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Real Rise Academy is an MLM company that offers FX instruction.

CEO Raphael Vargas launched the business in 2021.

I originally came across this cringe-worthy sob tale when investigating Vargas.

Here is a sample if you don’t want to take a chance on that click (I don’t blame you);

It turned out to be a life-threatening day for him when he showed up at a party that was shortly after raided by the cops.

He turned around and entered the party again as three men approached him as he was about to leave.

Raphael had no idea that the home’s owner was also a gang member. Raphael was attacked by several gang members, who also struck him with brass knuckles and bats, breaking his face in the process.

Unbelievably, it didn’t stop there. Then, ten to fifteen men surrounded him in a room while brandishing firearms, baseball bats, and other threats, warning him “you’re not going anywhere.”

Raphael realized that was it as they drew near. He will witness the end of his life at the age of 18 in front of his eyes.

At the grace of God, there just so happened to be a window by his feet that, strangely enough, led to the home’s basement.

Raphael smashed the glass in a hurry and plunged through the cellar. From there, he managed to escape the home and get to the hospital, where he spent two days getting fixed up.

When the police arrive, they end the celebration. Vargas gets “cornered” in a room by fifteen armed gang members as he exits.

After pausing, Vargas leaps out a window and lands in the cellar. Vargas flees while fifteen menacing armed gang members remain silent. Oh, and the police also vanished.

God, real estate, and then Vargas earns $1 million at the age of 24.

The finest thing is that Vargas created that spiel on his own.

Vargas does appear to have established a profession in real estate, though. But eventually, he made,e it into a business chance.

Raphael, who in his early 20s become a multi-millionaire via faith, prayer, and a crazy work ethic, realized he could assist others in doing the same.

In 2019, he would begin instructing more than 1,300 investors and gain recognition for real estate investment education from Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

He would encounter yet another obstacle in his quest to make numerous kids rich.

Every inspiring tale of entrepreneurship has its share of challenges. Raphael was forced out of the real estate education company by another disastrous arrangement, which made him reevaluate what he wanted to do with his life when he became wealthy.

Vargas claims that once his real estate firm failed, he started promoting ecommerce automation.

However, I came across some ads claiming Vargas launched-commerce commerce training company in “late 2018”:

In any case, it didn’t last long, and by the beginning of 2019, Vargas was returning to his roots in real estate.

This time, Real Advisors’ parent firm, Real Empire, was in charge.

The duration of it was till March 24, 2020;

To help active real estate investors build and grow their wholesaling companies with REAL, tested practical training that will provide REAL results, Real Advisors set out to develop and launch a program a year ago.

Raphael Vargas joined Real Advisors shortly after as our newest specialist, and Real Empire was established.

Early in 2019, we introduced the Real Empire brand, which was a big success for our business and resulted in many lives being altered thanks to our combined efforts.

The Real Empire brand has decided that it is essential to start the process of winding down the brand and consolidating all business activities under its parent company and publisher, Real Advisors, who will continue to provide all previously ordered training events, goods, and services.

The new daily coaching schedule, taught by REAL active real estate investors/coaches, is now available to individuals who are presently enrolled in our Real Advisors coaching program. We have made modifications to the program to make it better, and these changes are effective right away.

The subliminal jab at the conclusion implies that the breakup wasn’t amicable.

Vargas believes that following Real Empire, he rode the COVID-19 e-commerce wave before getting into forex.

Raphael decided to get back into e-commerce and soon saw tremendous success using platforms like Shopify and Amazon.

The fact that he was unaware of Covid-19’s impending arrival did nothing to harm his company.

“When covid appeared, e-commerce shot up,” he claims. I was unaware that COVID was approaching. I just knew that God had instructed me to do it. Over $10,000,000 was truly accomplished in 7 months.

If there is one thing Raphael is adept at, it is how to succeed in all you attempt, without exception. He used some of his gains to invest in Forex since he was never satisfied with having greater financial independence.

“I handed my Forex fund manager $300,000, and he turned it into $1,200,000 in four months,” he said.

So we raised a lot of money, and I also invested additional money. We currently have a currency fund of millions of dollars.

With his brand-new mastermind group, Raphael is now giving back once again by sharing all of his knowledge on FX, real estate, marketing, and e-commerce.

Vargas then introduced Ace Equity Pros in the middle of 2020. (just after Real Empire collapsed).

Vargas returned to peddling real estate in early 2021, which Stephen Cornelia identified as mortgage fraud.

Real Rise Academy was established a few months following the exposé.

