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The sixth Forsage Ponzi scheme from prolific con artist Lado Okhotnikov is MetaForce.

Forsage BUSD was a cryptocurrency smart-contract Ponzi that failed and was Okhotnikov’s most recent swindle.

Early in 2021, Forsage BUSD first appeared. At this point, the majority of the remaining investors were from developing nations, and Forsage BUSD never really took off.

Okhotnikov (right) revealed Forsage Force in early February 2022; it would finally debut as MetaForce a week or so ago.

The domain name “meta-force. space” for the MetaForce website was originally registered on January 11th, 2022. On June 25th, the private registration was last updated.

Lado Okhotnikov is thought to be a citizen of Russia. Although it is unknown where he is right now, the official MetaForce Facebook page is run out of Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia.

Russia (27 percent), the US (23 percent), Kazakhstan (17 percent), and Belarus are now ranked as the top four countries from which Meta Force’s website receives visits by SimilarWeb (7 percent ).

Read on for a thorough analysis of the MLM opportunity offered by MetaForce.

Products from MetaForce

No retailable goods or services are offered by MetaForce.

Only the Meta Force affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Plan of Compensation for MetaForce

A 12-tier matrix cycler receives 5 BUSD from MetaForce affiliates.

The MetaForce cycler uses two different matrix sizes: 31 and 22.

In a 31 matrix, an affiliate occupies the top slot, with three open positions below them.

Another affiliate is placed at the top of a matrix in a 22 matrix, but this time there are two open spaces below them.

The second level of a 22 matrix is produced by dividing the preceding two levels into two extra places each. There are now a total of six posts to fill as a result.

In a cycler, commissions are paid by filling up matrices. Positions in the matrix are filled through both direct and indirect recruiting.

A “cycle” is created when every position in a matrix has a value put in it.

The following are the twelve-tier cycler’s first cycle payments:

Tier 1 (2 roles, 10 BUSD salaries) – 10 BUSD is paid out, 20 BUSD is used to unlock Tier 2, and 10 BUSD establishes a new position in Tier 1 called Tier 2 (22, which costs 20 BUSD). – A 20 BUSD payout unlocks Tier 3 with 40 BUSD, and 20 BUSD establishes a new Tier 2 position in Tier 3 (31, spots cost 40 BUSD). – There was no payment made; instead, Tier 4 was unlocked for 80 BUSD, and a new Tier 3 seat was created for 40 BUSD. – 160 BUSD were utilized to unlock Tier 5 and 80 BUSD were handed out. A new Tier 4 position costs 80 BUSD, while a new Tier 5 post costs 160 BUSD. – The payment of 160 BUSD results in the unlocking of Tier 6 for 320 BUSD, and the creation of Tier 5 position Tier 6 for 160 BUSD (positions cost 320 BUSD). – No rewards were given, 640 USD was spent to unlock Tier 7, and 320 USD created a new Tier 6 slot in Tier 7. – 640 USD was paid out, 1280 USD was used to unlock Tier 8, and 640 USD created a new Tier 7 position. Nothing paid out, 5120 BUSD was used to unlock Tier 10, and 2560 BUSD created a new Tier 8 position Tier 9 (22, positions cost 5120 BUSD) in exchange for the unlocking of Tier 9. – 1280 BUSD paid out, 2560 BUSD was used to unlock Tier 9, and 1280 BUSD creates a new Tier 8 position Tier 9 (31, positions cost 2560 BUSD). – 10,240 BUSD was paid out, 20,480 BUSD was used to unlock Tier 12, and 10,240 BUSD produced a new Tier 10 position Tier 11 (22) which costs 10,240 BUSD. – 5,120 BUSD paid out, 10,240 BUSD used to unlock Tier 11, and 5,120 BUSD generates a new Tier 10 position Tier 11 (31) that costs 20,480 BUSD. – A new Tier 12 post is created with 20,480 BUSD of the $40,960 BUSD paid out.

Cycles after that pay out as follows:

Tier 1: 30 BUSD paid out and 10 BUSD creates a new position in Tier 1. Tier 2: 60 BUSD paid out and 20 BUSD creates a new position in Tier 3. Tier 4: 240 BUSD paid out and 80 BUSD creates a new position in Tier 5. Tier 6: 640 BUSD paid out and 320 BUSD creates a new position in Tier 7. Tier 7: 1920 BUSD paid out and 640 BUSD creates a new position in Tier 1.

Note that this is all based on an affiliate having the auto-upgrade function turned on (this is done so by default).

A MetaForce affiliate who disables auto-upgrading must pay a 25 percent charge; otherwise, they will only be paid out 75 percent of the commissions described above under the heading “subsequent payout” for each cycle.

enrolling in MetaForce

Investment in a cycler position worth $5 BUSD is required for MetaForce affiliate membership.

MetaForce Summary

Lado Okhotnikov launches yet another Forsage Ponzi scheme in MetaForce, this time using a token exit fraud.

Even the most ignorant investors are surely tired of losing money to him after five Ponzi schemes have failed, but Okhotnikov is adamant that MetaForce isn’t Forsage:

It is.

Most of the money put up to Okhotnikov and the early investors is funneled through MetaForce, another matrix cycler Ponzi scheme.

Serial con artist Vitaliy Dubinin invested early in MetaForce.

Updated crypto grift buzzword marketing that has nothing to do with the Ponzi cycler is attached to MetaForce.

Okhotnikov intends to exit the scam using “Force Coin” rather than MetaForce just dissipating like the five Forsage Ponzi schemes that came before it.

A BEP20 shitcoin is called Force Coin. These are inexpensive to set up and take five minutes.

MetaForce will eventually stop paying out in BUSD. Payments will be converted to Force Coin, which MetaForce affiliates can first withdraw.

Shortly after the transfer, there may unavoidably be payment delays and/or issues with cashing out. The bulk of MetaForce affiliates will ultimately be left owning another bitcoin as a result of this.

As MetaForce matrices continue to cycle over, be on the lookout for shills who are having orgasms over acquiring Force Coin while disregarding the reality that they can’t truly pay out.

Math ensures that the majority of investors in MetaForce will lose money, just like in the previous five Forsage Ponzi scams.

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