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On its website, Revelates makes no mention of the ownership or management of the business.

The domain name “” for the Revelates website was privately registered on March 25, 2022.

Revelates gives information about “Revelates Group LTDincorporation “to look authentic.

On April 1st, 2022, Revelates Group LTD was established in the UK.

An MLM firm that is based in the UK or that makes that claim should raise red flags.

The UK offers incredibly inexpensive and essentially unrestricted incorporation. Additionally, the FCA, the UK’s leading financial regulator, does not actively combat securities fraud associated with MLM.

As a result, scammers seeking to establish, run and publicize fictitious businesses frequently choose the UK as their preferred country.

Incorporation in the UK or registration with the FCA has no significance for MLM due diligence.

The Russian Central Bank issued a Revelates financial fraud alert on May 15.

Russia is now the biggest source of visitors to Revelates’ website according to SimilarWeb (21 percent ). Significant sources of traffic include Brazil (12%), Ecuador (5%), and Vietnam (5%) as well as Ukraine (13%) and Brazil (12%).

Given the warning from the Central Bank of Russia and the fact that Russia is Revelates’ main source of traffic, it is quite probable that whoever is in charge of Revelates has connections to that country.

Revelates is administered through sketchy Telegram groups.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Revelates

Revelates doesn’t provide any goods or services for sale.

Only the Revelates affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Plan of Compensation for Revelates

affiliates contributes $30 to $100,000, according to Revel. This is done on the promise of receiving 5.2% per day plus a bonus for 30 days.

The following is Revlate’s justification for their bonus rate:

Your 5.2 percent primary rate is increased by a random bonus when you make a deposit, and the final percentage is set for the duration of the deposit period.

Note that Revelates reduces the computed ROI rate by 50% on Saturday and Sunday.

Revelates pays returns in RVLT tokens, it should be noted. To get payment, affiliates must cash out their RVLT tokens through their back office.

Revelates’ MLM division compensates for the recruitment of affiliate investors.

Referral Fees Revelates pays commissions on referrals made down three tiers of hiring (Unilever) using invested funds:

4% at level 1 (personally recruited affiliates), 2% at level 2, and 1% at level 3.

By paying an RVLT token charge, Revelates affiliates can raise their referral commission rates.

8 percent for level 1.

levels 2 and 3 are respectively 4 and 3 percent.

The amount of the compulsory RVLT charge is not made public.

Revelates affiliates may be eligible for an additional 0.5 RVLT every day if they

create $1000 in personally recruited affiliate investor traffic and individually recruit one affiliate investor with an active investment.

It costs nothing to become a Revelates affiliate member.

The associated income opportunity requires a minimum commitment of $30 to be fully engaged.

Revelates invites investment in Tron, ripple, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin, tether, and US dollars (via Perfect Money).

Reveals the result

Revelates claims that cryptocurrency auditing provides outside revenue.

The company’s primary focus is the auditing of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, specifically a security audit that looks for any flaws and technical errors.

The business also engages in trade, economic audits, and cryptocurrency generation.

Of course, this is absurd. What does Revelates need your money for if they already have a functioning auditing company?

Right now, new investment is the sole provable source of income for Revelates.

Revelates is a Ponzi scam since it uses fresh investments to provide daily returns.

As with all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

Revelates will eventually collapse as a result of this starving them of ROI income.

Because RVLT tokens are being used, the reveal collapse will probably take longer. Since RVLT coins have no value outside of Revelates, they are essentially Ponzi points.

It is simpler for fraud to manipulate withdrawals, implement selective payouts, or just cease exchanging tokens for cash entirely when Ponzi points are used.

In the end, affiliates only have access to their tokens for as long as the con artists running Revelates will let them, even though they may believe they are being paid each day.

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