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Ruja Ignatova, the creator of OneCoin, has been placed on the FBI’s list of the ten most wanted people.

A $100,000 reward has been offered by US officials “for information leading to (her) apprehension.”

according to a news statement the FBI published earlier today;

Ruja Ignatova has been added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, the agency said today. Ignatova is wanted for allegedly being the mastermind behind a huge global fraud operation that victimized millions of investors.

Ignatova was charged on October 12, 2017, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, and a federal arrest order was issued.

Investigators think Ignatova may have received information that she was being looked into by American and foreign agencies.

On October 25, 2017, she flew from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Athens, Greece, but she hasn’t been seen since.

A reward of up to $100,000 from the FBI is being offered for information that results in her capture.

The three most popular hypotheses for Ruja’s location are that it is either in Russia, Dubai, or the ocean below.

In the 72-year history of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, Ignatova is just the 11th woman to be chosen.

She is 42 years old, with dark brown to black hair and brown eyes. Investigators think she could have changed her physical appearance, nevertheless.

Ignatova is trilingual in Bulgarian, German, and English. She has links to Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates and might be traveling on a fake passport.

The FBI’s New York Field Office’s Special Agent Ronald Shimko, who is looking into the case, said Ignatova led a wealthy lifestyle before going missing.

Due to Ignatova’s financial links to the UAE and the fact that Dubai is the world’s MLM fraud capital, Dubai is my personal choice.

Dubai matches Ignatova’s image of a high-maintenance princess more than the ocean’s depths or Russia.

Please get in touch with your neighborhood FBI office or the American Embassy or Consulate if you know anything regarding Ruja Ignatova’s location.

On, tips can be submitted both online and anonymously.

Also available is the official FBI wanted poster for Ignatova.

Ignatova was included in Interpol’s red notice wanted list last month.

Similarly, Europol has offered a €5000 ($5,234) reward for “any important information leading to” Ignatova’s capture.

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