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I’m the center of the universe condition appears to be severely afflicting Joseph Cammarata.

To do this, Cammarata sent a pretentious, dummy-spit letter to the judge overseeing his case on July 5.

Prepare your popcorn and get ready to read a breakdown that will make your mouth water.

I’m just going to give Cammarata’s letter in its whole since it is that excellent (I’ll even include the detour political diatribe).

However, to provide some background, this was created after Cammarata’s four-and-a-half-month detention. He hasn’t been able to get sufficient funds for his counsel at that period.

We have already covered Cammarata’s original detention in December of last year and his subsequent re-arrest after being discovered attempting to exit the country.

This is what you get when you mix a ton of self-importance with Broadway-caliber dramatics;

Joseph, Cammarata’s brother, begins by saying:

Greetings, Honorable Judge Kenny.

A letter from my brother Joseph Cammarata is shown below. Although he is giving it to you personally, he wanted to make sure you received it before the hearing on July 6.

Every day, Joseph’s family, my family, and I would send letters to you pleading with you to free Joseph, but we are convinced that only he can demonstrate his innocence.

His life relies on you reading it and letting me know that you received it.

the letter forwarded by Cammarata;

Respected Judge Kenney,

I’m writing to you from FDC Philadelphia, where I continue to be wrongfully detained, treated like an animal, and unable to defend myself in any way. As I’ve previously hinted at and will now claim to you, the government’s carefully orchestrated plan to keep me there began with an allegedly false indictment on October 28, 2021.

Despite having previously anticipated a hearing on June 28, it now seems that another barrier has developed, preventing me from using any of my frozen assets to pay for my criminal attorney’s expenses.

To enter my presence to represent myself pro se in criminal and civil matters, I am writing to you now.

I can no longer wait for any more delays as I sit here receiving cruel and unusual punishment, which I will describe in detail to you (during an in-camera meeting), being denied access to urgent medical care, and being unable to defend myself in the event of even a minor legal dispute, let alone a criminal case that could end my life.

Coincidentally, just 2 days after the prosecution ensured that I would be imprisoned once more on March 10th, 2022 by being dishonest with you and the court of appeals, as I shall demonstrate to you, they provided over 4 million pages of discovery.

With only 3 months till trial, I can no longer wait for legal representation money to be reimbursed from my formerly $71M in frozen assets. My consulting attorneys have been seeking to get $2M for legal defense from the SEC for the past 4 months, but they have had no luck.

Please take a moment to think about this: “What if I’m innocent?” What if everything you have learned about me over the last 31 years is true, proving that I have a stellar reputation, a successful profession, that I am trustworthy and dependable, and that I have never even been accused of running a stop sign?

I spent 31 years in the securities industry, one of the most regulated in the world, without ever receiving a single complaint or blemish, and I was quite successful, again due to honesty and diligence.

Does that sound like something an established businessman who has a great background, work history, and success would intentionally or publicly engage in, even though Judge Goodman described it as “atypical”?

Judge Goodman was also perceptive enough to understand that the prosecution’s goal was to jail me, and as a result, they willfully lied in court and produced blatantly false papers and evidence.

Judge Goodman told me, “Mr. Cammarata, I have above a high school education and can see what is going on here” (Nov. 9th, 2021 transcript) when I questioned the veracity and logic of the modified WhatsApp message from the cooperating co-defendant. He then granted me bail even though he knew I was not a flight risk.

I have three (3) agenda items that I would want to ask the court to address because I am now pro se, have no experience and am asking the court for help with motion filing as I try to be ready for trial before the hearing on July 6, 2022.

Since I am incarcerated, I am unable to file any proper motions from there and lack access to a discovery computer, a word processor, my files, discovery, pens, dockets, the internet for the relativity database, and any other computer programs required to review the 4M pages of discovery even if I were to receive them in here. Even writing this letter to you cost me $40.

Despite the intention of the prosecution, I have a right to a fair trial and I need a chance to defend myself. If it weren’t for the Government’s wrongdoing and the circus they brought to your court at the Revocation hearing, I would not be in this scenario where I cannot defend myself, have a fair trial, and I should not even be in this predicament.

If there is any information, documentation, or testimony that is readily available, as well as any early Jencks material from the Grand Jury indictment that was released on October 28, 2021, I am asking for a bill of particulars right once.