To learn more about the MLM opportunity offered by Real Rise Academy, continue reading.

Products from Real Rise Academy

For $197 per month, Real Rise Academy offers a membership subscription.

Membership with Real Rise Academy gives you access to

live trading, in-depth training, and more in-depth courses

Unlock the potential of learning from successful professional traders step-by-step. Imagine having a trader that ranks in the top 1% of traders go through your trades with you to make sure you’re following the appropriate steps.

Due to our partnerships with some successful individuals, you can level up and obtain REAL results now!

The “unique trading style” is what Real Rise Academy says it teaches. There is no more information given in detail.

Compensation Plan for Real Rise Academy

The remuneration strategy for Real Rise Academy is based on the selling of membership subscriptions.

There is no differentiation between affiliate recruitment and sales to retail clients.

Ranks of Real Rise Academy Affiliates

The pay structure of Real Rise Academy has fourteen affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Create a downline of three people for VP150, with a 2/1 maximum on your unilevel team, and at least 591 GV every month.

Create a downline of 10 people for VP500, with a team maximum of 6/3/1, and at least 1970 GV every month.

Create a downline of 25 people for VP1000, with a maximum of 15/8/3 for your uni-level team, and at least 4925 GV every month.

Create a downline of 70 members for VP2000, with a maximum of 42/21/7 for your uni-level team, and at least 13,800 GV every month.

Create a downline of 210 members for VP5000, with a team ceiling of 126/63/21 and a minimum of 41,400 GV every month.

Create a downline of 450 people for Exec10, with a ceiling of 270/135/45 for your uni-level team and at least 88,600 GV every month.

Produce a downline of 1200 members for Exec25, with a ceiling of 1200/630/210 for your uni-level team, and at least 236,000 GV every month.

Produce a downline of 2100 members for Exec50, with a cap of 2700/1300/450 for your uni-level team, and at least 413,000 GV every month.

Create a downline of at least 4500 members for Exec100, with a maximum of 2700/1300/450 for your uni-level team, and at least 886,000 GV every month.

Produce a downline of 12,500 members for Exec250, with a maximum of 7500/3700/1200 for your uni-level team, and at least 2,400,000 GV every month.

Create a downline of 25,000 members for Founder500, with a maximum of 15,000/7,500/2,500 on your unilevel team, and at least 4,900,000 GV every month.

Create a downline of at least 37,500 people with Founder750. Your team’s unilevel members can only have a maximum of 22,500 members.

Create a downline of 50,000 people after finding 1 million people, with a maximum of 30,000/15,000/15,000 for your uni-level team and at least 9,800,000 GV every month.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

A 60/30/10 percent maximum per leg guideline governs placement specifications. For example, up to 60% of your team members may come from a single uni-level team leg, 30% from a second, and 10% from a third.

To count toward rank qualification, members must be “qualified.” It is thought that members must have a current Real Rise Academy membership because this is not explicitly stated.

There is no definition of the word “member” either. It must include both retail clients and affiliates who have been recruited.

Group Volume is the acronym for GV. Group Volume is the amount of money made from the subscription sales of Real Rise Academy to affiliates and regular clients.

Commissions from Retail and Recruitment

Per retail customer reference or affiliate obtained, Real Rise Academy pays a $50 compensation.

Additionally, the VP-500 and VP-1000 in the first upline get residual commissions:

initial upline First upline earns $25 per VP-500. VP-1000 is awarded $10.

Recurring Commissions

The remaining commissions are paid by Real Rise Academy according to rank:

A VP150 makes $150 per month.

VP500s bring in $500 each month.

A VP1000 makes $1,000 per month.

A VP2000 makes $2,000 per month.

A VP5000 makes $5000 per month.

Every month, Exec10s make $10,000.

Executives 25 make $25,000 a month.

executive 50s make $50,000 each month.

Every month, Exec100s make $100,000.

Every month, Exec250s make $250,000.

Founder500 members make $500,000 every month.

Every month, Founder750s make $750,000.

FounderMMs make $1 million each month.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

The following one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses are given to affiliates that meet the qualifications at VP-1000 to Exec10 by Real Rise Academy:

Earn $1000 for qualifying at VP1000, $2000 for qualifying at VP2000, $5,000 for qualifying at VP5000, and $10,000 for qualifying at VP10000, paid out over two months.

Be aware that there are no published VP10000 rank qualification requirements.

I’m not sure if Real Rise Academy made a mistake with this.

Periodic Gap Bonus

Affiliates with a rank of Exec10 to Exec250 are eligible for the monthly gap bonus.

