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The Ponzi scam has ordered affiliates to promptly erase any evidence that might be used against them, perhaps in response to BehindMLM’s coverage of Nugen Universe.

On June 27, BehindMLM published a report on Nugen Universe. We exposed Nugen Universe’s ambitions to open a bank in the US and carry on with its securities scam in our report.

This seems to have raised red flags at Nugen Universe, who updated their affiliate terms and conditions in response.

Without prior written consent from the Company, any advertising for the business is forbidden.

This encompasses all public/social media platforms and networks, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, Twitter, etc.

By checking the box below, the member acknowledges understanding and agreement with these terms and conditions and agrees to pay legal fees for both parties arising from any harm done to the company. Should any harm to the company result from the violation of the aforementioned term, the company reserves the right to seek legal remedies.

Additionally, the member undertakes to delete any articles, videos, etc. that are already up but have not yet received approval.

Your account may be locked for any breach of this agreement, and the member may lose part or all of these perks.

For “company-sponsored webinars and conference calls,” which they declare “may freely be shared,” Nugen Universe offers an exemption.

It is anticipated that these webinars and conference calls won’t include Nugen Universe’s securities fraud or Ponzi scheme.

Securities fraud is irreversible from a legal viewpoint. Securities fraud, even when concealed, is still fraud.

John Austin and Fazil Mohamed Jabar, who co-founded Nugen Universe, are headquartered in North Carolina and Florida, respectively.

According to SimilarWeb, the US accounts for over 90% of the website traffic to Nugen Universe.

If US authorities look into Nugen Coin, there is potential for criminal conspiracy charges related to concealing securities and wire fraud. In addition, there are civil allegations of securities fraud.

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