I have convincing proof that the Grand Jury was given forged papers, erroneous witness testimony, and facts, as well as missing exculpatory material concerning my lack of involvement in the AlphaPlus firm.

Despite its terrible writing, I firmly think and declare to this Court that the evidence suggests that the Grand Jury’s indictment against me was acquired improperly.

Regarding my 4.5 months of pre-trial detention in which I was refused access to a discovery computer, medical treatment, and civil and human rights, I was also subjected to various constitutional violations, rendering it impossible for me to defend myself while in custody.

Let me ask you: What might the genuine motive be for the government to have battled so hard for pre-trial detention in four separate bail hearings and an appeal?

The prosecution has engaged in fictional theatrics throughout the entire case and at every hearing since November 4th, 2021, while I have been fighting for my life and have been forced to remain silent. This has led to what will likely be the most egregious and widespread prosecutorial misconduct the 3rd Circuit, and even the US, has ever seen.

As a pro se defendant, I am fully aware of the grave charges I am making. I also recognize that you are probably becoming upset at me once more, but please consider the possibility that I could be correct.

While many criminal defendants frequently allege misbehavior and conspiracy theories, mine is solely based on data, facts, and proof, not fairy dust and perjury like the government.

To prevent privileged information from being given to the government too soon at this time, the points I raise here are some of the reasons I requested an in-camera discussion with you.

The second item on the agenda requests 10 minutes from the court on July 6, 2022. Since I cannot properly prepare a move without a computer, my papers, or discovery, I am today demanding the 10 minutes for an emergency and evidential bail hearing. On Wednesday, I will argue the bail motion orally from memory.

I guarantee that in ten minutes or less, I will demonstrate to you how the government intentionally and knowingly withheld “Critical” exculpatory evidence during the revocation hearing and subsequent appeal, falsified documents, tampered with witnesses’ testimonies, and committed multiple counts of perjury (and even further lied to your face about it on March 10th, 2022).

Using every piece of evidence that has previously been provided to the courts, I will demonstrate to you in only ten minutes.

You would have to agree, in my opinion, that if I were to corroborate the charges of egregious misconduct from the revocation hearing alone, I should be promptly freed on the same bail terms as the two collaborating defendants.

The two cooperating defendants admitted to running the business (while I had no involvement) and to committing some alleged crime that I am still unaware of. Despite this, they did not spend a single night in jail, and I have now been in court for almost six months without being shown any concrete proof of any wrongdoing.

Permit me to share some information with the Court on the SEC civil lawsuit and accompanying injunction as my final item on the agenda.

The SEC complaint was even worse written regarding this entire SEC civil case and injunction, which oddly occurred the day after I was arrested and within five days of the incredibly weak and poorly written Grand Jury indictment. It was written like a resentful and jealous 14-year-old child with no clear understanding of securities law.

Why would the SEC file a swift civil complaint with a bogus accusation and zero legal standing?

Might it be that, under its own rules, the government could freeze triple damages on behalf of all parties in a securities fraud case without any proof of securities activity?

Please keep in mind that AlphaPlus was a debt collection agency that only tried to locate its customers any money they might be entitled to from prior class action settlements where the clients themselves had traded securities decades earlier.

To be termed “securities,” AlphaPlus had to interface with national stock markets, although this was never the case with AlphaPlus.

AlphaPlus never could trade in any “security,” was not needed to be registered with the SEC, and was not involved in any trading.

As your Honor noted, it is impossible for there to have ever been any securities-related business or securities fraud if the collaborating defendants did engage in any sort of fraud “against the Court.”

The SEC and USAO were well aware that their frivolous and legally flawed lawsuit could only affect me and not the cooperating defendants, as if these acts weren’t already nefarious enough.

Even more conveniently, it “banned me from functioning as CEO or board member of any public firm,” which was my sole full-time role for the past two years before my incarceration.

Due to this allegation, which was purposefully nasty, vengeful, and aimed against me, not only did I lose my reputation and profession, but also the $22 million in INVU stock that I had at the time.

More crucially, this looks to be a jurisdictionally impoverished structural legal mistake.

