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On its website, Newcrest Investments doesn’t include any reliable executive information.

The Newcrest website is filled with stock images of workplaces that have been improperly altered:

The Board of Directors for Newcrest Investments is listed here…

But none of these individuals seem to exist in reality.

On the board of directors of PayWot, where some of them do exist:

A Ponzi scam that failed in 2020 was called Paywot. However, the swindle didn’t start until the middle of 2021.

An actor in front of a green screen was leading Paywot.

In the source code of Newcrest Investments’ website, we discover a reference to “capital shares. ltd“:

Capital Shares is a Ponzi fraud once more. The website of Capital Shares is a copy of that of Newcrest Investments.

So the crooks behind Paywot, Capital Shares, and Newcrest Investments are the same people. Be aware that the same gang is probably running further Ponzi scams.

Despite not making a big out of it, Newcrest Investments has a YouTube channel with reviews from Fiverr.

Both Capital Shares and Paywot employed this tactic.

Newcrest Investments gives information about the establishment of Newcrest Investments LTD to look credible.

In October 2020, Newcrest Investments LTD was established in the UK. The UK incorporation looks to be unconnected given that Newcrest Investments’ website domain was first registered in February 2022.

According to Capital Shares, it was being managed by a Singaporean shell firm. Payot chose the risky UK/Cyprus option.

I did discover that “Sunny King” was the author of a white paper PDF on Paywot’s website. This moniker, however, is a pseudonym used by a crypto engineer.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products of Newcrest Investments

There are no goods or services offered for retail by Newcrest Investments.

Only the Newcrest Investments associate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Compensation Plan for Newcrest Investments

Bitcoin investments are sought after by Newcrest Investments with the prospect of advertised returns:

Investments between $100 to $14,999 will yield a 6-day return of 2% on the Bronze Plan (112 percent ROI)

Standard Plan: Invest between $15,000 and $29,999 to get 2.5 percent daily interest for six days (115 percent ROI)

Premium Plan: Invest between $30,000 and $49,999 to get 3% daily interest for six days (118 percent ROI)

With the Newcrest Tycoon Plan, investors who put in $50,000 or more can earn 4% every day for six days (124 percent ROI)

The MLM division of Newcrest Investments pays for affiliate investor recruiting.

Advisory Commissions

On bitcoin investments made by individually recruited affiliates, Newcrest Investments pays a 10% referral commission.

Bonuses for Downline Investment

Affiliates that get others to invest are rewarded by Newcrest Investments with the following benefits:

NCI Regional Representative: Make an initial bitcoin investment of $10,000, develop a downline of investors totaling $100,000, and earn $3500 per month plus a Rolex watch.

NCI Director: Make a $20,000 bitcoin investment, develop a downline of investors who have contributed a total of $300,000, and earn $7000 per month in addition to “a trip to the business headquarters and 24 hours of free shopping.”

NCI Ambassadors who invest $30,000 can establish a downline of investors who, when combined, have invested $500,000 and will get $10,000 per month in addition to a Ferrari.

affiliating with Newcrest Investments

Affiliate membership with Newcrest Investments is free.

The connected income opportunity requires a minimum bitcoin investment of $100 to be fully participated in.

Conclusion for Newcrest Investments

“Forex markets, bitcoin mining, venture capital, and the digital exchange,” according to Newcrest Investments, are some of the ways they make endless money.

Even putting aside the fact that doesn’t even make logic, no proof of the alleged activity is offered.

That is because it is untrue, just like everything else on Newcrest Investments’ website.

Run by a group of experienced Ponzi scammers, Newcrest Investments is a straightforward Ponzi scheme.

It’s funny how these Ponzi scams have gotten sloppier and sloppier.

There was an actor introduction video on Paywot. A robot voice stock footage entrance film was used for Capital Shares. A Powerpoint presentation video without narration is provided to Newcrest Investments.

Newcrest Investments is a no-effort Ponzi cash grab, in case that wasn’t clear.

As with all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

As a result, Newcrest Investments would eventually experience a revenue drought and fail.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

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