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Promoters of COTP Ponzi recently sought to restart COTP Safe Miner.

About a week later, they have given up on the Ponzi and have relaunched as Trust Miner.

Someone using the alias “Corey Deez” on Telegram created COTP Safe Miner and Trust Miner.

In the crypto community, Deez refers to himself as a “DeFi Developer,” which is code for “I build MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.”

Deez seems to be connected to Pegasus and Novatech, two fraudulent investment scams.

The purpose of COTP Safe Miner was to exploit COTP Ponzi victims.

The issue is that investors were leery of signing up for anything with the same brand after being duped by COTP.

Consequently, after recognizing that COTP Safe Miner was doomed, it was relaunched as Trust Miner.

The domain “trust mine. app,” which was privately registered on June 15th, has been set up with Trust Miner.

Trust Miner offers a 3.3 percent daily ROI in exchange for investments in USDT.

Once more, 12 percent of the investment made by directly recruited affiliates goes toward referral commissions.

Corey Deez has launched a brand-new TrustMinerCommunity Telegram group to advertise his revived Ponzi.

Running a new Ponzi scam using the name of a Ponzi that has already crashed is already rather desperate.

It is depressingly humorous to have to rebrand it and debut it a week away. We’ve already reached the bottom of our Ponzi fraud, but how can we make things worse? Rather than a race to the bottom.

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