Then how is it possible that even after the SEC lost over $42 million in value and claims that I never told them what was tainted or untainted, despite the SEC freezing over $71 million of my assets on November 4th and me fighting for over 8 months, there was still at least $35 million of untainted money? This is more dramatic fiction.

It is absurd that the SEC can make these claims when I have the supporting documentation, data, and information, including at least 100 emails and several spreadsheets that describe in great detail what was occurring and date back to November 2021.

The SEC now argues that there is nothing left for attorneys after freezing over $71M from eight months ago (including Merrill Lynch’s most recent, perfectly timed claim of $1.5M), all the while failing to provide me a single cent from my $71M in assets.

Erik Cohen’s cryptocurrency account was the sole legal funding the SEC reluctantly “authorized” and was agreed to when I learned he was trying to liquidate it and declared my 50% stake in it. The court only approved that meager $350k for legal fees.

Since I have been denied ANYTHING untainted out of the $71M frozen, even though the stated (and yet unsubstantiated) $40M damages, show me only receiving a part (about 1/3) of any supposed ill-gotten earnings, my family has incurred debt attempting to assist me with attorneys.

All this time my elderly parents and brother, who are out of money, have spent over $400k attempting to pay attorneys and fees.

Due to their lack of income, my parents are attempting to refinance the property they have lived in for 48 years to pay my legal bills.

The SEC had also pledged to pay back certain charges I had made on my credit cards, but they later declined to do so, causing me to lose both my credit cards and my over 31-year streak of flawless credit.

If this rejection of legal expenses for criminal defense representation—after I showed every dollar of every claimed ill-gotten gain—is not already a glaring violation of my 6th amendment rights, then there is at the very least another obvious structural legal mistake in the current procedure.

This is particularly alarming in light of the Government’s ill-intentioned refusal to allow my Merrill Lynch financial advisor to continue managing my accounts (as he had done for 18 years), maintain my hard assets, and continue to deny me even a penny of living expenses for the past eight months. As a result, I lost insurance on Sandy Cay ($11 million in assets at the height of hurricane season), which resulted in a $42 million loss for the “alleged” victims (which will increase

While I have been imprisoned for the previous four months, most of the SEC’s flagrant carelessness has taken place, and the government is aware that they cannot win the case if I hire counsel or even if I can represent myself from this position given that I am innocent.

Without a lawyer, resources, computer, discovery, papers, or any other means of support, a defendant has little opportunity to have a fair trial and prevail, which, as I mentioned before, will demonstrate that this was their intended course of action from the beginning.

What if I can show you all the evidence of government wrongdoing? What if I’m mistaken? What if I’m not guilty?

You can now see what the prosecution’s nasty, vengeful, and selective prosecution did to me, my family, my life, and my money.

I have lost more than $42M so far, have served half the time since being (erroneously) indicted in prison, have been tortured, and have been denied several civil and constitutional rights.

Additionally, I lost 25% of the trial preparation time in the four weeks after I sent you my prior letter.

What if you just accept a fraction of what I am stating is true, I ask you, Your Honor? I think that you would be required to affirm that the entire case was initiated by malicious and purposeful wrongdoing and that you should grant me immediate bail so I may begin preparing for a trial in three months.

While I recognize that the present government in the United States is moving toward a socialist economy where wealthy businesspeople are the targets, there is still a Constitution and rights to which we are still entitled as citizens of the United States.

Although I am confident that Mr. Ignall looks up to Elizabeth Warren, even with their “qualified immunity,” the prosecution’s deliberate harm and concerted efforts to take my money and redistribute it are still unlawful in the United States.

Even without having access to any of the 4 million pages of discovery, I will also list more than 25 specific instances of intentional prosecutorial wrongdoing.

You have undoubtedly figured out that, while not having been tried or put to the test for my innocence, I have been devastated, ruined, and have lost practically everything while I have been imprisoned for more than 4.5 months. When did the principle of innocence until the proven guilty end?

What if I’m innocent, once more? What if I can demonstrate that the government conspired to persecute me in a vengeful and malicious manner?

What if I’m not guilty? What should I do?

You understand my helpless situation and why I am pleading with you for assistance to save what remains of my life and carry out justice.

I will confess to the Court that the USAO, SEC, and FBI were truthful and correct about one fact in this case despite the government’s aggressive prosecution and extensive prosecutorial misconduct.