Over and beyond the monthly minimum required for the current rank, the Monthly Gap Bonus is paid on extra GV.

For instance, Exec25 needs 236,000 GV each month. Every month, Exec50 needs 413,000 GV.

The Monthly Gap Bonus for an Exec25 is calculated using any GV between 236 001 and 412 999.

The Exec25 affiliate would get a portion of the additional 44,000 GV they qualified with (280,000 – 236,000) if they made 280,000 GV in that month.

Executive 10s and Executive 25s earn a Monthly Gap Bonus rate of 4%.

Exec50s are given a monthly gap bonus rate of 3 percent.

A 2 percent Monthly Gap Bonus rate is given to Exec100s.

A 1.5 percent Monthly Gap Bonus rate is given to Exec250s.

Real Rise Academy affiliate membership costs $296 upfront and then $216 each month.

When registering as a Real Rise Academy affiliate, there is a toggle that says, “I agree to Customer Package.” This implies that there may be a way to join without paying the $197 membership cost.

If so, I believe the sale of membership is necessary to be “qualified” for commissions.

On the website of Real Rise Academy and in their marketing materials, this is not made clear.

Rise Real Academy Conclusion

The proportion of retail consumers to affiliate subscriptions that Real Rise Academy has determined how legitimate it is.

Retail customers may join Real Rise Academy for free if they find and keep two more active retail customers.

However, affiliates do not need to concentrate on the retail market. No matter if the sale is to affiliates or retail consumers, a free membership is offered on the sale of five subscriptions.

When I visit Real Rise Academy’s website as a retail customer, I only receive a hazy pitch for forex instruction.

Nothing special—”unique trading approach,” “top 1 percent of traders,” “8-figure incomes.” And that is insufficient.

This is for those who are committed to investing in their financial education and creating a more meaningful life.

You will be given the information, direction, and skill-building necessary to take charge of your financial success.

Real Rise Academy might violate the FTC Act by neglecting to give any proof of its claims (disclosures and deceptive marketing).

But let’s get back to shopping at a store. They explicitly state on their website that they do not offer any of the advertised services.

Due to our partnerships with some successful individuals, you can level up and obtain REAL results now!

According to Raphael Vargas, he began trading forex with a manager. Maybe he picked up a few things along the way?

You search up Vargas to try to figure things out and discover the following:

Oz, though, that’s only one post. Sure, it is. Go Google up Vargas yourself if you want to get hit over the head with pages and pages of douchebaggery.

But it’s still possible to trade FX while being a poncy douchebag. Vargas may or may not have experience in FX, but I was unable to confirm this.

It is unknown who is supplying the currency service Real Rise Academy is linked to. Again, it is against the law to fail to give customers the fundamental information they need.

Even more so if you’re trying to pitch them on your offer by flashing alleged riches in their direction.

This takes me to a post on angel investors that is quite fascinating and is probably dated about 2021;

He refers to himself as “god’s fav billionaire (OTW)” on Instagram. He is described as an “8 figures entrepreneur” elsewhere:

Eight digits, or tens of millions of dollars, are involved.

Vargas made it clear during a Real Rise Academy webinar in October 2021 that he’s

multi 8 figure, it’s odd to claim that… I am a thirty-year-old business owner. I’ve now been a business owner for ten years. In my career, I’ve earned tens of millions of dollars.

So why was Real Rise Academy pleading for $3 million from investors?

If we believe Vargas’ claim that he provided his fund manager $300,000 and within four months had $1.2 million, he would have more than $3 million if he had given the fund manager $1.4 million.

This doesn’t make sense in any way.

If, as a potential retail client, you feel that receiving forex training from an unidentified individual would make you wealthy, demand proof.

Real Rise Academy once more disobeys the FTC Act by withholding any supporting information or subscription figures.

Real Rise Academy should be able to at least show audited outcomes of traders making the kind of money it claims is feasible.

Real Rise Academy has undoubtedly been promoted by many people who have profited, but we’re especially discussing the forex aspect of the company.

Given that Real Rise Academy was based on IM Mastery Academy, I’m sure these folks don’t exist.

Look at the screenshot of the “begging for money from investors” once more by scrolling up;

Due to their background in network marketing, our greatest competitor has over 400,000 active users. And generating almost $80MM in recurring income each month.

By the end of 2022, we will have over 100,000 active users.

Vargas saw IM Mastery Academy at some time and thought, “I want that.” Real Rise Academy is only that.

