BCC’s Dafri Bank warning.

After a regulatory crackdown in Namibia resulted in the Bank of Namibia freezing the assets of CBI Global, Botha persisted in seeking funding through Dafri Bank.

According to Dafri Bank, it is the “Digital Bank of Africa.” South African Xolane Ndhlovu, the company’s founder and CEO, is a convicted criminal.

Dafri Bank lists its corporate location in Fomboi, Comoros Island, in the footer of its website.

Additionally, Dafri Bank asserts that the BCC has granted it a license;

With banking License B2019005, DafriBank Digital LTD is a bank that has been properly authorized by the Central Bank of Comoros.

This appears to be the foundation for all or a portion of the financial services provided by Dafri Bank.

However, as stated in the BCC’s warning above, Dafri Bank’s claim that it has a license in Comoros is false.

The GSPartners Ponzi scam by Josip Heit’s primary shell firm is called GSB Gold Standard Bank.

The claim made by GSB Gold Standard Bank that it was “registered in the autonomous island of Mwali” was false, the Central Bank of Comoros said last year.

The corporation is currently represented on the GSB Gold Standard Bank website as GSB Gold Standard Corporation, a German shell company.

But certain GSPartners-related websites continue to make erroneous claims about connections to Mwali:

The incorporation of GSB Gold Standard Bank, secured through Moheli Corporate Services Ltd and connected to a New York address, will stay in effect until August 8th, 2022, prompting manual renewal.

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