“An illegal combination or agreement between two or more individuals to bring into effect a purpose detrimental to some individual, or class, or the general public” was undoubtedly present.

I’m hoping that ultimately you’ll come to the conclusion that the level and scope of my misbehavior call for the criminal case’s dismissal with prejudice.

Give me 10 minutes to establish my credibility with you, and if after seeing this first example I still don’t persuade you, disregard the rest of this letter and carry on as you would normally.

Finally, I hope you can see that while I may not be a normal defendant, the evidence against me is also not typical. I value your advice both now and throughout the trial, which is scheduled for October 17, 2022.

Once more, I appreciate your thought and time.

The regulator later that day submitted a brief two-page rebuttal to the SEC’s complaint against him that stayed;

Joseph Cammarata (“Cammarata”), the defendant, is solely responsible for his current situation.

In an email to defendant David Punturieri from over seven years ago, Cammarata hinted at his current situation by writing: “… I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about JAIL because we waited a week to hear anything from the admin.” Punturieri had failed to follow up with the administrator of a distribution fund who had inquired about the defendants’ false explanation regarding fabricated trading records.

As Cammarata predicted, the intricate plan of the defendants finally fell apart, and Cammarata is currently incarcerated.

Cammarata is presently imprisoned due to his actions following his arrest as well as the behavior that led to this case and the related Criminal Action.

Cammarata was free until March 2022 thanks to bail. However, following a hearing, the Court canceled Cammarata’s release and placed him in detention due to his behavior.

Cammarata filed an appeal, but the Third Circuit upheld the court’s decision to keep her in custody.

When it comes to accepting responsibility for his conduct and looking for someone else to blame for a problem that he created, Cammarata’s letter to the court is consistent with how he acted both during the fraud and after he was arrested.

The SEC has no objections to Cammarata representing herself in this instance. There is no constitutional right to appoint counsel to defend him because it is a civil affair.

We observe that Cammarata has retained skilled legal representation throughout this dispute.

The SEC has engaged with Cammarata’s attorney throughout this investigation because Cammarata has been a party represented by counsel.

The SEC does not object to the unfreezing of assets unaffected by the alleged fraud to be used for reasonable attorneys’ fees, as determined by the Court, in the parallel Criminal Action under the Sixth Amendment. However, because the SEC is not a party to the Criminal Action, we will not respond to Cammarata’s statements about the Criminal Action.

Although Cammarata’s letter claims that the asset freeze affected $71 million in assets, of which Cammarata claims $35 million was untainted, Cammarata’s various attorneys have not made such claims, identified such assets, or filed any motions requesting the unfreezing of such assets throughout this case.

Cammarata’s letter motion to proceed pro se is premature given the upcoming hearing.

The SEC is still prepared to cooperate with Cammarata’s legal counsel to find any untainted assets that could be used to cover reasonable legal expenses in the criminal action brought in response to the sixth amended and Luis, as the SEC has done throughout this matter.

A hearing in the civil complaint brought by the SEC took place on July 6. The recorded Minute Entry for the sessions is limited for some reason. Later today, I’ll check the docket once again for any updates.

An identical similar letter was submitted in Joseph’s criminal case by Cammarata’s brother.

Consequently, the letter was forwarded to Cammarata’s counsel by the courtroom deputy;

It could be useful to you when you assess his allegations and submit his arguments to the Court.

Also, please tell your client not to submit any private messages to the court.

The Court Clerk was then given the go-ahead by Judge Kenney to divide Cammarata’s letter into three motions;

In addition to asking for a bail hearing and an “in-camera conference” with the judge, Cammarata also asked to continue pro se (representing himself in court).

The motion’s initial hearing date was set for July 6. By day’s end, they had been postponed to July 13.

There is a lot to unpack here. But since this is one of those situations when I can’t outdo reality, I’ll hold off until Cammarata’s concerns have been resolved.

Regardless matter who wins, someone is about to receive an incredible beating from Cammarata, the SEC, and the DOJ.

At this point, I don’t even care whether it’s the SEC and DOJ. I’m simply pleased we all have front-row seats.

Stay tuned…

Updated on July 8, 2022: The DOJ has addressed Cammarata’s allegations.

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