Vargas solely discusses the “forex education” behind Real Rise Academy on live calls:

14th June 2022 update In 2021, Donna Marie informed Vargas and Real Rise Academy that she had cut all relations.

Vargas and Real Rise Academy yet continue to utilize Donna’s name and likeness in their advertising despite this and a second cease and desist letter.

For reference, Real Rise Academy’s official marketing presentation contains the executive marketing slide seen above. It was obtained in June 2022, eight months after Donna severed relations, as part of my investigation for this evaluation. ends updating

The “chief forex trader” at Real Rise Academy is said to be Archie Rice.

Rice previously promoted the IM Master Academy.

Rice asserts in a February 2020 interview that he began trading FX in 2018. He soon became an IML distributor by enrolling.

I first registered at, oh, the house gatherings or anything. Do you realize?

My homeboys and I went there. We started off investing in penny stocks when I first learned about it. So, we gave IML a try. I would say that after doing so, I was firmly convinced that they were… the ones who were going to be the saviors of financial independence.

What I did learn about the two weeks was that it was very, very brief and that there wasn’t much in the academy.

I believe they focused more on forex than on how to profit from it.

I canceled my membership, and it was done.

That interview was for Blue Capital Academy, another no longer-active forex opportunity.

Rice continues by saying that he took “private lessons” to learn forex. Rice was in charge of GoLongFX Academy at the time of the Blue Capital Academy interview.

A subscription-based provider of forex instruction, GoLongFX Academy. It also no longer exists.

Rice has the following to say about MLM possibilities offering forex instruction, including IM Mastery Academy and Real Rise Academy:

[10:50] I have several DMs from Chairmans who are (IMs) higher up. generating good residual revenue.

After accumulating the leftover, they are now really interested in learning how to trade.

I kind of simply stated it to indicate that you can’t do both at once. You must choose just one, then just one, before returning to the other.

Real Rise Academy, which is modeled after IM Mastery Academy, shares the same drawbacks as that organization, specifically that it operates as a pyramid scam with little to no retail activities.

And not a single instance of anyone achieving large riches through the forex instruction offered by IM Mastery Academy has been verified or audited.

This takes me to Raphael Vargas’ most recent Instagram post, which most certainly represents Real Rise Academy as a pyramid scam;

Peter Jensen is that person; he most definitely did not “leave retirement” to enroll at Real Rise Academy.

Jensen established himself in the MLM industry as a leading YTB pyramid scheme booster.

Attorney General Jerry Brown of California filed a lawsuit against the corporation in 2008.

The company’s economic model had to be altered as a result of an out-of-court settlement, which also led to a decline in membership due to negative press.

In the middle of 2010, Jensen launched AMA Nation after departing from YTB in 2009.

After a year, in 2011, AMA closed down their MLM business and stole their affiliate’s customers.

In 2012, Jensen admitted to committing tax evasion. He received a $2.1 million fine and a 31-month jail term in 2013.

The whole sentence was not served by Jensen. He was released early and introduced RE247365 in the middle of 2014.

RE247365 was a membership pyramid scam with a real estate concept (go figure).

The end of 2014 saw the downfall of RE247365. Jensen came up with a pathetic narrative about frozen funds and fraud rather than just admitting he was conducting a pyramid scam.

Master Distributor for Direct Cellars was Jensen’s subsequent MLM position in 2016. Up to Direct Cellar’s demise in 2019, that persisted.

In the latter part of 2018, Jensen joined Xperia as a “spokesperson/consultant” when Direct Cellars was failing.

We have Real Rise Academy after November 2021, according to Jensen’s LinkedIn profile.

Both Direct Cellars and Xperia have business structures based on monthly memberships. The MLM possibilities that Jensen participates in have a clear theme.

The refund policy for Real Rise Academy is the final point I want to make.

The educational services and products offered by Real Rise Academy are digital and online interactive training materials for assessing, learning, and discussing broad and generic knowledge on investments and strategies.

We Promise to Make You Happy. The best has simply advanced! Even though it’s extremely unusual, we want to know if there’s any reason you’re not happy with your purchase. We provide unwavering support for our goods.

The quality of everything we sell is guaranteed. Return the unused amount for a 100% refund or exchange if you believe anything doesn’t live up to our description; however, the original shipping and handling fees are not refundable.

If the product is utilized more than 50%, the promotion is null and invalid.

Since Real Rise Academy doesn’t appear to offer any tangible goods, this is a copy-and-paste job from another source.

What is the long and short of it?

You are being pitched on a pyramid scam if someone asks you about Real Rise Academy and is unable to provide you proof of constant cash flow through FX trading.

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